Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 97 - Introducing the New Assistant to the President

Hey we had a grrreat week and we are headed over to President's house soon for dinner then take Elders to the airport...busy few days here.

Some of the highlights from the week are the baptism we had on Sunday for Pauline.

Elder Ngabonziza got his working permit so he went to Busia and we were back to just the 2 of us.

We found out a less active member lives in the compound next to us so we have already been there a few times then she came to the Member Meeting with President Clayton, Elder Hamilton, and Elder Hall then to church on Sunday and stayed for the baptism!

The General Authorities came Friday for a missionary meeting then a member meeting and after that our bags got locked in the chapel so we had to go back Saturday morning to get them and that was when alllll the stake presidency, district presidencies, branch presidencies, and group leaders from the whole mission (Kenya and Tanzania) were arriving for training with the general authorities. The only picture I got was with President Itongwa of the Mwanza branch..almost 2 years since I saw him! That is who the attached picture is with. It was super cool to see everyone! And when I saw the Dar es Salaam leaders it was like a family reunion haha super good to see all the leaders from everywhere I have served.

And Saturday Evening President Hicken called and gave me my transfer news, I have been called by the Lord to finish my mission as an assistant and counselor to him. Which also means my proselyting area is now Riruta and we are the only companionship in the mission with a car. My companion is Elder Mukonda from Lusaka, Zambia and he finishes in 3 months. Elder Warwood flies out tonight back to Battle Mountain so the new office Elders are Elder Moline (leaves with me) and Elder Lopeyok (my former companion in Dar) so I am really looking forward to finishing strong around great missionaries. Lots of duties and responsibilities now but it is all possible through relying on the Lord. I am really looking forward to working closely with President as he is a great teacher and full of inspiration.

Yesterday everyone going home came in to Nairobi and we had a super late night then organized logistics for everyone moving around and now we are headed over to Presidents for dinner then taking everyone to the airport who is flying out tonight...including my trainer! Haha how cool is that..

**And an announcement is that my Pday is now on Saturday because of things we have to do on Monday.

Much love from the KNM
Elder Eveson

President Itongwa of the Mwanza Branch and Me

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 96: Best P-Day ~ Safari in Nairobi National Park


Sorry this week is super quick, I had the besssst P-days of my mission with some faaantastic couples. They took us on a Safari in Nairobi National Park. I had to take one day to do something touristy since I haven't done any in the past 20-something months!

I will update a little next week but we will be really busy with Elders (including my companion) and Sisters going home, so not sure when we will email, but I will have another companion next week.

The week went by superrrr fast with flat checks and baptismal interviews and things.

Zone Training Meeting went SUPER well and it was 2 hours but everyone seemed to enjoy it and time flew everyone said which is good. And we ended with a game so everyone liked that.

This week despite all the things we did we were blessed with lessons, member presents, and new investigators and we had a great week!

One of the new investigators is Pauline, who was taught by a lot of Missionaries but has been at boarding school. So we taught and reviewed with her the Baptism questions, and she knows a lot, so she will be baptized this week in Upperhill. She is powerful for being 15 years old.

Contacts were super low since we were with Elder Ngabonziza for the whole week, and he doesn't have a work permit yet, so we have to be careful until he gets that.

The first annual Ward Conference was great at South B ward on Sunday with a high of 66 people there for Sacrament.

Congrats to Cody on getting his driver's license on his 16th birthday!

Bummer to hear about the fire up near Wallowa Lake and all the others in the great Pacific NW.


You said you live near the Statehouse. Have you walked or jogged through the Arboretum Park?

Not sure where that is

Do you meet many people that you have to talk to in Swahili, or is it all English in Nairobi?

People use Swahili here and it is the key to getting to be friends with the people. Because I learned their language, they want to talk to me and they feel comfortable like I am one of them (and it's the weapon for getting good deals on things) so I still use it a bit.

What is Elder Ngabonziza's home language?


Can you follow it at all when Elder Ngabonziza talks with those from Rwanda?

Just a little, pretty different though

Is Kinyarwanda a form of Swahili? Nope

How well does Elder Ngabonziza speak English?

Really well actually, we don't have any language problems

Enjoy the pictures... and just wait 'til you see the others next week.

Love you all!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Elder Harding, Elder Ngabonziza and Me with Nairobi Skyline backdrop
Hanging out with the Giraffes at Nairobi National Park
Elder Eveson
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Referral Secretary
Upper Hill Road
Next to Citigroup
PO Box 46162-00100

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 95: Mormon Helping Hands at St. Catherine's & More Great Opportunities


We have had a great week still being a companionship of three.

Mormon Helping Hands on Saturday went very well at St. Catherine's orphanage/school in South B area which was great to be a part of. Upperhill and South B combined, and there were only like 35 of us, but the orphans who stay there all helped out and we did a lottt which was great to see. Then President Hicken invited us over to his place to play bocce ball afterward, and then out to Chinese..yeah it was faaantastic.

We picked up a greatt new investigator, Wendy, who actually contacted us trying to sell life insurance to us, then we flipped it and contacted her. We have met with her and she is a nice young lady. We have had a great lesson with her, and are looking forward to more with her and the friends she wants to introduce us to. We used Sarah (one of the guards here who is a member) as her fellowshipper, which went very well.

Friday we had our office day, then went and had a powerrrful dinner appointment and lesson with a member family who are from Ghana, lived in Atlanta and had kids there, went back to Ghana, and now are here in Nairobi. Hahaha super great family to be around.

On Sunday at Church, we had a lady here visiting from Toronto, Canada, and she thought maybe we were from around here because she said we picked up big accents -- but to us, we were the ones thinking she had the accent. Haha it was pretty funny.

It seems with overall regards to the Zones, numbers have been pretty low since I have been here. My companion and I have talked about it, and we will be having a ballllin Zone Training Meeting this Wednesday to hopefully get things on fire here in the Upperhill Zone.

Questions- (willl answer the rest next week)

You are an office elder? What are your responsibility?​

You know on where you can put in someones info for the missionaries to visit? That's what my companion and I check, then send that info to the Missionaries serving in that area, or send them pamphlets if they stay where there is no Church. We also do other office duties​.

This coming 'supa sato' (super saturday) we will be all over Nairobi checking the other missionaries flats so that should be fun. Driving in Nairobiii.

And next Monday we have a ssssuper sweet pday set up since it is my companion's and Elder Harding's last Pday on mission, as the following meeting they have their flights to catch.... Stay tuned next week.

Have a faaantastic week!

Love, Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 94: Gratitude for the Lord's Plan, Another Companion & A Meat Fest

Hey! I don't have too much time but here are some highlights from the week:

This week was good, I learned a lot at Zone Conference and my companion and I will be implementing the things we noticed we need to work on.

The same day we received Elder Ngambonziza to be with Elder Warwood and I, which has been great, although 3 is a crowd. He is with us until things get worked out with his work permit- which depends on if he will start serving here in Kenya or go to TZ. He will be a great missionary and it is like Elder Warwood and I are his trainers before he gets his trainer.

Elder Ngambonziza is the first missionary from Rwanda to come to the Kenya Nairobi Mission, and only the 11th ever to leave the country to serve the Lord for 2 years.  I have a cool story to share another time -- but he met and taught someone from his home place already with us, in his home language.

There are no coincidences, I am thankful for the Plan of the Lord in helping His sons and daughters understand a little more about the True Gospel that has been restored to the earth.

It was kinda funny, we had been together in the trio for about 10 minutes and he thought both me and my companion were from South Africa because of our accents. Hahaha actually quite a few people think that- you would be surprised.

This week Elder Harding, Elder Warwood and I went out and spoiled ourselves. It is nice to do that once in a while. We went to Carnivore restaurant- which they boast the title 'Africa's greatest eating experience'. I could say so. I was king of the table. We ate pork, beef, lamb, chicken, crocodile, rabbit, and bull (some parts of the bull). It was powerfullll!! The following morning was another story....I hadn't eaten that much meat before and long story short, right after I received a Priesthood blessing I felt better, and didn't have any more body problems -- and we had a powerful day.


Do you actually get P-days anymore or is it just another office day?

P days! But we do fun stuff so we don't email that long!

What is Nairobi like? Cold!

Are people generally friendly or guarded? Depends

Do they yell Mzungu, or approach you or ignore you?

Everyone is about their business, we approach people. Just like everywhere else

Are they receptive to Americans?

Yeah, because of Obama we are all related here...that's how it goes right?

So how is the new area?

Great, so far so good we have some nice people we are teaching

Are you one of the office elders?

Yeah me and my companion are the Office Elders

Much love from the KNM,

Elder Eveson
My Meat Fest Boneyard Plate

Elder Harding, Elder Warwood and Me at Carnivore   

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 93: Followed Promptings Changes Lives ~ Miracles from the Least Expected Events

Hey we have had a great, busy week.

One of the highlights was President Hicken did some training with us office elders and the APs on Thursday with the movie Cains Mutiny and it was great to learn from as he paused it often and explained it and related it all to Gospel Principles and life situations and so on. I really enjoyed it and took away lots of life advice from it.

The tough thing about serving here is we haven't been able to have many members work with us. I think it is because where our area is, is where lots of people work, not live. We have discovered that from contacting as well- we find great people then they are just in the area for work then they go back to where they stay in other missionaries areas. But no effort is lost!

As far as progressing investigators- We have 2 that are really progressing and one we started teaching this week who we will be extending a baptism date to. The progressing are Joel from South B and Jiarus from Upperhill. Jiarus is 29 years old, and a Solider for the Kenya General Service Union and had been sooo busy the 2 months before Obama came now he is a lot more free and is a very powerful investigator. When Obama was here he was around him a lot which he said was pretty cool. This week he will be visiting his home place, but next week he will be back in Nairobi and we will continue teaching. He is currently schooling as well and has a wife and a kid whom we have yet to meet.

And the new investigator Fred was at Church in Upperhill on the 26th (when we went to South B) that was invited by a member named Stella. We did a Church tour and had a powerful lesson with him and his daughter who is visiting from Canada, as she is schooling there. His wife, son and daughter are all in Eastern Canada schooling, but we will see if we can refer them to the missionaries there.

We have not tried streetboarding yet here, just lots of contacting. We are trying to find a good place to do it were people live around, not just work around which is a bit tough.

Zone conference on Wednesday should be powerful as always.


How do you like your new comp? He is super great we are having a fun time together.

How is life in Nairobi? Good.

Do you get a lot of referrals coming in to the office? Yeah off

Do you communicate on Skype with people to tell them about the Gospel, or just send the names to the Elders/Sisters in their area? Just call them and see where they stay then we send them some things about the church and if they stay where missionaries are we refer them to those Elders or Sisters.

How are things going with the Kenya area you were in before you went to Tanzania? Mautuma- everything seems alright from what I hear.

Is Kenya / Tanzania finally letting new Missionaries in? The only problem is Kenya.. and not sure as of now- things are still getting worked out.

Did your buddy in Dar get baptized as planned? Elias will be baptized this Sunday!

Do you get to keep in touch with anyone you taught, or the Missionaries you have worked with, while still there? Yeah, whenever.

Did the landlords that found your Liahonas (Ensign Magazines) after the flood (in Kenya) ever join the Church? I just asked right now the branch President of the Rongai branch who works for the church here- Peter Ondigo- and he said the whole family that stays here in Nairobi has been baptized- the landlord and all his family! Powerfullll. He is not sure about the other part that stay up there in the bush but I will find out. And Vincent was my good friend (landlord) so I will have to follow up and see how he is doing and meet up with him.

Not too much else- take care everyone!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 92: Experiencing Nairobi and Views of POTUS Visit

Hey! I hope everyone had a great week! We have been busy and it is great (and cooold) here in Nairobi. Well I only say cold because I came from Dar and I was used to being so hot all the time. But all is well!

Obviously the big news was the President of the United States was here, along with hundreds of Secret Service and tens of thousands of security men and women.

So Monday was cool, talked with the guy next to me on the plane ride from Dar. Got here, emailed, and went and sat in the famous Nairobi traffic for a few hours picking up Elders from the bus station.

Then Tuesday, sent some Elders off and got settled in. The rest of the week we had some great lessons and one of our investigators is an Oral Surgeon and was in Salt Lake for a meeting/conference and went on a tour of Temple Square, and then when he came back he contacted us. So it will be great working with him, as his office is not too far from the mission office. Oh and we were supposed to have an appointment with him Thursday, but we got there and he was too busy drilling on patients' teeth, so we rescheduled for this week.

We saw some recent converts and we have a lot of things to do. On Fridays we are here in the office doing online referrals and anything else we need to.

Friday evening, and Saturday during personal study at 8:30am, huuuge powerful US choppers interrupted us and they were around until Sunday when he left. We live veryyy close to the Statehouse (aka the White House of Kenya) in a really nice area which is where Obama had meetings on Friday and Saturday, so the choppers were around a lot and they had our road closed for him to pass.

We went out contacting Saturday towards town and we got stuck with roads shut down and we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours until Obama and his convoy passed which was interesting. Then later we were at the office then we went contacting into some places both of us had never been and came out right next to Statehouse, which was the same exact time he was leaving Statehouse press conference, so we saw him again in his convoy in one of the two 'Beasts' he brought.

Church on Sunday was great, we cover 2 areas- South B and Upperhill. Upperhill is the ward that meets next door to the mission offices. We attended South B which is an hour walk away and I bore my testimony- and when Sacrament Meeting started I was thinking of what I should say and then when the time came I got up there and my mind was filled with something totally different. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost helps us and can give us the very words at the very moment. All I remember is something about how in God's eyes we are all equal. I gave the example of how Obama comes with airplanes, dozens of different kinds of choppers, and so many staff, gets the roads shut down and anything he needs. But in the eyes of God we are all the same. He is the same as me, who is the same as you, who is the same as the beggar on the side of he street and the same as the CEO of your favorite big company. Then I tied it in to how we learn more about that in the Temple and encouraged everyone to prepare and go who has not been. Anyways I just thought that was interesting.

And something funny- this week my companion got a haircut a a really nice place and then I opted at a cheaper, more local, village like Kinyozi. The guy was a Maasai and didn't even speak English and just a lick of Swahili. Imagine trying to tell him how to cut my hair. It didn't go so well. And right when he started my companion looked at me and I thought of a talk I read earlier in the week and I started laughing. link to he talk--

And long story short the guy kinda saved the haircut from what it was heading to and I turned out looking like a US marine. Sometimes you just have to laugh things off. A great talk though!

The whole week we would walk by people and hear things like 'Secret Service' or 'watu wa Obama' which means 'Obamas people' among others- it was pretty funny. Much happier being the Lord's servants.


How is the new area? Super great.

Do you work with the AP’s? Yeah a lot. They live next door and we are together a lot, and also the couples live next door (powerful dinner appointments)

How is the apartment? Pretty nice. The APs have the only washer and dryer in the Mission so we get to use that which is a bonus.

How was the visit from the Pres? Alright I guess- Nairobi was DEAD and locked off.. nooobody was out as everyone had a 3 day weekend because Obama gave it to them.

Did you get to hear his speech or did the Elders all stay in during his visit or?? No, and no.

Did the phone or internet get disconnected? Surprisingly, no.

What do you think of Nairobi? It's good.

Enjoying your new comp? Hahaha yaaaa it's great.

How do you get around town? By driving my feet.

How long does it take to get from your place to the Mission Home? 25 minutes walking, 8-10 in a car with no traffic.

Well have a great weeeeek!

Elder Eveson
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Referral Secretary
Upper Hill Road
Next to Citigroup
PO Box 46162-00100

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 91: Jumping for JOY and DAR to NBI to DAR to NBI

Hey! Well sooo many things have happened and we are really busy.. basically the week has been great, Tuesday we went to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council, which was Wednesday, then flew back Thursday to Dar es Salaam, and saw a powerful family in the evening.

Friday we were asked to deal with some few things and did that, then saw some people. And Elder Steed from Lethbridge was with us the whole week the time that we were in Dar as he was headed to Nairobi Saturday morning and flying home Monday (today).

Saturday we had a great day we went to town and got a ferry to Kigamboni (which is about a 6 minute ride..) and saw one of our powerrrful investigators, Martin, and his family that lives that side. We went with Brother Fadhili (recent convert) and he showed us around, then we met his Mom and brother who stay there and taught them. Then we got back and were running late so we didn't have time to go change so we played basketball in our white shirts and dress shoes. Check out this hilarious "Church Ball Anthem": Church ball!

Then that night we got transfer news and I have been transferred to Upperhill, Nairobi to finish my last 2 transfers as a zone leader with Elder Warwood who is from Battle Mountain, NV. He is headed home this transfer so next transfer I will get a new companion again following this transfer.

So Sunday I bore my testimony and the Wilson's gave powwwwerful talks on the Book of Mormon and it was perfect because Helter and his brother Elias were there along with many others to hear it.

After Church, Elias and I were talking, and he told me he has decided he wants to join the Church. I wanted to jump for joy when he told me that and go fill up the water for his baptism. But Elder Lopeyok and his new companion will teach him and do that work. That is a greattt family and they can really help the church. And Helter told me also that he is applying to BYU Idaho and also Elias told me he will be applying to BYU Provo. Basically that made the last 9 months a success for me.

Sunday evening a member had us over for a district Young Single Adult function type thing and it was great because I saw lots of people I know there for the last time and I saw one of the Sisters' investigators that was baptized like 2 hours before, whom I did the baptismal interview for. He is a greattt guy. I wish I had more time to talk about him. Anyways, he has been realllly prepared by the Lord. And you would never know he was just baptized. He fit right in and looked super sharp just like every other Priesthood holder. A great evening with great people. Just enjoying every moment.

Sunday night I stayed up all night packing (seems I haven't changed hahaha) and left at 6am to the airport and now I am back in Nairobi. And it is cold in comparison to Dar es Salaam.... Now we are headed to pickup some Elders and help with transfers.

I am looking forward to everything that awaits me in these 2 transfers here. And I already miss speaking pure Tanzanian Swahili..this place is all English

We now email from the office and the timing is a bit earlier than what I was doing in Dar just FYI.

And all the preparation for Obama coming here this weekend are crazy-- haha and he will have over 13,000 security people. Anyways we'll see how everything shakes out. I have heard they will cut all cell phone communication and internet. We'll see.

Will send pics next week.

Love you all!

Elder Brandon Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 90: Small Changes make a Big Difference

Lots of things happening and a busy week but just something short--

This week we were able to go to Fredrick's place as he works selling secondhand jeans on the side of the road, and we have known for him a while from just passing by on the way to places. Great guy and we started talking with him one day, and it turns out he is a Civil Engineer but couldn't find any work so he settled with selling jeans.

He is a great guy, great family man. They are all Roman Catholic but we were finally able to sit down with him and his family and talk about all the questions he and his family had for us about the Church, the Gospel and us. He is married and has 2 kids. We are looking forward to meeting them more.

Church switching to 10am has really made a big difference and it has only been 2 Sundays so far. And with the switch from Sacrament from last to first, now people are actually staying all 3 hours and coming on time. We had 36 men in Priesthood class including nonmembers and 30 of them were in white shirts was powerful- I was used to starting at 9am with the missionaries, branch presidency and 2 members-one of whom was the teacher.

Tomorrow we are headed to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, then back Thursday!

What is street boarding?
Not sure how it got the name, but basically put a table outside on the street with flyers and a board with pictures and give everyone a pamphlet who passes by and invite them to church. Basically just contacting.

Have a great week!!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 89: Happy 4th & The Gospel is for EVERYONE!

Happy late 4th! What a great holiday for a great reason. And hearing that USA Women's National Team won the WORLD cup on the same weekend- wow!

On another note, things have been going well this side of the world.

During District Development Meeting, my companion was giving a training on finding people, finding families, and as he was speaking, I opened my scriptures to a reference in Preach My Gospel that I noted but never remembered what the verse said. It was Doctrine & Covenants 61:3.

3. But verily I say unto you, that it is not needful for this whole company of mine elders to be moving swiftly upon the waters, whilst the inhabitants on either side are perishing in unbelief.

I can say that single verse hit me with impact and reminded me that I need to talk with everyone. The way which the verse is worded is perfect. It seems we take 'everyone' too lightly. But every single person we see and pass by. People are perishing because they haven't heard the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and don't know where to find the truth. It is amazing what the spirit does to help us in small and simple things.

We did streetboarding for just an hour and met with some solid potential investigators. We are also working with some really great people right now..continuing the finding and teaching.

I heard President Boyd K. Packer passed away- he has really helped all mankind with the example he set and the teachings he gave. It's a great thing we will have all his teachings and talks he has given written down.

Not too much else for this week, so take care, and have a great week!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 88: Back to Kinondoni, Streetboarding & Basketball

This week was full of lots of things. Time is short because I had to email Pres about some things happening...sometimes being a Zone Leader is no fun when people don't want to do the right thing.

We were still over at Sinza as it took them until Sat to finish things at the Kinondoni flat. Now we are back in and are trying to move into a new flat here in Kinondoni within the next few weeks.

My companion and I are doing great. We have set a goal to do streetboarding every week and also we came up with a way to find more people to teach in PEC- playing basketball Saturday afternoons. We will see how that turns out- after all I did hear that's how the counselor to the Mission Pres- President Balilemwa found out about the Church. Suuuper powerful guy. He saw Elders playing basketball and wanted to join. Now we just need to find the future Balilemwas!

We had a nice Zone Preparation Day today.. and all I'll say is we had a good sized goat (doesn't compare to the pic) brought at 8 am to our place and at 2pm we were feasting and now evening time I am emailing here with a full belly. :)

Happy to hear this from the Church:


Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM


Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 87: Following Promptings of the Spirit & Small World

We have had a great week, although we were staying in Sinza the whole time (due to them finally trying to fix a problem that has been there for 7 months) which is further from most of the people we are teaching and the time that they are available to meet in the evening, is the time we had to head back over to Sinza. So hopefully by Wednesday we will be staying back in Kinondoni and visit quite a few people. Also reset some baptismal dates, and extend others for the first time. Oh and the weather has been somewhat cloudy here sometimes which has been sooooo nice! A break from the sun.

We had a great District Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We had an Area Authority Elder Kiyungu (not totally sure how to spell it) there presiding from the District Republic of Congo and it was great. There were 2 days full of inspired instruction and topics. Lots of it was about the Sabbath day being a delight, not a burden.


Sunday afternoon we were able to go with Helter and visit his whole family as well as some relatives they stay with. It went well, although the mom came not too long before we had to head out. We had some really good times with everyone and as we were leaving, Helter's mom said she wants us to come more often- then his sister asked when we were coming back. Slowly bringing the family together! Then Helter drove us home and as I was getting in his car I was about to get in the front since my companion sat there on the way there but I felt I should sit in the back with his twin brother Elias who went with us. I sat in the back with his brother and we got to talking. He is a bit more reserved but I found out he loves the NBA so we connected on that and then he had a lot of questions about attending University in the States. A lot! So I was able to help him with the few things I know about that and the process. I told him about BYU because that is where Helter is planning on applying and would e a great option for him. I didn't know why I was prompted to sit in the back but it was revealed to me pretty quick. All it takes is following one small prompting from the spirit! I am sure he will want us to start teaching him soon.

Oh and while driving around their place I saw a guy towing a jet ski!! I was super surprised as I have not seen one since leaving home. I guess they have some you can rent in one of the nice areas of Dar. But it'll have to wait til I come back!

We are looking forward to this Sunday as Helter will receive the Priesthood and Masogo will be confirmed to receive the Priesthood as well.

One thing I forgot to mention about 6 weeks ago now is about Andrew and Kylie. They are a young couple from the States who came to Church one Sunday and longg story short, Andrew is from Hong Kong and knows Bonnie, my Aunt Karma's sister also from Hong Kong. He graduated from BYU which is where he met his wife from Idaho- Kylie- and they flew into Uganda and made a weeks journey to Dar staying with locals and going via road then went to Malawi for the next 2 months for an internship with BYU for Kylie. I will send a picture we took with them. I thought my Aunt Karma might find that cool!

So this is my longest time in an area by far (at the end of the transfer it will be 9 months) and yesterday in an interview with President Hicken I asked him to ask the Lord if I can finish my last 2 transfers here-which would mean a year in the same area, which does not happen very often. So we will see! But I will go and do whatever the Lord wants me to do! Oh and something else- I have never served in a ward/stake on my mission! Only branches which operate like very small wards with maybe 70 people instead of a couple hundred or more. Modern day Pioneers, eh?

And alsooo I was searching through and I came across a short video about the gospel in Africa and I watched it and it turns out the chapel it is filmed at with Elder Bednar was the same one I served at when I was in Durban! It was filmed the Sunday before I got there when I just barelyyy missed him. It is crazy in some of the shots I see people who were preparing for mission when I was there and members who worked with us. Brought back memories!

Check it out here:

And my homecoming talk in Church has been moved to the 25th of October just so everyone knows. But I will still get home the same time. I still am focusing on the work- don't worrry guys! It was just a heads up as I previously said it would be the 18th.

Take care and have a great week!

Love Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 86: Turning 20 in Tanzania

Well it is nice we already have transfer news as we received it Saturday night. I am still here in Kinondoni! Haha I reallly thought I would be leaving but I am excited for another transfer with Elder Lopeyok. There is still lots of work for me to do here and I am really looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our companionship. At the end of these 6 weeks I will have been here for 6 transfers in one area. Then I will have just 2 transfers remaining and I might just ask President if he can verify with the Lord if I can finish my mission here as that would mean a year in the same area.

We had a great week this past week. We started with exchanges with the Mbezi Elders and I was with Elder Ojjogolo on Tuesday in Kinondoni. We had a great day and I was able to learn a lot from him.

Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday was powerful as we focused on the Full Purpose Missionary handout we received at Mission Leadership Council. Towards the end Elder Wilson made an insightful comment. I wrote it down but it is at our flat at the moment-- it was something along the lines of we need to be like a full service shop in the States where you go to and you can buy anything you need and they also have a post office to and they will sell you a box then ship it and you can buy flowers and cake and a notebook, etc., all at one place, and it is convenient, while being full service. We need to focus on teaching faith, baptism and on more than just things in this life and more than just the 5 principles in the Gospel of Jesus Christ but also family history and about the temple and saving ordinances and what what it means individually for the person. It might sound a bit different here but I tried to get the idea across.

Our baptisms went well on Sunday. Only 2 of them were able to make it to their interviews and the other 3 were busy or didn't pick up their phones this last week but it was definitely challenging with the adversary working so hard to make sure they missed the day. We will re-plan with them and reset the baptism date for later this transfer.

For the 2 who were baptized, Masogo and Helter, it went really well. Helter brought his brother and sister to church and they stayed for the whole of it and the baptism after and seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully we will start teaching them this week.

Masogo had to be baptized 3 times, as the water was too low in the font and so he knelt down (he is taller than me) and the first 2 times his clothes came up and it was a miracle he was able to be immersed in the water that we had, while on his knees. The third time was perfect. And after, both their testimonies were so powerful and we are so grateful for them.

A weird thing was on Sunday the Church attendance was only 45 people including kids and babies which was super unusual as it is usually in the 70s, and there was no holiday or anything. There was 7 members in the whole building at 9:00am. Imagine that.

Ohh and Saturday the 2 decades passed me by as it was my birthday and we were at the church for a while for one of the baptismal interviews and some lessons then we went contacting people at the beach and finished it off with a powerful dinner appointment.

Pictures- My birthday
Me, Masogo, Helter, his sister, his twin, and Elder Lopeyok.

I know I left out a lot of things but that's somewhat of a recap of the last crazy and tiring few days.

Have a great week everyone

Elder Brandon Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Elder Lopeyok and Me on my 20th Birthday
Birthday Guy, Masogo, Helter, Helter's Sister, Helter's twin, and Elder Lopeyok

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 85: Two Decades Down . . . Turning 20 this Week and Celebrating with 5 Baptisms!

First off, shoutout to my twin cousin, Anna Eveson, Happy Birthday! Eish, 2 decades come to a close this Saturday! Our throwback photo from when we turned 7 is below.

Bit of a chronologically mixed up letter but here we go-

It was great to be with President and Sister Hicken and Elder and Sister Ellis this last week. Such a blessing. Zone Conference I feel went really well and I learned a lot. I was grateful to complete the whole Book of Mormon reading the night before the meeting.

My companion and I are doing great and we have 5 people who are lined up to be baptized this Sunday. Helter, Joseph, Masogo, Almelda and Francisca. Helter is one who I want to say a few words about. I am so happy for him. He is the one that came to Church when he was in Primary and hadn't come since until just a few weeks ago. He is 20, and he stays in Masaki which is a very nice area. He has completed high school, knows perfect English, has a great education, is a hard worker, and his family is well set financially with hard working parents. He wants to start going to BYU in January to study- after I told him about the University. He attended Young Single Adults (YSA) on Saturday after we taught him at the Church, and we actually connected him with one of his Aunts he never knew before, who was in the same YSA class with him. It was his first time attending. She is a returned missionary from Uganda (as of a month ago). She is his Aunt and they had never met before. Crazy! But he has been sooo prepared by the Lord and loves Church and has friends there.

Sunday we had branch conference which went greattt, and the district president- Pres Mwaipopo- mentioned during his talk that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away this weekend which surprised me- he has been called to a higher calling in the next life. Click here for a nice article and to learn more about the life, love and leadership of Elder L. Tom Perry.

Saturday we had an Open House which went great, the Branch was well prepared for it; we had many contacts from it that we will follow up on. I've never written our phone number so many times in a 3 hour period on pamphlets.

Friday we went around the whole day and checked all the flats- if only we had our own cars it could have taken an hour. But we got it done.

One thing we have been trying to focus on is to help other Elders and Sisters solve their own problems. Things are so easy when they bring something to us and we tell them what to do- but they tell us something and we ask them what the proposed solution is and if there is anything they need help with from us. There won't always be someone to do everything and make decisions and solve your conflicts for you. It's something I have also learned a lot from doing myself and helping others do.

We are looking forward to exchanges with the Mbezi Elders this week along with the June Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) on Wednesday.

We had a great zone activity today this morning playing games at the couples' place, which was fun with everyone together, and it happened to be on Elder Steed's birthday today. And they fed us burritos which was the first time in forrrever I have had them. Since home actually! And the next time I will have one I can already tell it will be at Chipotle! Anyways- the couples are so nice.

I know I haven't sent pictures in a long time, next week a flood of them are coming your way.

Please don't send mail to Dar, as I most likely will be leaving this place I love so much. Continue to use the Kenya Nairobi address listed here on the blog. We will be told on Monday, and then if I'm leaving I'll move on Tuesday. When President Hicken was leaving after Zone Conference he hugged me and said "Elder, you've been here in Dar a long time" and I was confounded- haha- I didn't have anything to say. We will see what the Lord has planned!

Love you all- and until next week!!
Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

Anna & Brandon Eveson - Born 12 hours apart on 6 June 1995

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 84: Being a Full Purpose Missionary, More Kingdom Builders and Re-reading the Book of Mormon

I didn't even know it was Memorial Day Weekend until my Dad emailed and told me in the middle of writing this. God Bless the USA!

So my iPad is holding up pretty good, it should last me these few remaining month,s but it would be nice if I could get a new fresh one when I get back. We skyped and taught and investigator so that was cool then there are some others we are teaching through Facebook. We are looking forward to a zone Temple trip coming up this week since it's not too far. Oh another notable thing was my companion and I were eating at McDonald's the other day and they told us that a Denny's is coming in next door to them!

So our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) went really well this past week and we used a lot of time on the Instructions, Following the Brethren, and counseling about how to improve our District Development Meetings (DDMs) in order to improve us Missionaries, which was all straight from our Mission Leadership Council (MLC). After that was over, we decided that the June ZTM that we will be holding this coming week 6 of the transfer will be focused on what we discussed about becoming Full Purpose Missionaries. We wanted enough time with that topic alone to discuss and not be rushed. So another thing to do before this transfer is over.

This last week we were able to visit with 2 of our new investigators, one was Helter, the young man who randomly came to Church, and Masogo who is a regular attender at English class, then started coming to Self Reliance class, and has been to church. They both know English very well and the Spirit was so strong as we taught the Restoration of the Gospel on Tuesday and also Plan of Salvation on Thursday. They are for sure Kingdom builders. They have been soooo prepared by the Lord! They both have accepted baptismal dates for June 7th which we are all looking forward to. They are so thrilled with the new Gospel Truths they have learned from us!

We had a zone activity today where everyone met at Ubungo chapel and we shot some hoops (uhh yeah I haven't done that in almost 2 years, it was weird), played some cards, talked for a while then everyone shared food they brought.

We were also able to work with Elder Wilson and Brother Enock Kitinga (over church facilities in TZ) to go over everything that needs too happen at the Chapel for upcoming Mission tour and it should all run smoothly with everything set up. Lots of behind the scenes things that will make everything run perfectly.

And yeah that means for this week we have Mission Tour on Thursday with Elder and Sister Ellis coming along with President and Sister Hicken, which should be great. In preparation for it we were asked back in March to read the whole Book of Mormon. And knowing me-- yup I procrastinated it and started late April but the good news is I will be finishing it this week! (And that's the reason why I haven't worked out the last month-busy reading) but I am grateful for the challenge it has been and it has really helped me learn more and strengthen my testimony of the True and Living Christ. No matter how many times we have previously read it, if we continue to do so over and over we will be able to learn and understand more and more from it.

In other news, I was asked to conduct the meeting so we will see how many times I mess up in front of a General Authority :)

I am really enjoying being with Elder Lopeyok and we are having a great time together. Things are going great overall. The Open House and Branch Conference were moved to this coming weekend, which we are looking forward to. One thing I realized is that we were at the Church Tuesday-Sunday (6 days straight) for one meeting/English class/lesson or another. It's nice we stay pretty close to it.

On I found this article interesting about the recent dedication of a temple in Argentina (click here). And a fun fact I learned- Elder Richard G Scott presided over the Mission there many many years ago and one of his young missionaries was Elder D. Todd Christofferson...then many years later they were reunited when Elder Christofferson was called to be in the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, to continue doing the Lord's work together.

And I also saw where President Eyring Received an Honorary Degree from the one and only University of Utah.

Sorry time is short and this email is long and boring and more about administrative things than people, and I don't have much time to respond to emails, but I will do better next weeeekkkk.

Well have a great Memorial Day and an awesome week!
Love you all!
Elder Brandon Eveson
Much love from the KNM.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 83: Waffles with Fresh Strawberries & Chocolate Milk for Breakfast, Pulled Pork Sliders for Lunch and BBQ Ribs for Dinner with Cheesecake + A Trip to Costco . . . or not

Another weeeek.

Seems like last week I got an email saying Cody was getting ready for Lacrosse season conditioning and now this week Lacrosse season is finished and Varsity continues in the playoffs.

Well we had a great week, we had a fun multizone activity where we all played football (soccer) then ultimate frisbee at some sports complex on Monday. After, we went with one of our districts and we drove to Costco since my companion got a membership there and we had some good cheap greasy pizza and bought some things we needed.. It's cool to be driving missionaries- maybe I'll come home fat from all the fresh baked cookies we get and the dinner appointments every evening, like Monday's Family home evening with some recent converts we had.

On Tuesday morning we were invited to our ward mission leaders house and he made some waffles with fresh strawberries and banana on top with whipped cream and syrup with chocolate milk and we had a good meeting with him then in the evening after some powerful member present lessons we went over to the Bishops house and had BBQ ribs that were soo good with pulled pork sandwiches on the side. Then we had cheesecake for dessert and the family only wanted a little and they gave us the half that was left over (after we ate a lot and were full) to take home so we ate it for lunch on Wednesday. So Weds-- in the morning before our daily studies we drove to the gym, then came home and made protein shakes and were feeling good and healthy then before driving to our area we ate the rest of the cheesecake. We had some appointments then drove to District Meeting after that.

Haha well maybe I fooled you, maybe not. Just mixing up the normal weekly email. None of those things have happened on my mission and it seems because where I am none of those things will ever happen. But all is well!

As for this week, Tuesday we flew to Nairobi, Kenya for Mission Leadership Council (MLC) and it was amazing we didn't miss the flight, but one thing I need to mention is how much the Lord helps with missionaries traveling.

But those stories are for another time. But we made the flight and it was good to meet up with all the leaders of the mission. The Christensen's fed us dinner, then Wednesday bright and early was MLC.

I feel like MLC went great, it was good to be with the mission leaders counseling on the things we can work on to best help everyone.

My companion and I are in the midst of planning Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) for this week and all should go well with that and forwarding the information on.

My companion and I are doing fantastic. We were able to have some great lessons this week and are looking forward to some baptisms scheduled for the 7th of June!

The 2 sisters who were coming to Church when we thought they were members- Francisca and Almelda- are progressing well, along with Joseph who is about 25 years old, a referral who stays really close to members and knew members before he even came to the Church.

And yesterday we had a young man about 18 years old at church and I talked with him- turns out he used to come to the Church when he was in Primary with a relative and hasn't been back since but he wants to be a Member and come back to the Church, so we have an appointment set with him tomorrow afternoon and we will see how things go. There are many small miracles and blessings the Lord is giving to my companion and I.

I will send pictures next week.. the 2 attached are from MLC

Quote: "We need couches in our flat like these....but that would only happen in the millennium"

Have a great week everyone,
Love Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

MLC Group - I'm wearing the Blue Suit near the middle
MLC - An Inspiring Day

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 82: Calling Home is Good for the Soul

Happy late Mother's Day to all the Great Mothers around this great planet earth!

It was great to have the opportunity to call and talk to my family for a little bit. Andddd that's the last time I'll be calling home on mission :)

Things are going well. It has been a nice week with everything in place. We had a bit of a slow week with regards to being able to meet and visit with both non-members and members but we have been able to find ways to use time wisely which is always good.
But we are planning a Branch Open House the 23rd of this month which should go over well, with Branch Conference the following day.

English class continues and we are now reading the Swahili and English pamphlets side by side with everyone so we are slowly getting some new investigators out of that and a little more of a Gospel topic.

It has rained a lotttt and this isn't the same Dar es Salaam I was used to haha. But it is sad the results the rain has on some parts of Dar. It really destroys.

But I'm super tired- the last 2 nights we got to bed pretty late and this morning waking up super early to call home, then the beach, and now here, then a haircut and then tomorrow headed to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, and we'll be back here Thursday to continue the work week. Disregard my rambling, but to sum it up I'm looking forward to these next few days for sure!

Quote from last week brought to you by my awesome companion-
"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we'll exercise"

What time was it there when you talked with your family?
Because of the time difference I woke up at 4am and called today (it was Sunday evening for them)

Did you call your family or skype?
Called- they'll see me soon enough

What day is your homecoming talk in Church?
Haha still a ways to go before it, but October 18th!

Oh and please don't send me any packages for my birthday!!!! I'm serious though- Ill be home soon and it's more stuff to haul around. A handwritten note would be more than plenty. And remember it's the thought that counts!

Crazy how time flies though- 20 years coming up..and yes we have some plans for the day, and it happens to be the last Saturday of the transfer.

I will send pictures next week!

Love you all!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 81: New Companion from Kenya & Fun on the Beach

Another transfer has come and gone. Crazy-only a few short ones left to go.

You can never try and guess transfer news, because what you think will happen--the opposite unthinkable does. With that being said, Elder Muthoni is in Kenya to finish his 6 weeks of mission (now 5) and I am here with Elder Lopeyok from Eldoret, Kenya who was serving in Kenya for the last year. It is interesting to hear his Kenyan Swahili now that I have been in the land of perfect Swahili. The Changombe Elders have been whitewashed and those were the only changes for Dar es Salaam.

I am really looking forward to this transfer with Elder Lopeyok as we have already had a good time together and we are great friends. We walked to the beach this morning and we talked about zone activities and we will get those going again. Looking forward to helping this zone in any way we can.

It was truly a busy week with lots of logistics, with driving around and the airport and a missionary, Elder Justine Gwaka from our branch, getting set apart and headed out to serve in South Africa, along with other stuff.

But as for my companion and myself, we are looking forward to the work we will be able to do this week despite all the forecasted rain, as now it seems to truly be the rainy month everyone has talked about.

And yes, the last time I told you it was rainy season I was wrong- just rain here and there. Now.. the forecast looks worse than home. Which might be cool though because I have had summer for the last year and a half.. although we don't have cars for when it rains and lots of roads are dirt so more mud!

Here is a few lines of what our Mission Pres, President Hicken, sent us this week-

We are now at 70 young missionaries. Yet the Lord, through you, has kept the work going forward better than ever before. We have had the highest number of converts since 2012. I admire and appreciate your obedience and hard work. The Lord is making up the difference.

New missionaries are now being sent and more help will be on the way soon. Keep strong!
I know the grace and spirit of Jesus Christ is with us in His hastening of the work.

President Hicken is so nice and loving and I have learned SO much from him. Even this week I had to call him for some bogus zone stuff and it ended up being a conversation and him quoting doctrine and I am looking forward to zone conference at the end of this month and Mission Leadership Conference next week.


Did you hear about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight?
Yeah haha everyone was watching it at 7 am Sunday morning. Getting ready for church in the morning you could hear people yelling outside around as it went on. I heard it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.. but nonetheless, as it always has been, #TMT.

Well not too much from this week, but next week I will have a bit more to report on about people and lessons and that good stuff. But I'll shoot some pictures over.

Love you all,

Mzee Eveson


Goooooooood Morning!
Happy Birthday Shout Out to my Mom!  :)
Mondays can be so rough . . . Not!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 80: "Members" not Members? Let's change that!

Good evening-- or morning or afternoon (depending where in the world you are when you read this)

Transfer news is this evening, lots of changes will be happening with quite a few elders leaving today for home and the mission so small. But as for me and my companion, I think one of us will be leaving- but you never know what the Lord has in store. I love Kinondoni and TZ in general and would stay here my whole mission if I could..Maybe Arusha is next? No idea.

We are doing well, one thing is this week we found out two people who are always at church since I have been here but have yet to be baptized. They are so humble and more faithful than some of the members when it comes to church attendance! We truly thought they are members! We are looking forward to teaching them more, although they know a lot about the church and the teachings already and their brother and sister in law whom they live with are strong members in the gospel. They are all originally from Zimbabwe.

Everyone was in Ubungo on Saturday and Sunday as we watched the Sat and Sun sessions of general conference. Very powerful counsel was given throughout. If you missed any of it I would advise to go back through it! I liked how much was said regarding the family and all the things that impressed me that I can work on. Although none of our investigators were able to make it, this week they should be at church this Sunday as everything will be back to normal.

We celebrated Elder Ojjogolo's early birthday today with the zone at the couples and it seems like everyone is doing great, just awaiting transfer news this evening.


Do you like Swahili? Yeahh a lot. Super cool language.

Do you have an oven? Ever make cookies? Yeah actually we do in this flat. And I made some cookies last Monday but it only got to the phase of the batter before it was all eaten.

How are things in the Mission Field? Fantastic

Still getting lots of referrals? A few here and there

How is English class going? Great. Had like 12 people last week there for it

Any more Gospel discussions? Yup!

Do you do much proselyting / tracting? Yup

Any beach time lately? Nope

Do you still go to the gym? Yup

How is Nicole? Ha- fantastic.

How is attendance overall? A normal Sunday anywhere from 60-80 people

How many members are in the mission? MormonNewsroom states as of the beginning of 2014 there were 12,471 in Kenya and in Tanzania 1,336. Over a year ago though.

Well, until next weeeeeek! Love you all and thanks for your prayers!

Mzee Eveson, signing out from TZ. Have a good night.

Much love from the KNM

Justine and I -- he leaves for his Mission on Thursday
John, Shigaela and Me
The best food is cooked from this exact kitchen that you see -- overhead view with Mama cooking yesterday.  Every Sunday night.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 79: Enjoying the Lord's Work

Time is short, been catching up on a few things but good week and all is well here.


How long are the days there are they like here or shorter? Seems like always the same since we are so close to the equator. In the 6 months that I have been here, it's always sunrise just past 6am and sunset just past 7pm.

What will the winter weather be like? Well May is next month and it is the hottest month in Dar es Salaam. I forgot what winter is.

Are there a lot of strange bugs? Some strange ones, not too many though

Transfer news? Next week. Remember to send letters to this address- the Mission home forwards them to me wherever I am serving:

Elder Brandon Keith Eveson
Kenya Nairobi Mission
PO Box 46162-00100
Upper Hill Rd next to Citigroup
Nairobi --KENYA --

Global postage for a card is $1.15 -- or 3 Forever Stamps will get it here. Under the postage, please write -- VIA AIRMAIL -- as letters without that go by boat, taking up to 6 months to arrive.

Love you all!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 78: Six Months Left to Serve My Mission

Sister Eveson goes home today. Well . . . if I was a Sister missionary I would be flying home now, as 18 months have passed. But I am grateful I have another 6 more months to serve the Lord.

Just a few things because of time-

Mama Patrick was baptized along with Daniel yesterday. We weren't sure if Daniel would make it by this week but all the right things happened and he was interviewed and passed and was baptized! He is the first member in his family- 22ish years old and we have a great relationship with their family and hopefully we can continue to teach all of them- despite them staying reallly far from our area.

This week we had a powerful District Meeting, counseling about the question 'How can we endure to the end of our missions better?' I listed all the problems of why it might be hard on a board then we came up for solutions for all. It seems lots of the mission is getting closer to going home with not many new Elders and Sisters coming in- and after October it will be pretty small.

"The eyes of other people are the eyes that ruin us. If all but myself were blind, I should want neither fine clothes, fine houses, nor fine furniture." -Benjamin Franklin

Did you hear Obama is planning on going to Kenya in June?
Yup, that will be interesting with events that have been happening.

Did you hear about Obama meeting with the First Presidency and some of the 12 Apostles?
Yeah I saw it on Mormon Newsroom- and it's because they counseled in the Lord's way. If nations could be run that way, we would see changes and improvement.

The picture is of Mama Patrick and Daniel.

Love you all!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Mama Patrick and Daniel were baptized yesterday!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 77: Easter Blessings = Deep Gratitude for Christ's Resurrection

Hope you all had a great Easter!

I am looking forward to being able to listen to General Conference!

And Yes- for those who asked, Elder Sitati who spoke Sunday afternoon is from Naitiri, which is right next to my last area Mautuma (Kitale zone). I know some of his family that stay there. I never met him because I was transferred here, but he returned home for Christmas and the Elders in Kitale met him then.

Also, my cousin Kristjan (serving in the California Arcadia Mission) said he has met him a few times serving there in California. I also heard Elder Renlund who was the previous Africa Southeast Area President spoke on Nelson Mandela- looking forward to hearing that talk as well.

For this week we have some great recent converts we are working with and teaching more about the Priesthood and the questions they have for us.

We have a part member, family member who will be baptized this week. The family was a referral and the 11 year old son was baptized about 8 months ago, and now the Mom will be baptized. She is awesome and will be a great member.

Quote-- "The funny thing about a family is that it's the best place to find a friend, but we always forget to look there" -unknown

And another- "I don't think any ride at Disneyland or DisneyWorld compares to the Dar es Salaam traffic ride" -someone

Now to answer everyone's questions--

What do you cook the most? Pilau, pancakes, french toast or eggs. Way easy and quick.

What are the problems with missionaries coming in?
Not able to get them a work permit. Visa isn't so much the issue as the work permits are.

Have you had much rain?

Well the big question I am sure that you have had a lot of people ask is about the shootings in Kenya, what is the Church’s position, and have they talked to you about it? Not sure and we haven't heard anything from the mission about it.

Did anyone in the Mission get affected by the College Massacres in Kenya? Nope, that is northeastern Kenya, we don't have any missionaries anywhere around there.

Just a note on that-- these are the last days. They were asked if they were Muslims or Christians and none of the people that died denied their testimonies of Christ. Straight up martyred. These are the last days in which we live with wars, rumors of wars and it's not going to get better.

And in the spirit of Easter, I was studying about Christ's resurrection and I included the link- the following chapter 40 and up to and including chapter 42 in the book of Alma. Great stuff to read:

Time is super short. And keep sending me pics!

Love you all!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 76: Please Pray for Work Permits to Come Through ~ #BecauseHeLives We Need More Missionaries

Just a few things for this week.

The week was good although my comp got sick for a bit of it, and also Elder Kabwe is with us now because he does not have a work permit for this country, nor Kenya and is being transferred tomorrow to Zambia Lusaka Mission, his home mission, to finish his last 3 months there. Unexpected. Oh and this transfer we only got one new Elder for the whole mission. Pray for the government and the visa & work permit problems that have been severely affecting the Kenya Nairobi Mission (KNM).

This week my companion, Elder Kabwe and I all gave talks in Sacrament Meeting which went super well. We all talked on one aspect of missionary work and I talked about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, then touched on those people who have the Gospel but haven't been the most active in coming to church. Their own friends and family, in their own branch. I used the first 2/3rds of Luke Ch. 15- the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the silver coin (Tanzanian Shilling) to relate to themselves. The Parables Jesus taught in are fascinating and really help us understand.

Also I thought it was interesting this week I got a letter from a friend that included some notes about the recent Stake Conference at home. I really like the counsel President Goodfellow gave, challenging everyone to use as much time for spiritual growth as you use for entertainment on electronic devices. If you strive to do that for your own well being, you will be blessed. I know that is true and I can promise it- if only you try it out for yourself.

General conference is this week and it is a great way to start. I hope everyone will be able to have a chance to sit down with undivided attention (yes that means without a smartphone around) and listen to Apostles and Prophets of the Lord speak directly to us.

Here's a quote for you-- "Life is fragile, handle with prayer" -unknown


What do you typically do to get your service hours each week? Teach English class twice every week.

Do people do much hunting there? Not sure how to answer that.. yes, but illegally, poaching.

Will you get to watch General Conference this week? No, hopefully in a few weeks after it. But since I am here in TZ it might just be the Swahili translations. We get the General Conference edition of the Liahona magazines pretty soon after Conference though.

Do they celebrate Easter in Tanzania like in the US? Religious services? Easter baskets, bunnies and all that stuff? Nope. I'll be home next Christmas though!

And remember to use the #BecauseHeLives on social media sites and check out and Also go to on this Sunday- the Church is stepping up its advertising.

Happy Easter! Love you all! And remember that Christ truly is the reason for the season, and it is #BecauseHeLives!

Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 75: The Plan of Salvation Makes ALL the Difference

Things are going great here. Great with the zone and fantastic with my companion.

This week we did some stuff for the zone which took a bit of time then we are planning Zone Training Meeting for this week, which should be good.

Last week my companion and I saw a nasty fatal wreck and as we were talking about it- it made me realize just how short life is. That was someone who could have 'just run to the store for a minute' or who told their kids 'I'll see you in the evening' or was just crossing the road to hop on a bus and head to work. Be grateful for every minute and every chance we have to do everything. The Plan of Salvation really is a blessing. Click here to learn more.

In other news, it has rained and rained and rained here. I don't think we will see the sun until late April when this rain season ends. A big, all of a sudden change in weather here. And one thing- the draining system is poor in lower income areas and the water just pools together in a standstill and soaks everything. Oh and even though it rains a lot, we still have to use the fans in the flat and ac at night because Dar is somehow magical in that way.


Do they follow March Madness?
What is that? The only thing people follow here is Europe soccer.

Are you eating a lot of fish? No!

Are Nike shoes big over there?
Yeah but I have not seen a real pair for sale. I have seen plentyyy of Jordans, Lebrons, etc. but allll are fake. The only real ones I have found are secondhand.

Go UTES!! Sweet 16? MMadness time!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

District Development Meeting - Last one for Elder & Sister Mickelson, and first one for Elder & Sister Wilson
Dar Essentials - The Finest BBQ Sauce (you know me), Guava Juice, Fanta Passion in a glass bottle, and Mayochup aka Fry Sauce
How are my clothes supposed to dry? It's rain season now and this was today's crazy storm. We get a few a day if we are lucky.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 74: Forgiveness, Baptism, Fellowship, Proselyting & Bacon Cheeseburger in Paradise

Well it was nice getting transfer news on Sunday night instead of Monday and I am really looking forward to another transfer with Elder Muthoni here in Kinondoni. Great place, greater people.

It's March Madness at home already?! Wow time is flying, and I have 7 months left. One more phone call home in a few weeks; one more birthday a few weeks after that, then a few weeks later I'll be baaaack.

Something that we were asked to study and ponder that we discussed at MLC was about forgiving ourselves and others, and what it truly means. What it truly means to 'forgive and forget'- not just saying with words, but actually doing. It is a greattt chapter, here is the online link to it. I have learned sooo much from it.

One of the highlights of this week was Samuel's baptism yesterday. We were street contacting a while ago not too far from our flat and the church and we found him sleeping outside. He is a very humble, very nice guy with not too much to do. 22 years old, single, and he has really seen the blessings come from learning about the gospel. The YSA and branch have been really welcoming to him. The baptismal service went great. And also Fadhili was confirmed a member; the Lord's work moves on.

After Church, Prince from Nairobi (over all the Church for Institute and Seminaries in south and east Africa) came to a few lessons with us which was fantastic. We went proselyting in his taxi! Haha.. We went and visited Samuel and his nonmember brother, and another YSA member who hasn't been consistently coming to Church and YSA, but wants to prepare to serve a mission. Then he took us to a really nice dinner at his hotel- let's just say I had a bacon cheeseburger for the first time since home.

The new office couple for Tanzania- Elder and Sister Wilson- made it here to Dar, and they knew me before they saw me... haha... because when they got their mission call in October, they started following my blog! Haha! Thanks for doing that and keeping it up to date Mom!

And on the flip side, the Mickelsens will be leaving next Monday and it will be tough seeing them leave as they have been such a blessing to serve around and learn from. We had a fun zone going away party at their flat today and they bought Subway for us :) and then ice cream! Haha something I'm sure missionaries in the States take for granted.

And guess what.... after not seeing rain for 10 weeks-- IT'S RAIN SEASON! Haha man it has rained like crazy today and it's just the start. Although after tomorrow I'm sure I'll be tired of it.

And last thing, can y'all send me more pictures? It's way cool to see what's happening at home, events and people and things.


What does MLC mean, and when is it?
Mission Leadership Council. Every 2 months!

Do you ever see geckos?
Yeah, in our flat a lottt. Lots of times you'll just see them climbing on the walls.

Much love from the KNM, and much love from Mzee Eveson.

Fadhili, on my right, who was baptized with Justin, on my left, who baptized him
My trainer's aunt from Madagascar - for that crazy story, check last week's blog
International Traveling Missionaries
I've added a few stamps to my Passport
Mt. Kilimanjaro from the air
My current and former companions that were at MLC in Nairobi
The Flakes just before they left to return to Utah
MLC Group in Nairobi with President & Sister Hicken
This vending machine accepts Tanzanian Shillings and US Dollars
Zoo Time!
Monkey for Jaden
It's not a Zoo without a Giraffe
Zebras -- mini or babies?
Breakfast Time
Ummm, Yes! I am riding a tortoise
Monkeys with Skunk Tails
What animals have these feet?
More Monkeys for Jaden