Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 71: Sister Lucy's Baptism, Zone Conference & Making the MOST of Everything

Hey last week we didn't get back on after all, sorry about that.

This week we had zone conference which was fantastic. It went very well. I learned so much. So much. President Hicken is an inspired man called of God to preside over and teach us. Then after ZC we finally got the chance to see Meet the Mormons! Wow they did a great job on that film. A great job getting the word out on who we really are and some things we believe and know to be true. Everyone should watch it! All 6 stories were great, but the last one really hit home. From the guy getting his mission call, to the wait, to the South Africa MTC, to going to Durban. Wow. Sounds like me.

It was great to have the Arusha and Mwanza Elders here for zone conference, just lots of logistics and the week was over before it even started haha. Only in the Kenya Nairobi Mission!

Church was great on Sunday, the District Presidency is focusing on the Kinondoni branch this February, and it seems like quite a bit has gotten done the last few weeks with regards to filling callings which will be very nice. Lots of people have been at church these last 2 weeks and the work is really picking up.

On top of all that, we had the baptism for Sister Lucy- she is 60 years old and has been to church so many times. She was a referral from a neighboring recent convert who is her best friend.

Something I just thought of and sent to Elder Moline a few minutes ago that I thought I would share with all of you--

"You know how we came out on Oct 17? Man the 17th of every month just keeps flying by, we only have a few more until we are home. Make em count. 8 months left!" Crazy or whaaat..


How is your Swahili coming along? It's coming

How many regularly attend your English classes? Anywhere from 5-12ish people

Do you have very many Dinner Appointments with members? Every Sunday night we have one!

What did you bring on mission you wish you hadn't? My sweatshirt..haaa and other excess stuff

Have you seen any cool animals lately? No, it's harder in the city but we might be going to a zoo next Monday as a zone!

Will you be home for elk hunting season? Yes :)

Enjoy the pix below.

Love y'alllll!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Our Mission Zone
Happy?  YES I am!
My Comp and Me
Loving Life in Dar
Serious Height!  And checkout those footprints.
Tide Rolls In
Can't believe I found these!
Incredible Baptism - Referral from her friend that joined
It's Nicole!
She has a great view from up there
Hanging with Family

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 70: Blessings through the True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Hey so just a few things from this week-- Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day! Another American, commercialized holiday to spend money on..haha

We are still teaching English class 2x per week, had a pretty normal week, not too much to report but looking forward to this week with zone conference coming up and with all the Mwanza and Arusha Elders coming here to Dar.

This week was busy- like we were asked to go check all the flats in the zone which took the whole day going around Dar es Salaam, just a bunch of other stuff.

Sunday we had so many people at Church, which was great, and after we went to the Ubungo Chapel since the sisters were having baptisms (which was good). Then the weekly Sunday night dinner that my companion and I always look forward to at the Ngosha Family. I have a 18 year old brother over there who I want to bring home hahahaha. There are 2 daughters- 1 served in NY, NY, the other is serving in Richmond, VA right now, and the last is the 18 year old finishing up school and going on mission next year. Always fun times with them.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. It is amazing to serve here in a place where people sacrifice so much to come to church because they know what it means to them and the blessings it brings to their lives.

I forgot my camera at the flat but I think we will come back a bit later and check my email again and send some few pictures from the week. Sorry for the lack of responses, I will try to get back on later.


Is there a soccer team there? Yes and no...haha

Is Ebola still a big deal? Hahahaha no. Is it in the States?

Love y'alllll

Elder Brandon Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 69: Inviting YOU to "Come & See"

Still here in Dar es Salaam with Elder Muthoni. A few changes in the zone, but the cool thing is when I was in Kyambeke Kenya (the Hills), Linda (now Sis. Mayoli) who was the sister who came to our mission prep class who later got called to the Kenya Nairobi Mission, is back from the Mission Training Center, and now in the zone here. So that is pretty cool and it should be cool to see everyone Wednesday at our District Meeting.

Pretty alright week, just finding and teaching people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Had quite a few investigators come to Church and hopefully will be having a baptism this Sunday or next of an older lady who is so devoted to the church. She was a referral and is awesome.

For the first time I read the talk 'Come and See' by Elder Bednar from the last conference and I want EVERY person who is reading this who is not a member to read or listen to it. No matter about any belief you have, church you attend, or the lack thereof. He has a funny story and ties everything in really well. Just take a few short minutes and open the mind and read it. Here is the link..

Letters- remember to write 'VIA AIRMAIL" on them.

Packages- if I do leave Dar es Salaam anytime it will be a bit of a problem if one arrives. Although receiving them here is a WORLD of a lot cheaper and easier than Kenya. The best thing to use is small bubble mailers only, or Pringles cans, for the rest of my mission. No boxes. Then they will come to the PO Box and the couples can easily bring them and we don't have to go downtown and fetch it. But I am good on everything!  So thank you.

One funny thing is with all the secondhand clothes here, I have seen a lot of Boy Scout shirts (all the people in the US who didn't quite make it to Eagle and gave up too early). A member told me that here they call them 'combat' shirts and people like wearing them. Hahahaha thought that was interesting.

Is the rain season over? It hasn't rained since those pics I sent, just HOT and humid! Haha the sun shines here like it is not ever going to shine again.

Will try to send some pictures from the last 2 weeks!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Hanging with a Member
Great Day with the Elders Quorum Pres and his wife
Morning Run on the Beach
Kickin' Paradise
Fun little guy wanted to kick it with me
Picked up these second-hand Kicks in great shape
Yohanna and I with the same Jerseys

Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 68: Another Great Week & Shout-out to My Older Brother

Hahahaha so we just got to the cyber and I just wrote mission President now we have about 10 mins then we have to leave to get home for the night. Thanks for the emails- I read all of them but sorry no responses or pictures today..

First off--- shoutout to my older brother Tyler because, as he said, "Tom Brady isn't the only one who got a ring this weekend!". Congrats!

Great week, many people and investigators at church, people showing up out of nowhere wanting us to teach them, blessings are in full effect and your prayers are really felt. Thanks!

One thing- since we have only seen our Elders Quorum President at church 3 times and at 1 Priesthood Executive Committee meeting in 12 weeks, we decided to hangout with him today for Pday. His wife was also there for a bit- it went soooo well and we actually got to know them and start the building of a relationship, more than just a handshake at church every few weeks. Ate, played basketball before the ball literally exploded, went to a place and played pool (still haven't lost the magic touch) and went and ate more food. They are so nice and have the bessst, funniest story of how they met. Anyways great Pday with missionary work. It's nice to feel like a family with members!

We will get transfer news in like 30 minutes- but I might be leaving this area, just a thought I had this week. We'll see. I looooove it here.

Well, until next week! (From Kenya maybe?)

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM