Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 84: Being a Full Purpose Missionary, More Kingdom Builders and Re-reading the Book of Mormon

I didn't even know it was Memorial Day Weekend until my Dad emailed and told me in the middle of writing this. God Bless the USA!

So my iPad is holding up pretty good, it should last me these few remaining month,s but it would be nice if I could get a new fresh one when I get back. We skyped and taught and investigator so that was cool then there are some others we are teaching through Facebook. We are looking forward to a zone Temple trip coming up this week since it's not too far. Oh another notable thing was my companion and I were eating at McDonald's the other day and they told us that a Denny's is coming in next door to them!

So our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) went really well this past week and we used a lot of time on the Instructions, Following the Brethren, and counseling about how to improve our District Development Meetings (DDMs) in order to improve us Missionaries, which was all straight from our Mission Leadership Council (MLC). After that was over, we decided that the June ZTM that we will be holding this coming week 6 of the transfer will be focused on what we discussed about becoming Full Purpose Missionaries. We wanted enough time with that topic alone to discuss and not be rushed. So another thing to do before this transfer is over.

This last week we were able to visit with 2 of our new investigators, one was Helter, the young man who randomly came to Church, and Masogo who is a regular attender at English class, then started coming to Self Reliance class, and has been to church. They both know English very well and the Spirit was so strong as we taught the Restoration of the Gospel on Tuesday and also Plan of Salvation on Thursday. They are for sure Kingdom builders. They have been soooo prepared by the Lord! They both have accepted baptismal dates for June 7th which we are all looking forward to. They are so thrilled with the new Gospel Truths they have learned from us!

We had a zone activity today where everyone met at Ubungo chapel and we shot some hoops (uhh yeah I haven't done that in almost 2 years, it was weird), played some cards, talked for a while then everyone shared food they brought.

We were also able to work with Elder Wilson and Brother Enock Kitinga (over church facilities in TZ) to go over everything that needs too happen at the Chapel for upcoming Mission tour and it should all run smoothly with everything set up. Lots of behind the scenes things that will make everything run perfectly.

And yeah that means for this week we have Mission Tour on Thursday with Elder and Sister Ellis coming along with President and Sister Hicken, which should be great. In preparation for it we were asked back in March to read the whole Book of Mormon. And knowing me-- yup I procrastinated it and started late April but the good news is I will be finishing it this week! (And that's the reason why I haven't worked out the last month-busy reading) but I am grateful for the challenge it has been and it has really helped me learn more and strengthen my testimony of the True and Living Christ. No matter how many times we have previously read it, if we continue to do so over and over we will be able to learn and understand more and more from it.

In other news, I was asked to conduct the meeting so we will see how many times I mess up in front of a General Authority :)

I am really enjoying being with Elder Lopeyok and we are having a great time together. Things are going great overall. The Open House and Branch Conference were moved to this coming weekend, which we are looking forward to. One thing I realized is that we were at the Church Tuesday-Sunday (6 days straight) for one meeting/English class/lesson or another. It's nice we stay pretty close to it.

On I found this article interesting about the recent dedication of a temple in Argentina (click here). And a fun fact I learned- Elder Richard G Scott presided over the Mission there many many years ago and one of his young missionaries was Elder D. Todd Christofferson...then many years later they were reunited when Elder Christofferson was called to be in the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, to continue doing the Lord's work together.

And I also saw where President Eyring Received an Honorary Degree from the one and only University of Utah.

Sorry time is short and this email is long and boring and more about administrative things than people, and I don't have much time to respond to emails, but I will do better next weeeekkkk.

Well have a great Memorial Day and an awesome week!
Love you all!
Elder Brandon Eveson
Much love from the KNM.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 83: Waffles with Fresh Strawberries & Chocolate Milk for Breakfast, Pulled Pork Sliders for Lunch and BBQ Ribs for Dinner with Cheesecake + A Trip to Costco . . . or not

Another weeeek.

Seems like last week I got an email saying Cody was getting ready for Lacrosse season conditioning and now this week Lacrosse season is finished and Varsity continues in the playoffs.

Well we had a great week, we had a fun multizone activity where we all played football (soccer) then ultimate frisbee at some sports complex on Monday. After, we went with one of our districts and we drove to Costco since my companion got a membership there and we had some good cheap greasy pizza and bought some things we needed.. It's cool to be driving missionaries- maybe I'll come home fat from all the fresh baked cookies we get and the dinner appointments every evening, like Monday's Family home evening with some recent converts we had.

On Tuesday morning we were invited to our ward mission leaders house and he made some waffles with fresh strawberries and banana on top with whipped cream and syrup with chocolate milk and we had a good meeting with him then in the evening after some powerful member present lessons we went over to the Bishops house and had BBQ ribs that were soo good with pulled pork sandwiches on the side. Then we had cheesecake for dessert and the family only wanted a little and they gave us the half that was left over (after we ate a lot and were full) to take home so we ate it for lunch on Wednesday. So Weds-- in the morning before our daily studies we drove to the gym, then came home and made protein shakes and were feeling good and healthy then before driving to our area we ate the rest of the cheesecake. We had some appointments then drove to District Meeting after that.

Haha well maybe I fooled you, maybe not. Just mixing up the normal weekly email. None of those things have happened on my mission and it seems because where I am none of those things will ever happen. But all is well!

As for this week, Tuesday we flew to Nairobi, Kenya for Mission Leadership Council (MLC) and it was amazing we didn't miss the flight, but one thing I need to mention is how much the Lord helps with missionaries traveling.

But those stories are for another time. But we made the flight and it was good to meet up with all the leaders of the mission. The Christensen's fed us dinner, then Wednesday bright and early was MLC.

I feel like MLC went great, it was good to be with the mission leaders counseling on the things we can work on to best help everyone.

My companion and I are in the midst of planning Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) for this week and all should go well with that and forwarding the information on.

My companion and I are doing fantastic. We were able to have some great lessons this week and are looking forward to some baptisms scheduled for the 7th of June!

The 2 sisters who were coming to Church when we thought they were members- Francisca and Almelda- are progressing well, along with Joseph who is about 25 years old, a referral who stays really close to members and knew members before he even came to the Church.

And yesterday we had a young man about 18 years old at church and I talked with him- turns out he used to come to the Church when he was in Primary with a relative and hasn't been back since but he wants to be a Member and come back to the Church, so we have an appointment set with him tomorrow afternoon and we will see how things go. There are many small miracles and blessings the Lord is giving to my companion and I.

I will send pictures next week.. the 2 attached are from MLC

Quote: "We need couches in our flat like these....but that would only happen in the millennium"

Have a great week everyone,
Love Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

MLC Group - I'm wearing the Blue Suit near the middle
MLC - An Inspiring Day

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 82: Calling Home is Good for the Soul

Happy late Mother's Day to all the Great Mothers around this great planet earth!

It was great to have the opportunity to call and talk to my family for a little bit. Andddd that's the last time I'll be calling home on mission :)

Things are going well. It has been a nice week with everything in place. We had a bit of a slow week with regards to being able to meet and visit with both non-members and members but we have been able to find ways to use time wisely which is always good.
But we are planning a Branch Open House the 23rd of this month which should go over well, with Branch Conference the following day.

English class continues and we are now reading the Swahili and English pamphlets side by side with everyone so we are slowly getting some new investigators out of that and a little more of a Gospel topic.

It has rained a lotttt and this isn't the same Dar es Salaam I was used to haha. But it is sad the results the rain has on some parts of Dar. It really destroys.

But I'm super tired- the last 2 nights we got to bed pretty late and this morning waking up super early to call home, then the beach, and now here, then a haircut and then tomorrow headed to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, and we'll be back here Thursday to continue the work week. Disregard my rambling, but to sum it up I'm looking forward to these next few days for sure!

Quote from last week brought to you by my awesome companion-
"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we'll exercise"

What time was it there when you talked with your family?
Because of the time difference I woke up at 4am and called today (it was Sunday evening for them)

Did you call your family or skype?
Called- they'll see me soon enough

What day is your homecoming talk in Church?
Haha still a ways to go before it, but October 18th!

Oh and please don't send me any packages for my birthday!!!! I'm serious though- Ill be home soon and it's more stuff to haul around. A handwritten note would be more than plenty. And remember it's the thought that counts!

Crazy how time flies though- 20 years coming up..and yes we have some plans for the day, and it happens to be the last Saturday of the transfer.

I will send pictures next week!

Love you all!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 81: New Companion from Kenya & Fun on the Beach

Another transfer has come and gone. Crazy-only a few short ones left to go.

You can never try and guess transfer news, because what you think will happen--the opposite unthinkable does. With that being said, Elder Muthoni is in Kenya to finish his 6 weeks of mission (now 5) and I am here with Elder Lopeyok from Eldoret, Kenya who was serving in Kenya for the last year. It is interesting to hear his Kenyan Swahili now that I have been in the land of perfect Swahili. The Changombe Elders have been whitewashed and those were the only changes for Dar es Salaam.

I am really looking forward to this transfer with Elder Lopeyok as we have already had a good time together and we are great friends. We walked to the beach this morning and we talked about zone activities and we will get those going again. Looking forward to helping this zone in any way we can.

It was truly a busy week with lots of logistics, with driving around and the airport and a missionary, Elder Justine Gwaka from our branch, getting set apart and headed out to serve in South Africa, along with other stuff.

But as for my companion and myself, we are looking forward to the work we will be able to do this week despite all the forecasted rain, as now it seems to truly be the rainy month everyone has talked about.

And yes, the last time I told you it was rainy season I was wrong- just rain here and there. Now.. the forecast looks worse than home. Which might be cool though because I have had summer for the last year and a half.. although we don't have cars for when it rains and lots of roads are dirt so more mud!

Here is a few lines of what our Mission Pres, President Hicken, sent us this week-

We are now at 70 young missionaries. Yet the Lord, through you, has kept the work going forward better than ever before. We have had the highest number of converts since 2012. I admire and appreciate your obedience and hard work. The Lord is making up the difference.

New missionaries are now being sent and more help will be on the way soon. Keep strong!
I know the grace and spirit of Jesus Christ is with us in His hastening of the work.

President Hicken is so nice and loving and I have learned SO much from him. Even this week I had to call him for some bogus zone stuff and it ended up being a conversation and him quoting doctrine and I am looking forward to zone conference at the end of this month and Mission Leadership Conference next week.


Did you hear about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight?
Yeah haha everyone was watching it at 7 am Sunday morning. Getting ready for church in the morning you could hear people yelling outside around as it went on. I heard it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.. but nonetheless, as it always has been, #TMT.

Well not too much from this week, but next week I will have a bit more to report on about people and lessons and that good stuff. But I'll shoot some pictures over.

Love you all,

Mzee Eveson


Goooooooood Morning!
Happy Birthday Shout Out to my Mom!  :)
Mondays can be so rough . . . Not!