Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 94: Gratitude for the Lord's Plan, Another Companion & A Meat Fest

Hey! I don't have too much time but here are some highlights from the week:

This week was good, I learned a lot at Zone Conference and my companion and I will be implementing the things we noticed we need to work on.

The same day we received Elder Ngambonziza to be with Elder Warwood and I, which has been great, although 3 is a crowd. He is with us until things get worked out with his work permit- which depends on if he will start serving here in Kenya or go to TZ. He will be a great missionary and it is like Elder Warwood and I are his trainers before he gets his trainer.

Elder Ngambonziza is the first missionary from Rwanda to come to the Kenya Nairobi Mission, and only the 11th ever to leave the country to serve the Lord for 2 years.  I have a cool story to share another time -- but he met and taught someone from his home place already with us, in his home language.

There are no coincidences, I am thankful for the Plan of the Lord in helping His sons and daughters understand a little more about the True Gospel that has been restored to the earth.

It was kinda funny, we had been together in the trio for about 10 minutes and he thought both me and my companion were from South Africa because of our accents. Hahaha actually quite a few people think that- you would be surprised.

This week Elder Harding, Elder Warwood and I went out and spoiled ourselves. It is nice to do that once in a while. We went to Carnivore restaurant- which they boast the title 'Africa's greatest eating experience'. I could say so. I was king of the table. We ate pork, beef, lamb, chicken, crocodile, rabbit, and bull (some parts of the bull). It was powerfullll!! The following morning was another story....I hadn't eaten that much meat before and long story short, right after I received a Priesthood blessing I felt better, and didn't have any more body problems -- and we had a powerful day.


Do you actually get P-days anymore or is it just another office day?

P days! But we do fun stuff so we don't email that long!

What is Nairobi like? Cold!

Are people generally friendly or guarded? Depends

Do they yell Mzungu, or approach you or ignore you?

Everyone is about their business, we approach people. Just like everywhere else

Are they receptive to Americans?

Yeah, because of Obama we are all related here...that's how it goes right?

So how is the new area?

Great, so far so good we have some nice people we are teaching

Are you one of the office elders?

Yeah me and my companion are the Office Elders

Much love from the KNM,

Elder Eveson
My Meat Fest Boneyard Plate

Elder Harding, Elder Warwood and Me at Carnivore   

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