Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 82: Calling Home is Good for the Soul

Happy late Mother's Day to all the Great Mothers around this great planet earth!

It was great to have the opportunity to call and talk to my family for a little bit. Andddd that's the last time I'll be calling home on mission :)

Things are going well. It has been a nice week with everything in place. We had a bit of a slow week with regards to being able to meet and visit with both non-members and members but we have been able to find ways to use time wisely which is always good.
But we are planning a Branch Open House the 23rd of this month which should go over well, with Branch Conference the following day.

English class continues and we are now reading the Swahili and English pamphlets side by side with everyone so we are slowly getting some new investigators out of that and a little more of a Gospel topic.

It has rained a lotttt and this isn't the same Dar es Salaam I was used to haha. But it is sad the results the rain has on some parts of Dar. It really destroys.

But I'm super tired- the last 2 nights we got to bed pretty late and this morning waking up super early to call home, then the beach, and now here, then a haircut and then tomorrow headed to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, and we'll be back here Thursday to continue the work week. Disregard my rambling, but to sum it up I'm looking forward to these next few days for sure!

Quote from last week brought to you by my awesome companion-
"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we'll exercise"

What time was it there when you talked with your family?
Because of the time difference I woke up at 4am and called today (it was Sunday evening for them)

Did you call your family or skype?
Called- they'll see me soon enough

What day is your homecoming talk in Church?
Haha still a ways to go before it, but October 18th!

Oh and please don't send me any packages for my birthday!!!! I'm serious though- Ill be home soon and it's more stuff to haul around. A handwritten note would be more than plenty. And remember it's the thought that counts!

Crazy how time flies though- 20 years coming up..and yes we have some plans for the day, and it happens to be the last Saturday of the transfer.

I will send pictures next week!

Love you all!

Love Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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