Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 93: Followed Promptings Changes Lives ~ Miracles from the Least Expected Events

Hey we have had a great, busy week.

One of the highlights was President Hicken did some training with us office elders and the APs on Thursday with the movie Cains Mutiny and it was great to learn from as he paused it often and explained it and related it all to Gospel Principles and life situations and so on. I really enjoyed it and took away lots of life advice from it.

The tough thing about serving here is we haven't been able to have many members work with us. I think it is because where our area is, is where lots of people work, not live. We have discovered that from contacting as well- we find great people then they are just in the area for work then they go back to where they stay in other missionaries areas. But no effort is lost!

As far as progressing investigators- We have 2 that are really progressing and one we started teaching this week who we will be extending a baptism date to. The progressing are Joel from South B and Jiarus from Upperhill. Jiarus is 29 years old, and a Solider for the Kenya General Service Union and had been sooo busy the 2 months before Obama came now he is a lot more free and is a very powerful investigator. When Obama was here he was around him a lot which he said was pretty cool. This week he will be visiting his home place, but next week he will be back in Nairobi and we will continue teaching. He is currently schooling as well and has a wife and a kid whom we have yet to meet.

And the new investigator Fred was at Church in Upperhill on the 26th (when we went to South B) that was invited by a member named Stella. We did a Church tour and had a powerful lesson with him and his daughter who is visiting from Canada, as she is schooling there. His wife, son and daughter are all in Eastern Canada schooling, but we will see if we can refer them to the missionaries there.

We have not tried streetboarding yet here, just lots of contacting. We are trying to find a good place to do it were people live around, not just work around which is a bit tough.

Zone conference on Wednesday should be powerful as always.


How do you like your new comp? He is super great we are having a fun time together.

How is life in Nairobi? Good.

Do you get a lot of referrals coming in to the office? Yeah off

Do you communicate on Skype with people to tell them about the Gospel, or just send the names to the Elders/Sisters in their area? Just call them and see where they stay then we send them some things about the church and if they stay where missionaries are we refer them to those Elders or Sisters.

How are things going with the Kenya area you were in before you went to Tanzania? Mautuma- everything seems alright from what I hear.

Is Kenya / Tanzania finally letting new Missionaries in? The only problem is Kenya.. and not sure as of now- things are still getting worked out.

Did your buddy in Dar get baptized as planned? Elias will be baptized this Sunday!

Do you get to keep in touch with anyone you taught, or the Missionaries you have worked with, while still there? Yeah, whenever.

Did the landlords that found your Liahonas (Ensign Magazines) after the flood (in Kenya) ever join the Church? I just asked right now the branch President of the Rongai branch who works for the church here- Peter Ondigo- and he said the whole family that stays here in Nairobi has been baptized- the landlord and all his family! Powerfullll. He is not sure about the other part that stay up there in the bush but I will find out. And Vincent was my good friend (landlord) so I will have to follow up and see how he is doing and meet up with him.

Not too much else- take care everyone!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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