Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 85: Two Decades Down . . . Turning 20 this Week and Celebrating with 5 Baptisms!

First off, shoutout to my twin cousin, Anna Eveson, Happy Birthday! Eish, 2 decades come to a close this Saturday! Our throwback photo from when we turned 7 is below.

Bit of a chronologically mixed up letter but here we go-

It was great to be with President and Sister Hicken and Elder and Sister Ellis this last week. Such a blessing. Zone Conference I feel went really well and I learned a lot. I was grateful to complete the whole Book of Mormon reading the night before the meeting.

My companion and I are doing great and we have 5 people who are lined up to be baptized this Sunday. Helter, Joseph, Masogo, Almelda and Francisca. Helter is one who I want to say a few words about. I am so happy for him. He is the one that came to Church when he was in Primary and hadn't come since until just a few weeks ago. He is 20, and he stays in Masaki which is a very nice area. He has completed high school, knows perfect English, has a great education, is a hard worker, and his family is well set financially with hard working parents. He wants to start going to BYU in January to study- after I told him about the University. He attended Young Single Adults (YSA) on Saturday after we taught him at the Church, and we actually connected him with one of his Aunts he never knew before, who was in the same YSA class with him. It was his first time attending. She is a returned missionary from Uganda (as of a month ago). She is his Aunt and they had never met before. Crazy! But he has been sooo prepared by the Lord and loves Church and has friends there.

Sunday we had branch conference which went greattt, and the district president- Pres Mwaipopo- mentioned during his talk that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away this weekend which surprised me- he has been called to a higher calling in the next life. Click here for a nice article and to learn more about the life, love and leadership of Elder L. Tom Perry.

Saturday we had an Open House which went great, the Branch was well prepared for it; we had many contacts from it that we will follow up on. I've never written our phone number so many times in a 3 hour period on pamphlets.

Friday we went around the whole day and checked all the flats- if only we had our own cars it could have taken an hour. But we got it done.

One thing we have been trying to focus on is to help other Elders and Sisters solve their own problems. Things are so easy when they bring something to us and we tell them what to do- but they tell us something and we ask them what the proposed solution is and if there is anything they need help with from us. There won't always be someone to do everything and make decisions and solve your conflicts for you. It's something I have also learned a lot from doing myself and helping others do.

We are looking forward to exchanges with the Mbezi Elders this week along with the June Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) on Wednesday.

We had a great zone activity today this morning playing games at the couples' place, which was fun with everyone together, and it happened to be on Elder Steed's birthday today. And they fed us burritos which was the first time in forrrever I have had them. Since home actually! And the next time I will have one I can already tell it will be at Chipotle! Anyways- the couples are so nice.

I know I haven't sent pictures in a long time, next week a flood of them are coming your way.

Please don't send mail to Dar, as I most likely will be leaving this place I love so much. Continue to use the Kenya Nairobi address listed here on the blog. We will be told on Monday, and then if I'm leaving I'll move on Tuesday. When President Hicken was leaving after Zone Conference he hugged me and said "Elder, you've been here in Dar a long time" and I was confounded- haha- I didn't have anything to say. We will see what the Lord has planned!

Love you all- and until next week!!
Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

Anna & Brandon Eveson - Born 12 hours apart on 6 June 1995

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