Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 91: Jumping for JOY and DAR to NBI to DAR to NBI

Hey! Well sooo many things have happened and we are really busy.. basically the week has been great, Tuesday we went to Nairobi for Mission Leadership Council, which was Wednesday, then flew back Thursday to Dar es Salaam, and saw a powerful family in the evening.

Friday we were asked to deal with some few things and did that, then saw some people. And Elder Steed from Lethbridge was with us the whole week the time that we were in Dar as he was headed to Nairobi Saturday morning and flying home Monday (today).

Saturday we had a great day we went to town and got a ferry to Kigamboni (which is about a 6 minute ride..) and saw one of our powerrrful investigators, Martin, and his family that lives that side. We went with Brother Fadhili (recent convert) and he showed us around, then we met his Mom and brother who stay there and taught them. Then we got back and were running late so we didn't have time to go change so we played basketball in our white shirts and dress shoes. Check out this hilarious "Church Ball Anthem": Church ball!

Then that night we got transfer news and I have been transferred to Upperhill, Nairobi to finish my last 2 transfers as a zone leader with Elder Warwood who is from Battle Mountain, NV. He is headed home this transfer so next transfer I will get a new companion again following this transfer.

So Sunday I bore my testimony and the Wilson's gave powwwwerful talks on the Book of Mormon and it was perfect because Helter and his brother Elias were there along with many others to hear it.

After Church, Elias and I were talking, and he told me he has decided he wants to join the Church. I wanted to jump for joy when he told me that and go fill up the water for his baptism. But Elder Lopeyok and his new companion will teach him and do that work. That is a greattt family and they can really help the church. And Helter told me also that he is applying to BYU Idaho and also Elias told me he will be applying to BYU Provo. Basically that made the last 9 months a success for me.

Sunday evening a member had us over for a district Young Single Adult function type thing and it was great because I saw lots of people I know there for the last time and I saw one of the Sisters' investigators that was baptized like 2 hours before, whom I did the baptismal interview for. He is a greattt guy. I wish I had more time to talk about him. Anyways, he has been realllly prepared by the Lord. And you would never know he was just baptized. He fit right in and looked super sharp just like every other Priesthood holder. A great evening with great people. Just enjoying every moment.

Sunday night I stayed up all night packing (seems I haven't changed hahaha) and left at 6am to the airport and now I am back in Nairobi. And it is cold in comparison to Dar es Salaam.... Now we are headed to pickup some Elders and help with transfers.

I am looking forward to everything that awaits me in these 2 transfers here. And I already miss speaking pure Tanzanian Swahili..this place is all English

We now email from the office and the timing is a bit earlier than what I was doing in Dar just FYI.

And all the preparation for Obama coming here this weekend are crazy-- haha and he will have over 13,000 security people. Anyways we'll see how everything shakes out. I have heard they will cut all cell phone communication and internet. We'll see.

Will send pics next week.

Love you all!

Elder Brandon Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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