Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 54: Everyone & their Mamas wants us to teach them, which is a Big Blessing

Well another week.

Sounds like Oregon and Utah football teams are tearing it up!

With getting back to our area Wednesday morning, and not working Sunday after church because of my companion being sick, we were able to have 22 lessons Wednesday through Saturday which I thought was alright. Working hard feels really good. This transfer feels as if it has gone really fast.

My companion and I are really busy with all the people we have to teach and when we contact we keep finding new people to teach then it is hard finding time for them. Trying to balance everything just right. It seems like everyone and their mamas want us to teach them, which has been a big blessing.

Friday my companion and I split and each went with a member which was sweet- got a lot done.

I have been studying a bit out of the book Teachings of the Prophets Brigham young and a section I really like is Preventing Personal Apostasy. Really applies to some things happening in the branch here.

Wednesday is zone conference so that'll be fun. After zone conference we will be doing exchanges with the Naitiri Elders so I'm looking forward to that- I'll be with Elder Moline. Then exchanges with the Kitale Elders week 6 for baptism interviews. On a sidenote the Misikhu branch met in their chapel for the first time yesterday- not sure when the dedication will be but I hope I am still in this zone for it.

The first Sister missionary ever from the branch is leaving tomorrow for the MTC- then coming to serve in the Kenya Nairobi Mission which is sweet.

Not much else to report on, but Saturday night I did 1000 jump rope in 7:11 which was the exact same time as my previous so then my companion tried and he was around 8 minutes then I wanted to break 7 minutes so I tried again and 7:09 so I thought there's some improvement. Then my companion went again and did 1000 more in 6:58, and I was like no way I'm going to bed without beating 7 minutes so I did a 3rd set of 1000 and got it in 6:18. We got to bed a little late but after 3000 skips I felt good. One year left to sexy.


What’s the average temp now? Not sure- maybe 80s?

Do you wear a hat every day? Nope, just bike helmet

Gutted any animals lately? Maybe soon
How’s the mansion, do you sleep in nets still? Really good, and we haven't put the nets up yet haha

While in Durban did you know Elder Armstrong from Meet the Mormons- half black half white kid, did you meet him by chance? Nope

Now you have reached the year mark how are your clothes holding up? Pretty good, wear and tear is starting to show

Do you get mosquito bites much? Not really since I sleep with a fan on me all night

What’s the strangest insect that you have seen? Woah that's hard. Not sure.

Do you like your new companion? Yeaaah it's a sweet companionship

And your District? Yeah everyone is doing well

Are you doing well? Yeah!

Have you seen Meet the Mormons? Not yet! When it comes to Kenya I will! I know almost all missionaries in the states have though.. along with all their iPads....

Well til next week

Mzee Eveson

Much Love from the KNM

Biking!  It's how we roll.

Mud & More Mud!

Fancy Sleeping Quarters

Flag Curtains  :)
Brian & his Mama with Elder Tebbs and Me

Flipping Pancakes for Breakfast

1 Year Anniversary Dinner!

Celebration Time!  1 Year Down - 1 Year to Go!

Watching General Conference on a Laptop during Class

More than a Little Muddy!

Washing off the Mud at the River

Chilling on the Maize

President Mabwa, Me & Brother Timothy

Broken Chain

Dedicating Our Home 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 53: Obedience & Diligence Allows Me to be His Hands on Earth

So we got to Kitale yesterday and no power in all of the town- they are replacing lots of the powerlines around so we had district meeting yesterday evening, then this morning we had breakfast with the Flakes and now came to email. I hope you have a few minutes to read this..

Last week's district meeting was so spirit filled, everyone answered a few questions- what have you learned this transfer, one thing you want to work on this transfer, one thing you have struggled with this transfer, one Christlike attribute about your companion, and one Christlike attribute you want to develop. When being asked these it really made me to think and set goals to do better on a few things.
From there, during the week I reminded the district to learn at least one thing about their companions every single day in preparation for district meeting this week. We ended up having it Monday evening, and emailing today, since there was no power in the town.

During district meeting I had everyone write a question and then it was asked to a different person about their companion. It went really well I think. After I talked a bit about how we should be in unity first with our companions, then everything else will follow. And how teaching with and by the spirit won't come unless we are first together in unity. Using Alma 12:1, D&C 42:6, and D&C 52: 9-10 we read those and explained them.  It went really well and the meeting was filled with the spirit. Our zone really feels like we are all friends and brothers, which is great.

On Thursday we had the Branch President to work with us and he had a member's motorcycle and we had our bikes so we were able to go visit a bunch of members really far away that he wanted to just show up to with us, so we did that, and it was really nice. We were able to meet quite a few people and share some good messages with them.

Francis (he was baptized a few weeks ago) has been helping us teach his cousin and family, along with some other people, which has been nice having him as a recent convert to help us. He really enjoys it.

We had a lesson for the first time with an investigator this week- his name is Brian. Anyone remember Brian from a few moths ago I mentioned in my weekly email? Yeah the same guy- 27 years old, along with his parents, and he is home on break from working on Celebrity Cruises out of Florida. He is just on break but he might switch to work as a chef in Dubai soon. It went very, very well and after, we were both headed up towards the market so we walked with him. We passed by his church- the Salvation Army- and his head pastor was outside, and Brian greeted him as we passed by, so I was prompted to ask if we could go meet him. He took us in and we ended up having a lesson with the head pastor and answered some of his questions, and he really wants us to come back this week. Both for Brian and the Pastor- Pastor Joseph- I printed out more copies of the Blueprint of Christ's Church for both of them. I hope everyone reading this has read that talk.

Another quick story- when we moved everything into our new flat from the old one, we did that Wednesday 1st October, then went back to Kitale and waited for Elder Tebbs, then got back with him to the flat late that Friday night. In our master bedroom the water tank in the roof had leaked and the floor was flooded. On the floor in the pool of water was a duffel bag of mine with everything from my study desk at the old flat- now completely soaked. We tried to save most everything but some of the things were completely waterlogged and ruined. (Including my big journal from my whole mission so far- part of it now looks like I never wrote anything on half the pages, what a bummer). But some of the Liahonas I had in that bag we had doubles of, and some were soaked, so we threw some of them away. 
The people who take care of our compound (the landlords brother and older parents) take and burn our trash whenever needed. Fast forward to this week, Elder Tebbs and I arrived home one evening and the older mama said there was a magazine she found in the burn pile 'called like a Liahona from a conference in May' and she read it and liked it and was wondering if we had more. That was the perfect way to give them Restoration pamphlets- and who would have thought out of all the ways to introduce the gospel to them, that that would be the way. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I love this area. And if it wasn't for the distance between us and Kitale- it being so far and only doing exchanges once a transfer for baptismal interviews, we would have about a baptism a week. We are putting everyone on baptismal date for November 9th- the Sunday of Week 6.

We are really trying to focus on investigators and recent converts- as they fill our week. 19 RCs and around 20 investigators, there is lots of work to be done. It is really nice how welcoming the branch is with all the people that are new coming in. Oh and also, one of our recent converts was just called as the Relief Society President which is super cool. All in all, this past week has been an amazing, fruitful, spirit filled, fun week with my companion.

This week I studied Elder Bednar's BYU Idaho devotional from 2001 'In the Strength of the Lord' and I found it really powerful and I learned quite a bit about the enabling power of the Atonement- using the Atonement to help us go from good to better- and how the Atonement is not just there to change us from bad to good only-- but then to better.

On Sunday we watched Saturday Morning and Afternoon sessions of conference and it went very well both for the branch, our investigators who were there, and myself. I really liked it. Elder Jörg Klebingat's talk Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence really stood out to me, along with Elder Lynn G. Robbins about which way we face. 
I have been getting mail every now and then, but I got a letter last week from someone that said 'I hope you have been getting my other letters' and I was like uhhhhh.. Sounds like getting to Kenya is also a problem, not just sending from. Anyways, I do get letters sometimes. And remember to keep sending me pictures every week on email!

This week with me and my companion, Elder Tebbs, was fantastic. Even hitting 1 year on mission- it feels good but time has just flown way too fast. It feels like a few weeks ago I was at home! I am loving mission so much and have really enjoyed letting the Lord have this time in my life and doing His work. It kinda feels as if I am starting to blend in with the people at this point but I am easily reminded that is not the case as the young kids yell "Muzungu" every day as we ride bikes. I have really come to understand the phrase 'no hurry in Africa'. 
I could be through a year of college, have a few more pairs of shoes, watched a few more college football games, but submitting my will to His is a lot more fun than all that stuff. Being obedient and diligent really brings the spirit is the best way we truly can be His hands here on Earth. I know my Savior Jesus Christ lives and I say things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
That's all I have time for, but next week I will have some time and hope to send some pictures and other stuff I didn't have time to write today.

Mzee Eveson

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 52: Time Flies & I LOVE My Mission!

Well here's the situation- since the Kitale Elders have to go to Nairobi tomorrow, we had to come to Kitale Sunday afternoon, have district meeting (which was the best, most spirit filled district meeting I have been a part of) then Monday morning go email and return to our areas. Kenya Power Company was doing some work and didn't turn on the power til 1, and now the network started working about 2:30, but we have about 10 minutes before we leave to get alllll the way back to Naitiri, do a baptism interview, then get home to the Mautuma mansion before 7. It's always something.....

Anyyyways- I had a bunch of stuff I was going to say written in my planner but I left that and a bunch of stuff in Naitiri. So hopefully next week we will actually have time to email but I was able to read my emails you all sent, and thanks so much. 
And I guess I will hit a year on Wednesday from leaving home, and a year on Friday from entering the MTC in South Africa. Unsure what we're going to do. All I know is TIME FLIES and I LOVE my mission.
Elder Tebbs and I are doing great- really decking out our flat and having fun staying really busy. 7 new investigators this week and Francis (baptized 2 weeks ago) now is a confirmed member of the true church and also has the priesthood! Super sweet stuff. 
Also a sister in the branch just got her mission call 2 weeks ago- the first sister missionary from the branch. She leaves Oct 30 for the Ghana MTC (Kenyans currently cant get into South Africa) and will be coming to the Kenya Nairobi Mission. 
Next week I'll have a nice email for you all and some pictures. 

But for this week- I hope everyone reading this--- no matter what church you go to or the lack thereof--- to go see Meet the Mormons in theaters. I have heard great things about it.
Also - I guess we will be watching some general conference this weekend with the branch! Looking forward to hearing our living Prophet speak once again!
That's it for now though - sorry for no replies to anyone, but have a great week!
Elder Eveson

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 51: New Flat & One Year Left to Sexy!

What a crazy week. Although we have been here at the cyber for a while..these computers - enough said.

I heard Ebola is now in Dallas? Whaaaaat?

Also a few weeks ago I heard there is an iphone 6, and that Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album? I'm so out of everything. But it seems like College Football is crazy as ever, LeBron is back to the Cavs with NBA about to start back, and Nike is wiping away their tears from Nike University--I mean University of Oregon's loss with their $8 Billion Q1 earnings. Also - shout-out to the Utes!

Has anyone seen this?

This week was really busy although not much work was done or time was spent in our area. We were able to move flats with help from Peter coming from Nairobi (drifted in mud, then had nothing to do after we moved so we went and checked out the Misikhu chapel even though it was super out of the way), the Flakes, my temporary companion during the transfers, Elder Elliott, and Elder Odundo and Elder Moline on Wednesday
Friday, Elder Tebbs and I worked in Kitale with Elder Elliott since he was companion-less until Elder Ndaba arrived from Nairobi in the evening. The day went well and we were able to meet some less actives as well as strong members.We headed back to our area late that evening and on the way the car broke and hahahaha what an adventure. Anyways - got home at 1:45, saw that our master bedroom was flooded so we cleaned that up (some stuff was ruined like books and Liahona magazines, including a section of my journal that can never be replaced) and went to bed at 4am. Then Saturday we had the owner and fundi at our flat so we couldn't really leave our compound. We have done so much to that flat and it takes a lot of work to get moved in with everything set up. Oh - and I picked out the niceee new couches in our flat.

How is the rain? It is only every few days now! It is sooo nice

How is the new comp working out? Sooooooo nice

How did the move go? Pretty fast, I LOVE our new mansion. Everyone in our area calls it Westgate, referring to Westgate Mall- just giant... to say the least. 

Do you like the country living? Yeah it is so much better than being in like Nairobi

Does the mission talk about Ebola? The talk has really died down

Did you get to see any of General Conference down there? Hopefully in the next month or two!

Excited for your 1 year mark? Yeaaaaah!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

The Zone, last transfer, from Left to Right:
Elder Thomas, Elder Mwashi, Elder Dick,
Elder Makazi, Elder Moline, Elder Molosnkwe,
Me, and Elder Kisekka

Elder Kisekka and Me

Elder Thomas and Me

Breakfast with the Flakes before our District Meeting
(Wayyyyyy Better than Denny's!!)

Loving the Mansion -- Just Moved In!
3 Bedrooms + a Master Bedroom, 2 Showers & Bathrooms,
Bathtub, Huge Living Room and Dining Room, Kitchen,
Nice Garage, Outdoor Gazebo and Outdoor Kitchen.
Overall, a giant compound and we are about to live
like Kings! From the Worst Flat in the Mission
to the Best Flat in the Mission! In the
Middle of Nowhere. Super Excited!

Elder Kisekka, my last companion, and I
before he left to Chyulu on Wednesday

Me with a Puppy in Naitiri

Me in front of the Misikhu chapel that is nearly done

The Last of the Sweets - eating leftover ice cream
from peach cobbler we made at the Kitale flat.
Elder Tebbs and I are about to get big
because just as Jaden said - I have
One Year left to Sexy!