Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 81: New Companion from Kenya & Fun on the Beach

Another transfer has come and gone. Crazy-only a few short ones left to go.

You can never try and guess transfer news, because what you think will happen--the opposite unthinkable does. With that being said, Elder Muthoni is in Kenya to finish his 6 weeks of mission (now 5) and I am here with Elder Lopeyok from Eldoret, Kenya who was serving in Kenya for the last year. It is interesting to hear his Kenyan Swahili now that I have been in the land of perfect Swahili. The Changombe Elders have been whitewashed and those were the only changes for Dar es Salaam.

I am really looking forward to this transfer with Elder Lopeyok as we have already had a good time together and we are great friends. We walked to the beach this morning and we talked about zone activities and we will get those going again. Looking forward to helping this zone in any way we can.

It was truly a busy week with lots of logistics, with driving around and the airport and a missionary, Elder Justine Gwaka from our branch, getting set apart and headed out to serve in South Africa, along with other stuff.

But as for my companion and myself, we are looking forward to the work we will be able to do this week despite all the forecasted rain, as now it seems to truly be the rainy month everyone has talked about.

And yes, the last time I told you it was rainy season I was wrong- just rain here and there. Now.. the forecast looks worse than home. Which might be cool though because I have had summer for the last year and a half.. although we don't have cars for when it rains and lots of roads are dirt so more mud!

Here is a few lines of what our Mission Pres, President Hicken, sent us this week-

We are now at 70 young missionaries. Yet the Lord, through you, has kept the work going forward better than ever before. We have had the highest number of converts since 2012. I admire and appreciate your obedience and hard work. The Lord is making up the difference.

New missionaries are now being sent and more help will be on the way soon. Keep strong!
I know the grace and spirit of Jesus Christ is with us in His hastening of the work.

President Hicken is so nice and loving and I have learned SO much from him. Even this week I had to call him for some bogus zone stuff and it ended up being a conversation and him quoting doctrine and I am looking forward to zone conference at the end of this month and Mission Leadership Conference next week.


Did you hear about the Mayweather Pacquiao fight?
Yeah haha everyone was watching it at 7 am Sunday morning. Getting ready for church in the morning you could hear people yelling outside around as it went on. I heard it wasn't all it was hyped up to be.. but nonetheless, as it always has been, #TMT.

Well not too much from this week, but next week I will have a bit more to report on about people and lessons and that good stuff. But I'll shoot some pictures over.

Love you all,

Mzee Eveson


Goooooooood Morning!
Happy Birthday Shout Out to my Mom!  :)
Mondays can be so rough . . . Not!

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