Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 76: Please Pray for Work Permits to Come Through ~ #BecauseHeLives We Need More Missionaries

Just a few things for this week.

The week was good although my comp got sick for a bit of it, and also Elder Kabwe is with us now because he does not have a work permit for this country, nor Kenya and is being transferred tomorrow to Zambia Lusaka Mission, his home mission, to finish his last 3 months there. Unexpected. Oh and this transfer we only got one new Elder for the whole mission. Pray for the government and the visa & work permit problems that have been severely affecting the Kenya Nairobi Mission (KNM).

This week my companion, Elder Kabwe and I all gave talks in Sacrament Meeting which went super well. We all talked on one aspect of missionary work and I talked about what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, then touched on those people who have the Gospel but haven't been the most active in coming to church. Their own friends and family, in their own branch. I used the first 2/3rds of Luke Ch. 15- the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the silver coin (Tanzanian Shilling) to relate to themselves. The Parables Jesus taught in are fascinating and really help us understand.

Also I thought it was interesting this week I got a letter from a friend that included some notes about the recent Stake Conference at home. I really like the counsel President Goodfellow gave, challenging everyone to use as much time for spiritual growth as you use for entertainment on electronic devices. If you strive to do that for your own well being, you will be blessed. I know that is true and I can promise it- if only you try it out for yourself.

General conference is this week and it is a great way to start. I hope everyone will be able to have a chance to sit down with undivided attention (yes that means without a smartphone around) and listen to Apostles and Prophets of the Lord speak directly to us.

Here's a quote for you-- "Life is fragile, handle with prayer" -unknown


What do you typically do to get your service hours each week? Teach English class twice every week.

Do people do much hunting there? Not sure how to answer that.. yes, but illegally, poaching.

Will you get to watch General Conference this week? No, hopefully in a few weeks after it. But since I am here in TZ it might just be the Swahili translations. We get the General Conference edition of the Liahona magazines pretty soon after Conference though.

Do they celebrate Easter in Tanzania like in the US? Religious services? Easter baskets, bunnies and all that stuff? Nope. I'll be home next Christmas though!

And remember to use the #BecauseHeLives on social media sites and check out and Also go to on this Sunday- the Church is stepping up its advertising.

Happy Easter! Love you all! And remember that Christ truly is the reason for the season, and it is #BecauseHeLives!

Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

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