Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 42: Catch the Wave of Sharing His Gospel and Hastening His Work & Learning to Live by the Still Small Voice

Hey hope the week was good for all of you.
Tuesday was Elder Moline's birthday- now he's 19- and we had breakfast at the senior couples house which we do every 2 weeks. Wow man it is like Denny's but way better! We had pancakes this time- last time was German pancakes and he time before French toast- and man I almost died the food was so good. Yup- I miss food from home.

To sum up the week, we were able to do some good missionary work this week and will be having baptisms next week.
Tomorrow I will be giving training in our Zone Training Meeting so we'll see how it goes. Found this image I attached pertaining to members and missionaries. Catch the wave of sharing the gospel and Hastening His work!

So my zone leader Elder D. Thomas saw the Italian name tag that Tyler sent me that he used on his mission and mentioned his older brother B. Thomas served in the Milan Italy mission as well. Turns out that B. Thomas and Tyler were in the same group from the MTC and in the same mission the whole time! Small world.
I did accidentally skip a week on the subject line but it all works out because now week 52 will be a Monday- and I will have entered the MTC a little later that week. That 1 year mark is coming quick.
Forgot to mention that guy from Celebrity Cruises I met last week- he went from here in the village to the worst slums in Nairobi and now working on cruises. He emailed me and it will be nice to go back and forth occasionally with him.

Here's a fun fact- I am about 150 miles from where Obama grew up- where he ran around eating mandazis and playing football with the village kids.

Also- a bit weird to think I am representing all white people in these areas/villages where I serve- I think it might be really weird going home and seeing white people everywhere.
When you convert it from Kenyan Shillings, my weekly haircut costs 22 US cents..crazy or what?


How’s your tan?

Man my arms are quite tan from biking! They are always in the sun compared to my face. Maybe I'll send you guys some pictures this winter when you are starving for the sun to come back.

How are you doing? 

Super well, loving the mission.

How's the weather over there?

Hot and sunny every day.....haha

Since the rainy season is over is it really much hotter?

Haven't been able to tell really but the rains still come a lot- not sure if the rain season is totally over.
How do you keep your white shirts looking nice and white?

Hahahahaa that's a good question. What white shirts? I rotate between 2 proselyting shirts just so I don't ruin all my shirts and I have a member wash them and she actually does a good job.

How often are you eating meat and what kind?

Every now and then. Once or twice a week. Made myself tacos this week and I almost died- too good.
Are you learning to live by and listen to the spirit?

Yessssir. Slowly but surely.

Share any spiritual experiences that you had this last week?

Majority of them head to the journal. I have seen how they come more often when 2 companions are obedient and diligent together compared to when I am being obedient and my companion isn't.
Just want to share something that was sent to me that I thought was super powerful and something I think you all should read....

AFY (Adventure for Youth) was the best experience I've ever had. This is a thing you go to that is like EFY (Especially for Youth), but adventure. My favorite was the blind walk. If you don't know what a blind walk is, its like this. So you get blind folded, and everyone holds hands. Then the counselors take your hands lead different people to different places until everyone is alone and not holding hands anymore. After everyone is alone, you follow the sound you hear. There are two sounds, a loud really obnoxious sound, and then a sweet, soft sound. You have to really listen to be able to hear the soft noise, you have to work to be able to hear it. But the loud noise, you just hear. So I started to follow the soft sound, because immediately I knew I was not suppose to follow the loud one. I waited to hear another sound, then I heard it. I worked my way to the sound, then I eventually made it to a rope, a rope that would lead me to my destination. The rope symbolized the iron rod. When I made it to the end, I had endured many obstacles of running into trees and tripping over logs because it was in a little forest thing. When I got there, my AFY counselor hugged me and said welcome home. That is just like our life. We need to stay attached to the iron rod, and we need to follow Heavenly Father, and the holy ghost's soft words speaking to us. If we do follow in His path, we will eventually make it home, which is home with our perfect Heavenly Father. When we were walking back to our camp I was talking to this girl from North Carolina that was in my group, I asked her if she liked it, then I found out, she wasn't a member. But then she told me after that blind walk and having the Spirit with her during that, it made her want to be a member. That strengthened my testimony more than anything this week. This week was an amazing experience and I built a strong testimony of the gospel. I'm very grateful to have it in my life.
I too add my testimony to this knowing that if we hold to the rod we will be able to make it home to out Heavenly Father. The gospel blesses families and individuals. And as we live worthy of it, we will be able to always have the Spirit with us.

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Eveson

Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 41: The Best Book Ever and Priesthood Line Extending to Africa


There's is a Kibukusu greeting for you- one of the local tribe languages.

So just a few things-
First off have fun all of you headed to Wallowa Lake for Chief Joseph Days. Definitely a week of the summer I always look forward to.

Sorry about the lack of responses to everyone's emails- thank you for them but it is a bit hard with the time we have and being backed up 3 weeks doesn't help. Not sure how the email situation will work out next week either.

I started reading cover to cover the best book ever this transfer with a goal to finish it in 6 weeks. I have never read it anywhere close to that fast before. Now, it being the start of week 3, I have realized it's not really possible so hopefully I can finish it in 12 weeks. 531 pages- it's called the Book of Mormon. You should read it too!

Members in the branch are preparing to go to the temple so that's really cool to see happen. They're all real excited- about to get passports- I just wish us missionaries could go with. The closest temple is in South Africa.

Crazy to hear about the Reynolds High School shooting a bit ago- crazy stuff.

Apparently the rain season is coming to a close and people tell me it's about to get real hot. As if it weren't hot enough already. Ha.

I have been really blessed to be able to serve in the true village- many humble and teachable people.

One cool thing is my Priesthood line of authority has entered into Africa. I had the privilege and opportunity to confer the Priesthood to one of the guys we baptized a few weeks back- 14 years old.

Had 2 baptisms and the branch is really growing.

After church the branch president asked if I could lock up so I did and as I was about to lock the library I took my bike out, put it outside and a guy was there looking at one of the little bulletin boards. I greeted him and we started talking, I asked where he works, and he says at sea. I ask Mombasa? He says at sea. Turns out he works as a cook on Celebrity Cruiseline and was just visiting home for a few days. His father is a member and showed him the Book of Mormon Saturday and Sunday he felt he should come check out the church and learn more. I taught him the whole Restoration of the Gospel, taught him the Book of Mormon and gave him one, then gave him 5 different general conference Liahona magazines and needless to say he wont be bored anymore on his off time on the ship. He was so excited and grateful and anxious to start reading and learning. He is an amazing guy, 26 years old, and we connected really well. He hopes he can attend church in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami when they are at port.


So do you ride your bikes in the mud? Yup and we don't have mud guards on them yet- this week we are getting some. I have some pictures of getting home with mud all over my back.

Have you gutted and eaten any animals lately? Just a few chicken that members have slaughtered for us but maybe a rabbit in the next few weeks not sure.

Transfer News? No changes from last week

How many people in the ward? In the branch when I got here sacrament meeting attendance was around 68 and now it is at a consistent 82ish. 

Do they have mutual? Nope

How are your allergies doing? Suuuper well- hakuna shida (no problem)

"Never forget that the true way to be happy is to do something to add to others' happiness.  Try to forget self, and joy here and hereafter will come to you." -- President Heber J. Grant

The pictures are of our Kitale District/Zone.  

Love you all - have a great week!

Elder Eveson

Good times with the Kitale Zone

Back Row:
Elders Dick (North Carolina, USA), Thomas (Arizona, USA),
Moline (Alberta, Canada - from my original MTC group),
and Eveson (Portland, OR, USA)
Front Row:
Elders Molosankwe (Botswana), Makazi (Mombasa),
Mwashi (Nairobi), and Utonga (Tanzania)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 39: Staying in Mautuma, New Members Baptized & Feeding a Monkey

Hahahaha so I have no time today. 

I was really lucky to get online at all. Stayed in our area instead of going to Kitale and there is no internet at the cyber we were going to go to so we used the branch's laptop and it is barelyyy working with the internet. No transfer news for the whole zone - still with the same companion.

I will send a ballin' weekly email next week though.

Highlight of the week: Confirmed 2 people members of the true church who were baptized last week. Also - fed a monkey a banana from my hand this week coming back from our district meeting Tuesday.

I have read 3 emails and will read the rest next week.  Thank you very much for emailing me.

Thanks for everyone who told me Lebron is going back to Cleveland. Who saw that coming? And Tyler, I can't wait to read that email you sent about him next week.

Nobody is getting responses til next week- sorry about that. 

Mom, please send this to the normal weekly email list since it's not letting me access all those names.

Also - Grandma I want you to take my seat at the Chief Joseph Days Rodeo next week.

Have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Eveson

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 38: The Power of the Restored Priesthood, A Priesthood Blessing & Everything . Just . Makes . Sense.

Hahaha well we got to Kitale super late, and the power is flickering on and off at the cyber so I'll try to keep it short since time isn't on my side. 

Transfer news is tonight!! I will most likely stay in the area but anything can happen. Crazy I've already been here 6 weeks.

One nice thing is even though we don't have any missionaries coming into the country (all waiting for visas) that this transfer we only have one missionary leaving, next transfer is 2, the following is 1 then the next is 2, then the following is the next big group - 7, which is in Feb/March. So we are still thin on numbers but we still have missionaries.

Monday we were able to listen to this talk by Tad R. Callister at the senior couple's home and wow! It is powerful. It uses the Bible to explain why and the way everything is done today - the same as Jesus did it when he was here on the earth. Everything just. makes. sense. I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. It makes sense why this church is the true church.

Went on exchanges to Misiku/Mishiku - one of those spellings. I was with Elder Mwashi - he is from Nairobi and has been out 3 months. We taught some people and had a tour of the new chapel that is being built in their area - which most people think is going to be a hospital. Had a bit of fun. Hopefully it will be finished by December. 

4th of July was a normal Friday for us! No celebration - nothing. Hope you all had good celebrations. And yes - I do miss boating on the 4th of July. And every week of the summer. 

Anyways - Sunday before church I was told that after the confirmations of those baptized last week I will be blessing and naming a child. The time comes, we had a packed sacrament meeting (86)- the branch president does one, I do the next. I am told the name and I give the blessing. Right after, one of the men in the circle said that it was the wrong name. I was told the name of the 3rd person to be blessed so I did it again like a boss with the right name and it was cool to see how different the blessings were and how the second really was specifically for that child.

The 1st councilor in the mission presidency was there at church and it was superrr nice to talk to him about some things at his request. Anxious for transfer news haha.

After church we had baptisms- District President, Pres Kogo came for them because he was asked if he could baptize the lady- 2nd councilor to the branch president-his wife. My companion baptized 2 and I baptized 2. 

Singing the opening hymn 'The Spirit of God' (click on title to listen) sitting next to President Kogo dressed in all white- wow the spirit was so strong during the baptismal service.

The lady I baptized 2 weeks ago - one of them was her son and also his best friend. The son's wife now wants us to start teaching her - it has been really cool to see the family all coming together. 
I hope that all made sense hahaha.

This week this song by MercyMe has been making me think a bit -- I'll throw the lyrics on here--

I can only imagine 
What it will be like 
When I walk 
By your side 

I can only imagine 
What my eyes will see 
When your face 
Is before me 
I can only imagine 

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel 
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still 
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall 
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all 
I can only imagine 

I can only imagine 
When that day comes 
And I find myself 
Standing in the Son 

I can only imagine 
When all I will do 
Is forever 
Forever worship You 
I can only imagine


I can only imagine [x2]

I can only imagine
When all I will do 
Is forever, forever worship you 

It's a pretty nice song if you listen to it.  Click on the title or click here to hear it on Youtube.

In closing --  I am actually able to get mail a bit more often than 2 times every 6 weeks. Mistake from last week's email. So go ahead and write me!  

I was able to read all my emails, and thanks for them.  Sorry about the lack of replies this week. Not too much time left to reply. And thanks for the pics you guys send me!

Wow that wasn't a short email at all-- but as the saying goes- write your family weekly not weakly.

Have a great week!

Elder Eveson