Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 96: Best P-Day ~ Safari in Nairobi National Park


Sorry this week is super quick, I had the besssst P-days of my mission with some faaantastic couples. They took us on a Safari in Nairobi National Park. I had to take one day to do something touristy since I haven't done any in the past 20-something months!

I will update a little next week but we will be really busy with Elders (including my companion) and Sisters going home, so not sure when we will email, but I will have another companion next week.

The week went by superrrr fast with flat checks and baptismal interviews and things.

Zone Training Meeting went SUPER well and it was 2 hours but everyone seemed to enjoy it and time flew everyone said which is good. And we ended with a game so everyone liked that.

This week despite all the things we did we were blessed with lessons, member presents, and new investigators and we had a great week!

One of the new investigators is Pauline, who was taught by a lot of Missionaries but has been at boarding school. So we taught and reviewed with her the Baptism questions, and she knows a lot, so she will be baptized this week in Upperhill. She is powerful for being 15 years old.

Contacts were super low since we were with Elder Ngabonziza for the whole week, and he doesn't have a work permit yet, so we have to be careful until he gets that.

The first annual Ward Conference was great at South B ward on Sunday with a high of 66 people there for Sacrament.

Congrats to Cody on getting his driver's license on his 16th birthday!

Bummer to hear about the fire up near Wallowa Lake and all the others in the great Pacific NW.


You said you live near the Statehouse. Have you walked or jogged through the Arboretum Park?

Not sure where that is

Do you meet many people that you have to talk to in Swahili, or is it all English in Nairobi?

People use Swahili here and it is the key to getting to be friends with the people. Because I learned their language, they want to talk to me and they feel comfortable like I am one of them (and it's the weapon for getting good deals on things) so I still use it a bit.

What is Elder Ngabonziza's home language?


Can you follow it at all when Elder Ngabonziza talks with those from Rwanda?

Just a little, pretty different though

Is Kinyarwanda a form of Swahili? Nope

How well does Elder Ngabonziza speak English?

Really well actually, we don't have any language problems

Enjoy the pictures... and just wait 'til you see the others next week.

Love you all!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Elder Harding, Elder Ngabonziza and Me with Nairobi Skyline backdrop
Hanging out with the Giraffes at Nairobi National Park
Elder Eveson
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Referral Secretary
Upper Hill Road
Next to Citigroup
PO Box 46162-00100

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