Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 95: Mormon Helping Hands at St. Catherine's & More Great Opportunities


We have had a great week still being a companionship of three.

Mormon Helping Hands on Saturday went very well at St. Catherine's orphanage/school in South B area which was great to be a part of. Upperhill and South B combined, and there were only like 35 of us, but the orphans who stay there all helped out and we did a lottt which was great to see. Then President Hicken invited us over to his place to play bocce ball afterward, and then out to Chinese..yeah it was faaantastic.

We picked up a greatt new investigator, Wendy, who actually contacted us trying to sell life insurance to us, then we flipped it and contacted her. We have met with her and she is a nice young lady. We have had a great lesson with her, and are looking forward to more with her and the friends she wants to introduce us to. We used Sarah (one of the guards here who is a member) as her fellowshipper, which went very well.

Friday we had our office day, then went and had a powerrrful dinner appointment and lesson with a member family who are from Ghana, lived in Atlanta and had kids there, went back to Ghana, and now are here in Nairobi. Hahaha super great family to be around.

On Sunday at Church, we had a lady here visiting from Toronto, Canada, and she thought maybe we were from around here because she said we picked up big accents -- but to us, we were the ones thinking she had the accent. Haha it was pretty funny.

It seems with overall regards to the Zones, numbers have been pretty low since I have been here. My companion and I have talked about it, and we will be having a ballllin Zone Training Meeting this Wednesday to hopefully get things on fire here in the Upperhill Zone.

Questions- (willl answer the rest next week)

You are an office elder? What are your responsibility?​

You know on where you can put in someones info for the missionaries to visit? That's what my companion and I check, then send that info to the Missionaries serving in that area, or send them pamphlets if they stay where there is no Church. We also do other office duties​.

This coming 'supa sato' (super saturday) we will be all over Nairobi checking the other missionaries flats so that should be fun. Driving in Nairobiii.

And next Monday we have a ssssuper sweet pday set up since it is my companion's and Elder Harding's last Pday on mission, as the following meeting they have their flights to catch.... Stay tuned next week.

Have a faaantastic week!

Love, Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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