Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 88: Back to Kinondoni, Streetboarding & Basketball

This week was full of lots of things. Time is short because I had to email Pres about some things happening...sometimes being a Zone Leader is no fun when people don't want to do the right thing.

We were still over at Sinza as it took them until Sat to finish things at the Kinondoni flat. Now we are back in and are trying to move into a new flat here in Kinondoni within the next few weeks.

My companion and I are doing great. We have set a goal to do streetboarding every week and also we came up with a way to find more people to teach in PEC- playing basketball Saturday afternoons. We will see how that turns out- after all I did hear that's how the counselor to the Mission Pres- President Balilemwa found out about the Church. Suuuper powerful guy. He saw Elders playing basketball and wanted to join. Now we just need to find the future Balilemwas!

We had a nice Zone Preparation Day today.. and all I'll say is we had a good sized goat (doesn't compare to the pic) brought at 8 am to our place and at 2pm we were feasting and now evening time I am emailing here with a full belly. :)

Happy to hear this from the Church:


Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM


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