Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 84: Being a Full Purpose Missionary, More Kingdom Builders and Re-reading the Book of Mormon

I didn't even know it was Memorial Day Weekend until my Dad emailed and told me in the middle of writing this. God Bless the USA!

So my iPad is holding up pretty good, it should last me these few remaining month,s but it would be nice if I could get a new fresh one when I get back. We skyped and taught and investigator so that was cool then there are some others we are teaching through Facebook. We are looking forward to a zone Temple trip coming up this week since it's not too far. Oh another notable thing was my companion and I were eating at McDonald's the other day and they told us that a Denny's is coming in next door to them!

So our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) went really well this past week and we used a lot of time on the Instructions, Following the Brethren, and counseling about how to improve our District Development Meetings (DDMs) in order to improve us Missionaries, which was all straight from our Mission Leadership Council (MLC). After that was over, we decided that the June ZTM that we will be holding this coming week 6 of the transfer will be focused on what we discussed about becoming Full Purpose Missionaries. We wanted enough time with that topic alone to discuss and not be rushed. So another thing to do before this transfer is over.

This last week we were able to visit with 2 of our new investigators, one was Helter, the young man who randomly came to Church, and Masogo who is a regular attender at English class, then started coming to Self Reliance class, and has been to church. They both know English very well and the Spirit was so strong as we taught the Restoration of the Gospel on Tuesday and also Plan of Salvation on Thursday. They are for sure Kingdom builders. They have been soooo prepared by the Lord! They both have accepted baptismal dates for June 7th which we are all looking forward to. They are so thrilled with the new Gospel Truths they have learned from us!

We had a zone activity today where everyone met at Ubungo chapel and we shot some hoops (uhh yeah I haven't done that in almost 2 years, it was weird), played some cards, talked for a while then everyone shared food they brought.

We were also able to work with Elder Wilson and Brother Enock Kitinga (over church facilities in TZ) to go over everything that needs too happen at the Chapel for upcoming Mission tour and it should all run smoothly with everything set up. Lots of behind the scenes things that will make everything run perfectly.

And yeah that means for this week we have Mission Tour on Thursday with Elder and Sister Ellis coming along with President and Sister Hicken, which should be great. In preparation for it we were asked back in March to read the whole Book of Mormon. And knowing me-- yup I procrastinated it and started late April but the good news is I will be finishing it this week! (And that's the reason why I haven't worked out the last month-busy reading) but I am grateful for the challenge it has been and it has really helped me learn more and strengthen my testimony of the True and Living Christ. No matter how many times we have previously read it, if we continue to do so over and over we will be able to learn and understand more and more from it.

In other news, I was asked to conduct the meeting so we will see how many times I mess up in front of a General Authority :)

I am really enjoying being with Elder Lopeyok and we are having a great time together. Things are going great overall. The Open House and Branch Conference were moved to this coming weekend, which we are looking forward to. One thing I realized is that we were at the Church Tuesday-Sunday (6 days straight) for one meeting/English class/lesson or another. It's nice we stay pretty close to it.

On I found this article interesting about the recent dedication of a temple in Argentina (click here). And a fun fact I learned- Elder Richard G Scott presided over the Mission there many many years ago and one of his young missionaries was Elder D. Todd Christofferson...then many years later they were reunited when Elder Christofferson was called to be in the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, to continue doing the Lord's work together.

And I also saw where President Eyring Received an Honorary Degree from the one and only University of Utah.

Sorry time is short and this email is long and boring and more about administrative things than people, and I don't have much time to respond to emails, but I will do better next weeeekkkk.

Well have a great Memorial Day and an awesome week!
Love you all!
Elder Brandon Eveson
Much love from the KNM.

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