Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 87: Following Promptings of the Spirit & Small World

We have had a great week, although we were staying in Sinza the whole time (due to them finally trying to fix a problem that has been there for 7 months) which is further from most of the people we are teaching and the time that they are available to meet in the evening, is the time we had to head back over to Sinza. So hopefully by Wednesday we will be staying back in Kinondoni and visit quite a few people. Also reset some baptismal dates, and extend others for the first time. Oh and the weather has been somewhat cloudy here sometimes which has been sooooo nice! A break from the sun.

We had a great District Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We had an Area Authority Elder Kiyungu (not totally sure how to spell it) there presiding from the District Republic of Congo and it was great. There were 2 days full of inspired instruction and topics. Lots of it was about the Sabbath day being a delight, not a burden.


Sunday afternoon we were able to go with Helter and visit his whole family as well as some relatives they stay with. It went well, although the mom came not too long before we had to head out. We had some really good times with everyone and as we were leaving, Helter's mom said she wants us to come more often- then his sister asked when we were coming back. Slowly bringing the family together! Then Helter drove us home and as I was getting in his car I was about to get in the front since my companion sat there on the way there but I felt I should sit in the back with his twin brother Elias who went with us. I sat in the back with his brother and we got to talking. He is a bit more reserved but I found out he loves the NBA so we connected on that and then he had a lot of questions about attending University in the States. A lot! So I was able to help him with the few things I know about that and the process. I told him about BYU because that is where Helter is planning on applying and would e a great option for him. I didn't know why I was prompted to sit in the back but it was revealed to me pretty quick. All it takes is following one small prompting from the spirit! I am sure he will want us to start teaching him soon.

Oh and while driving around their place I saw a guy towing a jet ski!! I was super surprised as I have not seen one since leaving home. I guess they have some you can rent in one of the nice areas of Dar. But it'll have to wait til I come back!

We are looking forward to this Sunday as Helter will receive the Priesthood and Masogo will be confirmed to receive the Priesthood as well.

One thing I forgot to mention about 6 weeks ago now is about Andrew and Kylie. They are a young couple from the States who came to Church one Sunday and longg story short, Andrew is from Hong Kong and knows Bonnie, my Aunt Karma's sister also from Hong Kong. He graduated from BYU which is where he met his wife from Idaho- Kylie- and they flew into Uganda and made a weeks journey to Dar staying with locals and going via road then went to Malawi for the next 2 months for an internship with BYU for Kylie. I will send a picture we took with them. I thought my Aunt Karma might find that cool!

So this is my longest time in an area by far (at the end of the transfer it will be 9 months) and yesterday in an interview with President Hicken I asked him to ask the Lord if I can finish my last 2 transfers here-which would mean a year in the same area, which does not happen very often. So we will see! But I will go and do whatever the Lord wants me to do! Oh and something else- I have never served in a ward/stake on my mission! Only branches which operate like very small wards with maybe 70 people instead of a couple hundred or more. Modern day Pioneers, eh?

And alsooo I was searching through and I came across a short video about the gospel in Africa and I watched it and it turns out the chapel it is filmed at with Elder Bednar was the same one I served at when I was in Durban! It was filmed the Sunday before I got there when I just barelyyy missed him. It is crazy in some of the shots I see people who were preparing for mission when I was there and members who worked with us. Brought back memories!

Check it out here:

And my homecoming talk in Church has been moved to the 25th of October just so everyone knows. But I will still get home the same time. I still am focusing on the work- don't worrry guys! It was just a heads up as I previously said it would be the 18th.

Take care and have a great week!

Love Elder Eveson
Much love from the KNM

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