Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 74: Forgiveness, Baptism, Fellowship, Proselyting & Bacon Cheeseburger in Paradise

Well it was nice getting transfer news on Sunday night instead of Monday and I am really looking forward to another transfer with Elder Muthoni here in Kinondoni. Great place, greater people.

It's March Madness at home already?! Wow time is flying, and I have 7 months left. One more phone call home in a few weeks; one more birthday a few weeks after that, then a few weeks later I'll be baaaack.

Something that we were asked to study and ponder that we discussed at MLC was about forgiving ourselves and others, and what it truly means. What it truly means to 'forgive and forget'- not just saying with words, but actually doing. It is a greattt chapter, here is the online link to it. I have learned sooo much from it.

One of the highlights of this week was Samuel's baptism yesterday. We were street contacting a while ago not too far from our flat and the church and we found him sleeping outside. He is a very humble, very nice guy with not too much to do. 22 years old, single, and he has really seen the blessings come from learning about the gospel. The YSA and branch have been really welcoming to him. The baptismal service went great. And also Fadhili was confirmed a member; the Lord's work moves on.

After Church, Prince from Nairobi (over all the Church for Institute and Seminaries in south and east Africa) came to a few lessons with us which was fantastic. We went proselyting in his taxi! Haha.. We went and visited Samuel and his nonmember brother, and another YSA member who hasn't been consistently coming to Church and YSA, but wants to prepare to serve a mission. Then he took us to a really nice dinner at his hotel- let's just say I had a bacon cheeseburger for the first time since home.

The new office couple for Tanzania- Elder and Sister Wilson- made it here to Dar, and they knew me before they saw me... haha... because when they got their mission call in October, they started following my blog! Haha! Thanks for doing that and keeping it up to date Mom!

And on the flip side, the Mickelsens will be leaving next Monday and it will be tough seeing them leave as they have been such a blessing to serve around and learn from. We had a fun zone going away party at their flat today and they bought Subway for us :) and then ice cream! Haha something I'm sure missionaries in the States take for granted.

And guess what.... after not seeing rain for 10 weeks-- IT'S RAIN SEASON! Haha man it has rained like crazy today and it's just the start. Although after tomorrow I'm sure I'll be tired of it.

And last thing, can y'all send me more pictures? It's way cool to see what's happening at home, events and people and things.


What does MLC mean, and when is it?
Mission Leadership Council. Every 2 months!

Do you ever see geckos?
Yeah, in our flat a lottt. Lots of times you'll just see them climbing on the walls.

Much love from the KNM, and much love from Mzee Eveson.

Fadhili, on my right, who was baptized with Justin, on my left, who baptized him
My trainer's aunt from Madagascar - for that crazy story, check last week's blog
International Traveling Missionaries
I've added a few stamps to my Passport
Mt. Kilimanjaro from the air
My current and former companions that were at MLC in Nairobi
The Flakes just before they left to return to Utah
MLC Group in Nairobi with President & Sister Hicken
This vending machine accepts Tanzanian Shillings and US Dollars
Zoo Time!
Monkey for Jaden
It's not a Zoo without a Giraffe
Zebras -- mini or babies?
Breakfast Time
Ummm, Yes! I am riding a tortoise
Monkeys with Skunk Tails
What animals have these feet?
More Monkeys for Jaden

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