Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 11: Happy New Year!

Well, it's about that time huh? Time flies.

As far as Christmas goes- we were able to spend it in Arusha with the senior couple and the Sisters that are serving there.

Christmas Eve we had the privilege to help out filling a foundation for a very nice humble man who runs an orphanage.  He is building a new one that is 3 times the size. That night we had dinner at the senior couple's home which was great.

Christmas morning was nice- actually felt a bit like Christmas at home with the stockings and presents my parents sent- so thanks for those!

Went to a member's place there in Arusha for Christmas lunch which was so nice of them to have us all over.

The day after Christmas (Christmas evening in the States) I was able to Skype home- that was awesome. Best Christmas present.

Not much productivity to report on- glad to be back here in the area for a new week.  I tried sending lots of photos, but the connections here are too slow, so can only send one or none at a time.  A few are posted below.

I have been informed the one way you can send a package to me without customs opening it and checking it (and taking things on occasion) and without me having to pay an insane amount of money to receive it.

You take a Pringles chip can and clean it out and stuff it full of whatever you want inside- Ties and candy and home baked goods all fit really well- Then you put the lid on, wrap it in brown packaging paper with my address written on it, then tape it really really good, then take it to the post office and ship it to the Kenya Mission Home address listed to the right or below my blog.

Thanks for all the support and hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! I do have a story for you guys but I'll leave it for you to look forward to for next week.

Take care

-Elder Eveson

President & Sister Reber from the South Africa MTC

PS - As far as packages go- I will get the ones that were sent to the Durban mission office along with that mail sometime so don't worry! Thank you for sending!

As far as letters and packages go- it is all to the same address here.

Kenya Nairobi Mission
Elder Brandon Eveson
PO BOX 46162 - 00100
Upper Hill Road next to Citigroup

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