Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 10: MERRY CHRISTMAS from Tanzania!

What a hectic week it has been, and unfortunately time is short. Always seems to be that way. I flew to Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday from Durban, South Africa to the mission office and mission home, then Thursday to Mwanza, TZ which is where I have been assigned to and where the Lord needs my help. Mwanza is on Lake Victoria in Tanzania. It is a walking area- as is the whole mission. Super excited to be here. 

My new address is:
Kenya Nairobi Mission
Elder Brandon Eveson
PO BOX 46162 - 00100
Upper Hill Road next to Citigroup
Nairobi, Kenya

Don't worry if you already sent mail to Durban- they will forward it to me and you will get a response from me! Ask me as many questions or tell me things- I actually have time to reply when writing letters compared to emailing.

The day I arrived I was exhausted and the other Elders wanted to take it as a chill day for me to rest. I was like there's no way. I unpacked and off we went to our area spreading the gospel. Definitely an area where hard work is needed and I'm excited to be here for it. They only speak Swahili here and I cant wait to learn it. My companion is from Florida and has been here in the area 3 months so I'm relying on him to translate for now. Church was great even through it was all in Swahili and I only could catch a few words. Although we only had 3 short days to teach while I have been here, we had 7 new investigators. The work is already progressing.

Today we flew to Arusha - using the Mt Kilimanjaro airport. Yes- I have now seen the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro- or as they call it here "The roof of Africa" and hope to be there one day. We are here in Arusha for Christmas then head back in a few days. I will be on email on Christmas day as well. Not much else to report on here at my end of the world but hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Elder Eveson

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