Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Arrived in Kenya & off to serve in . . .


Mwanza, Tanzania that is. Mwanza is the second largest city situated in northwest Tanzania. The city acts as a port on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Here is the letter received from Brandon's Mission President:

"We have welcomed Elder Eveson, who has arrived safely in the Kenya Nairobi Mission. He is a choice young man and eager to be an excellent missionary. I was very pleased to note the preparation, worthiness and commitment of your son to be obedient and to serve the Lord honourably. This is the first generation of church membership of the people in this mission, in the huge and diverse continent of Africa, and I know that as he serves the people, he will learn to love them and they will love him. His testimony is strong, and I am honoured to have him serve in our mission.

Elder Eveson is laboring in the Mwanza Zone with an excellent trainer, Elder Anderson. Sister Hicken and I will see him at least every four to six weeks at Zone Conference, and I will have an interview with him on those occasions.  Excellent doctors and medical care are available here, if health problems occur. We pledge to take good care of your son. This is a great mission and we know he will be successful."

President Gary Hicken
Kenya Nairobi Mission President

President Hicken, Elder Eveson & Sister Hicken

More about Mwanza, taken from "Maps of the World - Mwanza City Guide":

"The geographical location of Mwanza is such that the weather remains favorable all throughout the year. The beautiful Tanzanian city is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscape features. The Bismarck Rocks are wonderful to look at with large deposits of granite. The Victoria Lake in the backdrop enhances the beauty of Mwanza.

Mwanza Airport is close to the main city and there are daily flights from Dar es Salam and Dodoma. Roads also connect the city to Serengeti and Musoma.

Cultural heritage off Mwanza is also well developed. The city has a long historical background and the impact is reflected in the art, culture and architecture of Mwanza. Sukuma, the largest ethnic tribe of Tanzania has its cultural hub in Mwanza.

Many industries have developed in the commercial hub of Mwanza, which include fishing, textiles, soap-manufacturing and meatpacking. There are several internet cafes in Mwanza.

Health care facilities are also improving in the Tanzanian city of Mwanza. There is the Mwanza Medical Institute of Medical Research [joint partnership program with Cornell University in New York], which does regular researches on tropical diseases.

There are several nearby places of attraction in and nearby Mwanza."

Photos below from around the Web via Google image search of Mwanza:

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