Friday, December 6, 2013

Temple Thoughts from the Mail

Hey, so just a thought -- it's amazing to see how excited everyone here is about the coming of the Durban Temple in the near future.

Although, they have already figured out it's going to be more of a test for them.  Now that they don't have to travel 8 hours each way to the Johannesburg Temple, will it be so convenient (after it opens and the hype dies down) that they end up not attending regularly?

Most Ma's and Bubba's here (moms and dads) have never been to the Temple to receive their endowments, but have been members for 10+ years easily.

Are we taking the Portland Temple for granted is something that I think we need to ask ourselves.  10 minutes away -- and attending how many times a month or year?  Whatever the number is, it's probably not enough or what it should be, for how lucky Portland is, and being able to live so close and perform sacred ordinances as often as we want.

It is just a thought I had.  I know there are people who have waited all their lives to do the things you are able to do on any day or time of the week you choose.  Think about it.

Love you,

Love, Elder Eveson

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