Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 9: The Press Release

Thursday we were doing community service at the library when we got a call from President Zackrison. Right then & there I knew. I am headed to Kenya tomorrow (Tuesday) morning! What a bittersweet feeling- with Christmas nearly here and just getting to know the area and I leave. I know coming here to Durban has been a huge blessing to say the least. There was a bigger reason for it. I learned so much and am loving the work. I'll miss Pinetown/New Germany but am very excited for Kenya. One cool thing- There is a young man in the ward whom I have gotten to know well, Lwazi. Great guy and loves to come teach with us missionaries. He enters the MTC in a few weeks and then is headed to Kenya. I'll definitely be seeing him soon.

As far as the Nelson Mandela week has shaken out- there was over 100 countries represented by authorities at his memorial on Tuesday- and the cheers here were louder for President Obama when he spoke than for their own President. His funeral was yesterday and this week every house we have gone into with their television on was something about Mandela. All except for one which is a less active watching a cooking show. The news reports are non stop on the tv and in newspapers. As far as publicly- not much I have seen happen. I had the chance to sign his Condolence Book that will be given to the family which was neat. With approval, today our zone is going to see the new Nelson Mandela movie that came out just before he passed. Should be neat to learn a bit more about him.

As far as this picture goes of Elder Moline and I- this is the traditional Zulu outfit they wear here for special occasions and gatherings, the shoes are made out of tires and the headband is made out of spring buck hair. 

More pics to come in the near future.

Anyways- Love you guys and take care- my next email will be from Kenya!

-Elder Eveson

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