Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 12: The Strike & Learning Piano

Another week down. Hope you all had a Happy New Year!

Last Monday when we went to town to email and get food and everything, everything was closed. We thought maybe it was in preparation for New Years and the things that might happen. All the businesses were closed. We couldn't figure it out- but the Post Office was open so we knew it wasn't a government thing. We asked the lady working and she said everyone is on strike for a month. 

We were barely able to find an internet shop to email at last week and the little shops where we get our food at were closed. We had no idea what we were going to do. We were told it was going to last a month. Later that night we found out it was because the government wants all the businesses to buy scanners (which would be very expensive for them) and cash registers to be more organized and be able to document and keep track of what they sell. 

The other Elders that are staying with us called a lady they are teaching that night who owns a little shop and on Tuesday we bought all the basic things that would last for a month (which is how long we were told the strike would last). Thursday morning things were back to normal. What a joke. And all the food we got for 'a month' barely lasted us to this Monday. Haha so there's this week's activity.

We keep the keyboard the branch uses every Sunday at church and take it home for the week and I had some time and sat down and thought myself this would be useful for me to know- and taught myself the most basic right hand part of one of the hymns. Haven't played the piano in forever but thoughts of piano lessons when I was younger came to me. I picked it right up so hopefully I will be able to learn more as I have time.

Anyways- I have received a few questions about the Pringles shipping trick- Use that method I explained last week only. (can be found at the end of last week's blog:

If you send a box they will open it up at customs in Kenya and evaluate and charge me absurd amounts and take whatever the would like. Using a Pringles can you will be able to get anything to me without them opening it- just tape it good. Mail is totally fine, and don't worry about packages that were sent to Durban.

Thank you for all your support and thoughtfulness. My address is on my blog if you wish to write me.

It has been a bit weird seeing friends and family email me about going to the mountain to ski and snowboard- I do miss it. Since I got here I dont remember a day below 75- and that was nice and cool that day. It has been around 80-85ish typically, yesterday was 95. Enjoy the winter!

The experience I was going to share will have to wait til next week but hope you all have a great week.

-Elder Eveson


  1. Keep up the good work. I wish I would have known about this before.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey! Thanks so much. Sorry -- the comments went to the "social" tab of Google, so I didn't know you posted something here. I appreciate you following my blog. The address for packages is the Kenya Nairobi Mission address:

      Elder Brandon Eveson
      Kenya Nairobi Mission
      PO Box 46162-00100
      Upper Hill Road next to Citigroup

      And best (least expensive) if sent in a Pringles Can . . . details here in the red italicized section:

      Thanks again for following man. I really appreciate it.

      Elder Eveson