Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 8: Matchmaker, Dog Chase, Elder Cook, Mandela, Kenya & More


Sorry about last week- We had zone conference Monday and were busy Tuesday which was our Pday and didn't get the chance to email. I think it is week 8 now? Time is flying.

Thanksgiving was great- Had a nice dinner with members with your typical American food. We go there every Thursday night and that family eats nice. Then went to bishops and they fed us some Zulu food- so it really did feel like home, stuffed beyond belief and there is no way we were going to say no to bishops offering or say that we already ate so that was how my evening turned out. 

One Ma and Bubba (Mom and dad) we met tracting invited us in and we were discussing about the church and they wanted to know if we believe in marriage and looong story short the Ma wanted me and my companion to marry her daughters that she raved about, the traditional Zulu way- called La Bolla- Not sure if it's spelled right but it was a bit interesting.

Zone conference was amazing- had Elder Cook from the quorum of the 70 here with us and it was powerful. The Church can't handle the growth here in the Africa southeast region, our stake is going to be split sometime in the near future and they are busy building chapels, leasing buildings, renting out space and finding land for the Durban Temple. They want to keep membership at 120ish max in each ward which is so different from back home. 

One thing I've noticed here is everything here is shut down on Sunday. Everyone goes to church and then stays home. Very Christian area where I'm at.

Had my first dog chase experience- that was one for the books. All is well. 

So the big news- Thursday night Nelson Mandela died. Crazy that I was here when he passed. Only way I found out was because of the leadlines the newspapers put up on the street as advertisment. Sunday was a day of prayer for him in remembrance and not much I have seen here where I am except for when we go into peoples homes they are watching the news about it and memorials etc. He resides in Eastern Cape- which isn't in our mission. I thought I would see more, but I'm sure it's a whole different story for the Cape Town Missionaries. 

As far as the Visa goes- 2 of the 4 of us that came here to Durban their work permits went through and they leave tomorrow. Wouldn't be surprised if I get the call any day now- it's only a matter of time. They had a 10 day notice so we'll see. Just a waiting game but i'm still focused and working hard. If I leave I leave but I do love it here. Enjoying the cloudy cool days here as there may not be many left in my future.

Thank you for all the emails. I am sorry if I haven got back to you as I have been overwhelmed by your support which has been much appreciated. I am working on it! Remember if you write me- although it may take longer, I have a lot more time to reply. 

Take care and God Bless
-Elder Eveson

Found this little chameleon while doing service.
Will send more pix next week . . . finally!

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