Thursday, December 26, 2013

Highlights from Christmas Conversation with Elder Eveson

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for supporting Brandon.  He really appreciates you.

Christmas was wonderful.  Elder Eveson skyped us and we really enjoyed the opportunity to visit.

Pictures are tough to send due to internet connection issues, so it was great to see him for a little while.

Highlights from the conversation include:

- Typically he would have a companion that is native African and knows Swahili, especially since no English is spoken in Tanzania.  His companion is a nice white "Mazungo" from Florida, and he has only been out for 3 months.  So everywhere Brandon and Elder Anderson go, they have people stare, point and yell, "Mazungo! Mazungo!" which is Swahili for white boy! white boy!  They think it is pretty funny and look forward to picking up on a few more Swahili words.

The next day, he saw T-shirts that said, "Mazungo! Mazungo!" Yes, I am white.  Hahaha!

- He said he really enjoyed Church, but had no idea what anyone was saying.  There was no training on Swahili in the MTC, so it is learn as you go.

- Food is completely foreign.  Brandon existed on PB & J's (every meal) for a week until Christmas Eve dinner.  I sent him some Tanzanian recipes with the ingredients translated into Swahili.  I hope that works out well and he learns to cook in the HOT weather, and enjoy eating curry and local cuisine.

- Power is on occasionally.  It is sporadic.  Never know if they will or will not have it.  Shower is better than in Durban, though, so that is nice.

- No indoor washers . . . or dryers.  Brandon washes his clothes using two buckets - one to wash, the other to rinse, and it is all done with his own two hands.

- They cannot hire help for cooking or cleaning, and they are not allowed to visit others for meals.  No missionary dinners in this mission.

- Brandon is in an all walking mission.  That's it.  He has already worn through one pair of Ecco's and is looking for a shoemaker to re-sole them.

- If they need transportation, it is on a 3-wheeled type tricycle taxi.

- Their monthly stipend is $100 US to cover all expenses.

- While there are a TON of challenges, Elder Eveson is LOVING it and Making the Most of every single day!

Thanks for your love!

Ginger  =)

(Elder Eveson's Mom)

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