Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 7: Pday Cancelled this week

A note from the Editor . . .

We did not hear from Brandon this week, so I contacted the Mission home to make sure he was ok.

President Zackrison mentioned that he is fine and doing well.  Yesterday was a Zone Conference where Brandon's missionaries in his area all met together. This pre-empted Pday, but the President thought Brandon would have Pday today.

Apparently not.  I received an email from the Mission office that it is likely Brandon will not have a chance to update us until his next Pday on 12/9.

This has to be tough on him to communicate so seldom.  An extra special thank you to those sending cards and letters to Brandon in the mail.

President Zackrison did mention that the Work Permits for 2 of the other Elders, whom Brandon arrived in Durban with, came through.  So, those Elders are heading to Kenya next week.  Another Elder that was waiting in Cape Town went to Kenya last week.  So it looks like only 2-3 of them (Brandon included) are still awaiting their passage to Kenya.  The President thought this will likely happen soon.

If that is the case . . . it may be even longer until we hear from him.

So, please take a few minutes to send a letter in the mail, which is only $1.10 (not $1.20 like it states in his info section).

Thank you again for your love and support!!!

Wishing you the Happiest Holidays!


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