Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 6: Indians, Significant Growth, Car Washes & Bible Study

Hey - 

Been catching up on emails and not too much to report on - but I went on an exchange to Chatsworth, which is an Indian dominated area.  Man it is true that they are so nice and just offer you, and offer you, and offer you more food. Enjoyed it though for sure - it was with my zone leader who is super cool who is getting transferred to Swaziland tomorrow. That and Lesotho are in the mission. 

Stake conference was this week- and man is the church growing. This was the last time they will meet in the Pinetown chapel because there are too many people- they will probably have to rent out a University hall for it next time. 

In a few weeks we will be starting a Bible study class to try and find people- and we also do free car washes on Saturdays, rotating areas, which is cool and a good way to find people to teach. A bit hard to find people  here because every house has a gate surrounding it.

As far as heading to Kenya goes - one of the Elders I came through the Training Center with is from Utah.  His work permit went through, so he is headed there in the morning.  So, assuming within the next month or two we should be there, but a bit of a hectic time to switch - will definitely be bittersweet.

The members here are so nice and have such strong testimonies. It's great to be around them - and most are converts.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving - and Black Friday as it will be a normal day here. Feel free to write me or let me know any questions you have about anything from location to culture, etc. - I would be glad to answer it.

Take Care

Elder Eveson

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