Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 37: Happiness is the ability to . . .

Well what a week! Tuesday the zone leaders, and Elder Moline and I, went to Eldoret which was fun. It was like an hour and a half ride, got there and met the missionaries who serve there and had some fun. We went to the mall (really small) for my first time since I was in Durban, South Africa. Spent the night at Elder Harding's flat- which was sweet because we knew each other from serving close (7hr bus ride away) in my last area- I was in Kyambeke and he was in Kilili.

Wednesday we went to the mall to meet the senior couple serving in Eldoret who were there to pick up pizzas. We had ice cream, and wow. They took us to the chapel - yes an actual chapel - and after the zone leader's meeting was over I was able to interview with President Hicken. I love being with President- powerful guy who always knows what to say. Saw Elder Tauzie as well - one of my favorite missionaries, who is one of the Assistants to the President who is from Malawi, finishing his mission soon. Then headed back to Kitale. That night Elder Moline and I went at 7pm cruising on bikes into town to the store to get some stuff to make dinner, and I can say it was the first time for me actually feeling cold on my mission where I wouldn't have minded a sweatshirt.

While I was gone the district leader, Elder Molosankwe from Botswana, was with my companion doing baptismal interviews.  So Thursday we switched back, and it took foreverrrrr to get back to our area.

Friday good day, Saturday was good as well with quite a few appointments. 

Sunday during Priesthood Executive Committee Meeting, in walks the District President, President Kogo. He is like a Stake President but here it is a district - with President Hicken (mission president) being the stake president. The district covers all of Eldoret and Kitale areas. His two councilors showed up soon after, and we had quite the group of priesthood leaders there. Good service! President Kogo is the man.

Side note- hopefully by the end of the year this area will be a stake - we just need more members, and more active ones.

Then I was asked to conduct the baptismal service for the 3 being baptized. In front of the District Presidency and Branch Presidency and 60 members who stayed - there I was conducting haha. 3 of our investigators were baptized yesterday, which was great. 

Then we were able to go and see a few people who are preparing for baptism this upcoming Sunday. They will be interviewed by the district leader Wednesday, so I will be in Mishiku on exchanges until Thursday. 


How is the new area treating you? It is superrrr nice. There is lots of work to do. 

Still lots of rain? This week we didn't have rain for 2 days straight and I was like hallelujah it's a miracle. But other than those 2, yes..everyday. 

How hot is it there? Hot....haha hot enough to sweat a lot. Maybe 85s-ish?

Is it real humid? Not at all

Will you get to do anything to celebrate the 4th? Hahahahaha that's a good

Now from Mautuma every Monday we have to ride our bikes to Naitiri, grab Elder Moline and Elder Makazi, then continue to Sikhendu to catch a ride to Kitale. Then we eat and head here to the cyber to email for a bit.  

President Hicken says to not expect any missionaries coming in with all the visa problems for at least 6 months. At leaaaaast.

And here I get mail about twice every 6 weeks if I'm lucky. Transfers are next week which should be interesting to see how things shake out. 

"Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them." - Anonymous 

Have a great 4th of July!!
Elder Eveson

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