Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 34: Mud Biking, Teaching, Preaching & Celebrating My Birthday

Well what a week. Thanks for all the Happy birthday emails and cards!  Crazy I am 19 now. Made me think back to a year ago- last day of school and my birthday then graduation to kick off the best summer.  Now look where I am. Time flies.

The new area is crazy in regards to work. We are pretty efficient and there are lots of people to teach. I will just go through the week quick then answer all 685 questions I have been asked.

So since we have to travel over an hour to get to our area from Kitale, we come here on Monday, email, hangout with the whole zone (8 Elders), sleepover then Tuesday mornings we have a veryyy nice breakfast from the senior couple here. Then we have our district meeting (only one district in the zone) then shop for the week then head back to our area.  So Monday night we made a niiice dinner together then Tuesday had a niiiice breakfast with the senior couple. Including pancakes and syrup. Had our district meeting and eventually got back to our area.

Wednesday we saw some members then a few investigators- one of which her husband has been a member for 5 years and his patience in waiting for the Lord to prepare her to receive the gospel and change to the True Church has really payed off. I'll just refer to her as Kabasi. And we are actually teaching their son as well along with his best friend. The Ma has a baptism date for June 22 and the son and his friend July 6th.

Thursday had some appointments; did missionary work.

Friday- ahh man my birthday. Made myself french toast and opened the birthday cards and packages I received (thanks for those again). I'm not sure if I ate more Twizzlers or read more verses from the scriptures in personal study. Went to see Kabasi again and this time taught her about the word of wisdom. It's more like us asking what she knows and understands about it then her teaching us the lesson. When I committed her to live the word of wisdom she said "yes- in fact I have already started practicing. I used to love tea but since I read the pamphlet I have thrown it out stopped drinking it". She is super anxious for her baptism coming up.

Then taught her son then had pork with Ugali (Amanda Englund's favorite) for lunch with the branch president then had scripture study class at the church, then met a investigator - her and her daughter are
really knowledgeable. The Ma had her baby this week so she can't come to church for a while but the daughter is going to be baptized on June 29 if all goes well. Then it rained really hard for over an hour and we rode home down a huge hill in the mud- it was flying everywhere from my bike so I came home covered in it.

Made myself a nice burger (yeah I can cook) and chilled. Probably not the same as if I were home but it was still alright!

Saturday went with a member to his family friend's house and taught them the restoration then the son came to church Sunday! They also gave us fresh honey- and man that stuff is amaaaazing. Saw a few more people and taught a few more lessons and helped a few more people come closer to Christ.

Sunday- Church was poppin. Had to add chairs in Sacrament meeting. 76 people there. 8 investigators there and 9 other nonmembers that want us to visit them. After we had the 4 children of record baptisms 2 of which I had the privilege of baptizing. After church, my companion and I split and each went with a member at taught 5 lessons total then went to a members house for dinner. They invited us over when they found out my birthday was Friday. Slaughtered a chicken for us and had chapattis with rice and beans and some fresh milk from the cow. Shared Ephesians 6:1-4 with them as the spiritual thought.

This week I have been studying a bit about Humility and Pride and there is a lot to learn. Just trying to become more like Jesus Christ- little by little.

As for the questions-----

Have you seen elephants yet? Nopes

So, what is your place like? Flat compared to my previous area but really spread out. It rains EVERY afternoon which turns into mud so sometimes I wear rubber gumboots.

How do you like your companion? He is really quiet (I always have music going) and he finishes mission in like 5-6 months so he is looking forward to that, which doesn't help.

Are you close to Elder Moline (distance wise)? 7ish kilometers- we see each other every Monday and Tuesday. In fact he is sitting beside me emailing. He is training a new missionary which is sweet.

How close are you to the older couple? They live here in Kitale next to the zone leaders. They are retired military and are serving their second mission (first couple mission was in Richmond, VA).

Are you staying healthy? Wonder who this question was from

Do you still have to commute to a market far away?  They have necessities at a local market

Is your focus there to reactivate members, or is it to find new opportunities? Teaching and converting

Is this a walking area also? We have a mountain mike which I use then my companion uses a 'iron horse' we borrow from a member- a one speed bike everyone here uses. I have had a few Go Pro worthy moments on the bike, along with a few close calls.

Adjusting to the rain? Hahaha it has been nice to have cool evenings after the rain but the blazing sun is missed.

What do they grow there? Maize and lots of stuff you grow on a farm

How was your birthday? It was as good as your last one was

How is your tan? Haha actually in this area I have already seen it start to fade which is a bit unfortunate since it is sunny in the morning, clouds up, thunderstorms then is cloudy the rest of the evening.

Oh and fyi Kiswahili and Swahili are the same thing.. Kiswahili is how you say 'Swahili' in the language of Swahili.

One thing I received written in a birthday card was mentioning how I have had 6 years of experiences in 6 months.. so true! And I have been so grateful for every one! Even the ones I am waiting to share til I get home..haaaaaa

Now in this area I am on the same side of the equator as you guys for the first time in over 7 months. Crazy.

Shoutout to the relatives who met Alex Morgan on Saturday- I hope you said hi to her for me. I know she is awaiting my arrival in Portland in a little over a year. Haaaa

I will try to send pictures in a bit from a different computer or I  will send them next week.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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