Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 36: Moving the Lord's Work Along & Finding the Spirit of Elijah

Hey hope you all had a great week.

So just to let you all know, I won't be sending any pictures anytime soon- I plugged in my card reader and my pictures wouldn't show up, I plugged in a flash drive and it took everything off it! I am not about to lose all my pictures! I haven't taken too many in this new area but nonetheless- not risking losing all of them because of the viruses on these computers at the cyber cafe.

Last Monday we were at the grocery store here in Kitale and they had the song 'Count Your Many Blessings' on over the sound system. That was pretty cool.
That evening we again played soccer as a zone and since we didn't have much time before the sun set we decided to play by the zone leaders flat instead of walking to the church. Only thing is there is a little swing set of 2 swings and a light post in the middle of the field. 4 poles total- Hakuna shida (no problem) we were still going to play. 40 minutes later (I know you saw this one coming) I get the ball passed to me upfield, start the sprint, turn and bam. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. I remember hitting the pole really hard then being on the ground. Luckily I just had a giant bump on the side of my head and  didnt have a concussion. I played the rest of the 20 mins halfheartedly. In the morning the bump was way smaller and gone by the end of the day.

That day- Tuesday after our district meeting I stayed here in Kitale with Elder Dick for exchanges so instead of wasting Tuesday traveling back to our area, we were able to do worrrrrk which was sweet. Elder Dick used to be in Nairobi (his last companion was Elder Anderson-my companion from Tanzania.) and now is a zone leader here in Kitale with Elder Thomas. 

Wednesday we were also together- and wow we were able to do work. Because of our diligence and obedience together the Lord provided a way for us to have a super productive day even though it didnt go the way we planned. We had 8 lessons that day and had some really good contacts that will hopefully be investigators soon for them. It was great to work with Elder Dick- he is from North Carolina and we always have a good time together.

we went back to our areas- had to go through Mishiku? because both sets of companions were on exchanges so the whole zone was together yet again, had lunch and all went back to our areas. Saw a few members and made use out of the little time we had.

Friday we met with Sister Kabasi, then her son and his friend, had scripture study class that went well then met some investigators and less actives.
Saturday did some more missionary work and met some more people. One of the Branch President's councilors was taught a few years back but never baptized so we went over the baptismal interview questions and she remembers most of the things. We will meet with her then she will be baptized on July 6.  

Sunday we had the baptism of Sister Kabasi- and wow the spirit was there. She will be a super powerful member. I baptized her then after when she was giving her testimony she started from way back. Her husband (the Branch Presidents other councilor) was converted 5 years ago and she went on how she was never going to leave her church and how if there became a problem she was going to divorce him over going to his church and on and on. Years passed and the Lord has prepared her. She was super anxious for the day. It was her 'arriving at the promised land' as she called it. She is maybe 50? Just a wild guess. She is very powerful and has a strong testimony already.

We have been asked to start filling out the My Family history booklet the Church provides so this week I did so and I know as we do that no matter our age we will be filled with the spirit of Elijah.

This week (tomorrow) I will be going to Eldoret since President Hicken will be there Wednesday and I'm up for another interview. Already that time...time flies. The zone leaders have a meeting so it will be them then Elder Moline and I will be interviewed when they are finished.

As for questions--
How is your companion? I'm just trying to help him as best I can. Hasn't been the easiest.

Do you need hiking boots everywhere you go? Yeah- I either wear those or gum boots for when the heavy rains come between 3-5 pm. My clothes get all muddy riding my bike after it rains because the mud flips up.

Are you still in the mountains? Nope, pretty flat here compared to my last area. Nonetheless, we do have a huge hill that we fly coming down on but we have to walk going up.

How do you like your new area? I like it a lot. There is a lot of missionary work and the members are great at helping out. I can't imagine what it would be like with perfect obedience in both companions and unity.

Thought this was pretty cool- Jamaica now has a stake--

Have a dazzling weeek!

Love Elder Eveson

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