Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 35: Baptisms, Hill Sliding & World Cup Time!

Keeping it simple. 

First and foremost, shoutout to all of us Elders and all the beautiful Sister missionaries serving during this time of the World Cup. Maaaaaaan! 

Last Monday after we emailed, we went and played soccer as a zone (8 Elders) which was super fun. Then Tuesday morning before the district meeting Elder Moline and I made 40 slices of french toast for 7 Elders. There was still some left over though.

I got a wicked cold this week with the peak of it being Thursday but I didn't let the Lord's work cease. 

Sunday we had 3 more children of record be baptized- all of whom wanted me to baptize them. So grateful for that privilege. 

Continuing to teach those who we have as investigators and prepare them for baptism. Kabasi- she will be baptized this Sunday and is very anxious for it and very ready.

Nothing really big happened this week- just having a good time out here on mission.

I did almost have a very humbling experience while standing up on the mountain bike flying down this hill from our branch president's house..maybe I'll go a little slower next time. Maybe not :)

This week I will be on exchanges with the zone leaders so I will be working in Kitale a bit which should be fun.

There are currently 81 missionaries here in the KNM, and 42 serving in temporary assignments waiting for their visas to come in to the country and into the mission.


How do you dry clothes after washing them if it rains so much outside? 

We have lines to dry inside our house

Well how do like your new area? 

It is awesome- lots of work to do and lots who are willing to listen and come unto Christ and follow Him and His teachings.

How is your companion? 

This week was a bit rough compared to my other companions, still getting used to him. Trying to help him in a few areas.

Do you eat at members' houses much? 

Sometimes. When we show up they might have something for us or give us fruit from the shamba. The members we visit we have on a weekly schedule like we see these members this day, these members this day etc then add investigators into the schedule.

Are there pianos in church buildings? 

They have keyboards but nobody really knows how to play them so we just sing with nothing besides our voices. The people here really love to sing.

Can't send pictures- this computer has a virus and I'm not about to lose all my pictures. I have quite a bit to send when I am able.

Shoutout to Jonathan leaving this week for his mission!! And Hunter getting his mission call to Mexico! Exciting times.

Enjoy the weeeeeeeek and all you guys on Summer Break- enjoyyyyy!

Love, Elder Eveson

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