Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 33: Journey from Kyambeke to Nairobi to Eldoret to Kitale to Mautuma - Finally at my New Home Sweet Home

So this is how far I got before the power went out and we left. It just came back on and I was able to send this at a different place before we go.

Wow what a week. The work was light but the week was long.  Tuesday I washed clothes for a while, packed a bit then later met the Branch President of Ilima at his house, shared about service, and they fed us chapatti and meat then we went right to mission prep class at Kyambeke Branch President's house and I shared about mission then they fed the same thing. Waaay full of good food. 

Wednesday we didn't know when the driver was coming so I packed in the morning and had a chill afternoon. Hung out with some members and in the market. Eventually the driver came at 10:45 pm with Elder Beacom's new companion and took me and Elder Semnonza (was serving in Mitini) to Nairobi. Too bad it was dark or we were about to see a lot of animals. No traffic- we flew to the AP's flat in Nairobi. Arrived at 12:45 am, slept at 3 am.

Thursday- Woke up at 5:15 and went to the airport with the APs to pickup Elders from the Ghana MTC- one who is serving here and 6 that are visa waiters for other countries. Hopped on the bus at 8:30 am and headed to Kitale. Went with a other Elder and 3 sisters who got off in Eldoret. 

Really flat drive- lots of farming. No crazy animals this time. The ride took 8 1/2 hours. Hung out with the zone leaders here in Kitale in the evening.

Friday the senior couple took me and my companion to our area- Mautuma. Quite far from Kitale actually. It is really flat compared to my previous area. We are working on getting 2 working bikes.

Saturday- met with a few people, visited the branch president, did some missionary work.

Sunday we had church then me and my companion met with a few people. There are 4 children whose parents are members and have recently turned 8 years old- also known as children of record.  Branch president said 2 of them wanted me to baptize them this Sunday (I don't even know who) so (if it works out) I guess there is my Birthday present. 

I will answer questions in the next email, and send pictures.

Sorry for those who I have yet to respond to!! The emailing situation is way different than my last area, but I will get back to you guys next week.

Love you all!

Love Elder Eveson

Link to Map of Mautuma -- south of Kitale (about 2 hours) and northwest of Eldoret.  It rains a lot here -- about 8 hours a day currently.  It is the Agricultural mecca of Kenya.  Lots of Tea Plantations and other crops.

Link to Article of LDS Charity Services improving the lives of children at the Mautuma Primary School -- by providing them with clean water and latrines.

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