Monday, May 26, 2014

TRANSFERRED! Heading to Kitale, Kenya with Faith in the Lord & Gratitude for Experiences in Kyambeke

Hey everyone- so quite the news tonight. Got a call and it turns out I am being transferred. I will be with an Elder from Tanzania in Kitale- which is in western Kenya. I will most likely leave here Wednesday to Nairobi then to Kitale (Naitiri area is where I will be serving) on bus on Thursday. It is about a 9 hour bus ride from Nairobi to my new area. 7 hours to Eldoret then 2 more hours to Kitale. For zone conferences we will go 2 hours on bus to Eldoret where there are other missionaries. I have heard there is a senior couple there in Kitale which will be sweet.

Also Elder Moline is headed to Kitale as well- so we most likely will see each other often which is just like when we served in Durban.

Busy day of packing ahead tomorrow!

My address will stay the same- the mission office in Nairobi- and they will get it to me.

I am grateful for my time here and the work I have been able to do in the short 3 months. Reactivating less actives has been great to see just while I have been here. My companion Elder Beacom has been awesome and has taught me a lot. I will miss the area and the people here. I didn't think I would leave before my companion but it is what the Lord wants!

I have heard that the internet is very iffy there so hopefully we will be able to connect on a regular basis. I am grateful for the time I have had to do lots of emailing in this area and connect with everyone in real time and go back and forth- espically Sunday night/Monday morning your time. Not sure if that will happen again in any area.

As far as this zone goes- Kilili is being reopened.

My companion will stay here and get a new companion.

There is quite a bit of whitewashing (2 Elders leave an area and 2 different Elders replace) this transfer in Kenya.

There are new missionaries coming in though which is good!

Something crazy- my companion mentioned now he will have 6 companions in 2 areas, which made me think.. now I will have had 4 companions in 4 areas which is veryyyy unusual- then add on in 3 different countries. Wow. This has been the greatest expierence and I am enjoying it so much.

Love you all!
Elder Eveson

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