Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 29: Blazers Blessed, Rabbit Dinner & All Together in the Gospel as One

BLAZERS!!! Lets just say it has been a great time on the computer today and seeing that the Blazers made it past the first round with a Damian Lillard game winning, series winning 3 pointer, in Portland, on home court. It has put me in the best mood. Although I can't watch it because the flash player isn't downloading, I can only imagine. Heck yeaaaaah. Thought I would relay this picture of Damian to everyone, I enjoyed it. I will try to send more pictures later tonight.
As far as the work goes- So Tuesday we had a bit of extra time so we went up to a building that is on top of a hill all by itself right behind the market- pretty big. The gate was open so we went in and found a worker taking care of the place since the owner is in Nairobi. Turns out the worker is a less active member so we were able to share with him and hopefully will be able to meet him at his place next week.
Wednesday we had our zone training meeting for the transfer- the Mitini/Kalongo Elders came down to Kyambeke and we had it here this time. Focused a bit on becoming a consecrated missionary. After, bought a rabbit, took some nice pictures, and long story short, had it for dinner. Pretty good. Then played a little soccer with just a few members at the church for about an hour.The other Elders stayed the night then Thursday we all headed to Machakos at 7am. They don't usually stay the whole day here or spend the night but this time it is just how it all worked out and was most convenient. When we got back in the afternoon we were able to contact people with a member and ended up getting a few referrals from him.
Friday morning first thing we went and did shamba work- dug for a few hours for the part member family then we were able to teach them after. On the way home we ran into a recent convert fetching water so we took that for her to her house then we were able to teach her. Things just work out. Did some weekly planning then headed up to a family- the parents are less active, 2 of the kids are planning on going on mission in the next 2 years after schooling. We met and shared with them about establishing a Christ-centered home. One of the fathers' friends was there- he was supposed to travel to Nairobi that morning but had something to do so he was waiting til the next morning and he shared with us that he knew God had it planned so he would stay, and be at their house to meet us that night. Looking forward to meeting with him in a few weeks hopefully. After, while we waited for food after, my companion and I played the game 'cups', man they were freaked out my companion and I got it right every time. I'll have to teach you guys the game when I'm home but it was great, they had some superstitions of why we always guessed it right but they never did. A few like: is it because we study the gospel for a few hours a day so we have the spirit to tell us which cup it is, or because we pray a lot every day, hahah it was just funny.
Saturday was funeral day. It was for the 40 year old who died in the fire. We were supposed to leave from the church at 10, so we got there and waited around and didn't leave until 11:45. The branch choir and members (around 45 people total) hopped into a open air truck type thing (I will try and send a picture of it later) and went. My companion and I just stood on the back the whole way and held on. It was about a 40 minute drive- all uphill on dirt road. We got there and it hadn't started or anything. Eventually it did, and my companion and I along with some of the other members carried the casket and had a part in it. It was a good service, then he was buried there on site. There were SO many people there. After it was all over we hopped back onto the truck and headed back to Kyambeke. It was a clear day and we were able to see Mt. Kilimanjaro, complete with the snow on the top and everything which was super cool. We were looking into Tanzania.Got back around 6:30 so it was too late to go to the appointment we had because of how far it was.
Then yesterday- Sunday- we were able to go to church and watch the Sunday afternoon session of general conference. I liked Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge's take on the Restoration through Joseph Smith and how he presented it. It is either true or it is not, and if you pray about it, God will let you know. Simple as thaaatttttt.

Then as we were leaving church we were told by a member that his cousin had passed away Friday- we were teaching the guy and had last met with him Easter Sunday. He wasn't ever able to make it to church because of the distance it is from his place to walk and his very bad and painful back. He was a great investigator and I am glad I had the opportunity to share the gospel with him to prepare him to receive it in the spirit world in the next life. I know he is in a better place. We were invited to go be at their family meeting so changed our plans, taught a lesson then headed there. It was mostly in KiKamba, did a repeat after me type gospel song so I guess I sang in Kamba this week which is cool. My companion and I were able to share some words and have them translated from the member. His wife said some super nice words about us how we used to sit with him and share and pray for him. Also said how we are white, all the family is black but we are all sons and daughters of one God and how we will all meet together one day in the next life, and how the gospel all brings us together as one.
As far as this week goes- Wednesday looks like we will be at a funeral for a member of the Mitini branch that passed away who stays near where the other Elders stay in Kalongo- a 2 hour walk from Kyambeke. Then Saturday a funeral for a member's daughter who was studying in Nairobi is near Mitini and also we are supposed to be at the other funeral of our investigator who passed away, and they are separated by a 1.5 hour walk. A bit of a tough situation but we'll figure it out. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Although it is a sad time with a few people passing on to the next life, all because of different reasons, there is light and hope knowing the plan of salvation that has been made possible through Jesus Christ. Only because of the gift of the Atonement can we return to live with God.

Question for the week-

What is your diet looking like these days? Haha we bought 90 eggs in Machakos for the month and lots of little smokeys and some meat as well. It's decent. Haa.
All in all, Elder Beacom and I are doing great.
As far as Skyping home next Sunday for Mothers Day goes- not positive on that yet but I will try to sort it out today.
A bit random but I enjoy when people send me pictures on email, just an fyi to everyone. It's cool to see everyone and the things you all are doing.
One other thing- I have got mail with 3 global stamps on it- just fyi it only takes one global, or 3 of the regular ones you would use to mail a letter within the USA. And I have received a few birthday cards I will wait to open- thanks for them and I cant believe it is that time of year. And only 6 weeks left for those in high school 'til summer? I'm telling you- time flies!

Which reminds me- I passed my 200th day on mission this week- doesn't seem close to half that.
Well that's it for this week.

They say that your family is blessed when you go on a mission- look what has happened ... First time in 14 years the Blazers made it to the second round of the NBA Championship Playoffs. You are all welcome. Enjoy. Rip City baby, Go Blazers!
Elder Eveson
40 min Truck Ride each way
to Funeral ... hold on!

Hanging on and making it the BEST Two Years.

Back home, Damian Lillard shot the 3 pointer
in the final .8 seconds to send Houston packing
and continue to the 2nd Round.

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