Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 28: Baptisms & Blessings along with Great Pix

Well another great week!

The first part was quite busy with appointments- Tuesday we had 6 lessons ending with the weekly mission prep class and we were able to stay quite busy. Wednesday after our hour walk back from our district meeting with the other Elders in Mitini, we walked another hour to a part member family's house and met with them. We are hoping to extend a baptism date for his wife this week but we will see. Then they were able to show us where some less active members stay which was good.

Thursday things just worked out- 5 people we had set to see but 0 were home...but ended the day with 5 lessons with others. Friday after our weekly planning we went to Mitini again for my companion to do some baptisimal interviews. Saturday morning they were baptized which was awesome to see. They all had to come down to our Kyambeke chapel because it is the only one with a baptisimal font. After, we headed to the field which is just about the only flat place in our area and had a nice soccer game with some youth and young single adults and the other Elders, about 20 people in total.

After playing soccer my companion and I ate some food that didn't go over too well. My companion started feeling sick Saturday night then myself Sunday morning. Ended up with us not being able to go to church yesterday and just started feeling better this morning. No worries though- all is well! Priesthood blessings with faith is the key. Took 6 months for me to get sick for a day here- I think that's really good.

In a bit sadder news, last Monday at 1 am a member died in a fire in his shop in the market, so it looks like we will be attending a funeral this week or next week. The story is pretty sad and a bit crazy, having to do with a psycho wife- I'll leave it at that.

As for questions-

What about the church building is it nice? It isn't anything like the ones back home, it's not a huge chapel, more like a school house type thing. A hallway with a few classrooms on each side then at the end is a open room for sacrament meeting.

Is it a branch or ward? Branch!

This week should be good- having our zone training meeting and then headed to Machakos again since it will be the first of the month. May already!

Check out the photos and descriptions below.  Finally able to upload a few pix. 

Having a great time out here inviting others to come closer to Jesus Christ.

-Elder Eveson

Carwash in Pinetown, SA

Our Durban Mission District at
Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban -
this is when we went for the Kaizer Chiefs
vs. Liverpool Legends soccer match.

Bishop Sabela of the Pinteown Ward that
I served in while in Durban . . . a powerful man.

Car I drove while in the Durban Mission. Parked here to
go tracting, and came back to lots of Monkeys.

President Zackrison of the South Africa Mission
saying Goodbye at the Airport.

Truck selfie!  Catching a ride in the back of our Branch
President's truck -- always nice to get a ride.
Usually, we are walking for hours.

Recent Zone Conference in Nairobi

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