Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 32: Unexpected Safari, Nairobi Zone Conference, Subway & Service

7 1/2 months done; another transfer complete.

Since traveling to Nairobi was moved to Wednesday, we didn't have any plans for Tuesday, just had in mind some people we could go visit. After our morning studies we walk outside and our Branch President who lives next door to us hired a few people to build a little kitchen onto his house (not really what you are imaging in your head). We changed and helped with that for a while. Carried bricks, mixed cement and split rocks which was sweet. Then we were able to visit a less active Ma and also after with a few of her kids who were recently baptized. Then ended the day with our mission prep class and had maas (what they call it in S.A.) for dinner with ugali on the side..haha I havent had maas since Durban where I learned the more sugar you put the better.

Wednesday we traveled to Nairobi which was sweet. I had heard from Elder Moline (from my MTC group- who is still serving in Nairobi) that they just opened a Subway a few weeks ago there in town. My companion and I headed there- and woooooow that was ammmmazing. Wow. It felt like home was just a few streets away haha. I considered it my birthday lunch.. somewhat expensive but way good and way worth it.

As we were walking I saw the headlines at a newspaper stand- 4000 people layed off at Mombasa hotels because there are noooo tourists whatsoever around because of the things happening.. Since Westgate Mall (still under reconstruction) was attacked in September, the tourism has dropped. Now with the bombs- no chance of anyone coming here for a while. Safari and tourist businesses, hotels, everything is being affected.

Walked to the mission office and hungout with other Elders and prepared for zone conference. That night the Elders from Mombasa and Chyulu came in (along with all the Elders serving in Nairobi and surrounding areas). Since Elder Cook's trip was shortened they had to come to Nairobi for zone conference instead of having their own. Quite a few people.

Thursday it was decided that Mombasa will be closed for missionary work for the time being due to the things happening there. 

Then we had zone conference which was sweet. President and Sister Hicken (mission pres and wife) along with Elder Cook (of the quorum of the 70) and Sister Cook all did training. One suuuper cool thing is before it all started Elder Cook shook everyones hand and when I got up to greet him, he read my nametag 'Elder Eveson' and he remembered we had met me before. He asked if it was in the MTC in Johannesburg and I reminded him it was in Durban in December. I added that it was when he wrote on the whiteboard in permanent marker when he was training us on 'Members and Missionaries'. He and his wife remembered clearly and we all laughed. We had a connection throughout the whole thing-calling on me and different things, it was sweet. Some of the things he and his wife went over were the same as in Durban and I had those notes in the same notebook and could reference them. Overall- super powerful meeting! Had some good food too which is always nice.

Elder Cook noted how we are seeking out pioneers today- and millions will follow. Our efforts are unmeasurable- even if we just are planting a seed with someone. Also said how he knows 82,000 missionaries who would love to switch places with us here. KNM!! Haha.

Friday we went to the mission office, went to lunch with a senior couple, walked around Nairobi a bit and caught a bus back to our area. On the ride from Nairobi to the place where you turn off from Mombasa Highway to go to Kyambeke I saw 3 giraffes right next to the road all eating off the same tree. 

A minute later: zebras, zebras and more zebras. It was crazy. I saw a group of them 80-100 yards from the road and I was kinda shocked and amazed that there they were.. just out in the wild. Went further and saw so many more, closer too. Eventually there were a few close enough to the road to get a decent picture- maybe 20 yards from the road. All in all I lost track a bit but the count of zebras was somewhere around 90-110. 

A bit later I saw a group (maybe 30-40) of animals out kinda far near the horizon- maybe 100 yards- it was either a group of Wildebeest or just cattle.

Then saw maybe 8 gazelles (not sure what kind) which was sweet- a few had those super long straight horns- not sure how else to describe them.

Saturday it was back to teaching people and the normal things. After a few lessons, before we went home, we stopped by the market and since it was 'Market Day' which is every Sat- my companion and I ended up buying similar shirts they had. Companionship unity!

Sunday went to Ilima for church- with everything that happened during the week (including staying up way late and getting up early in Nairobi) My companion and I were superrr tired the whole day. 

Having Sunday school lessons in KiKamba doesnt help the focus or staying awake haha. Church was good though! Then we came back, made fried rice and met a less active who let us share and invited us back later in the week. Some others weren't home so we walked around for a while and then ended up sharing with a nice investigator for a while and answered questions about Jesus' mortal ministry and the Bible- focusing on him and what he wanted to know.

Questions for this week-

How often do you (have to) use your slingshot? Haha it looks like the slingshot in the picture I sent last week was spotted. I have just been practicing so far- dead accurate though. Sometime I might take a bird out or something. The people have them here to keep the monkeys out of their shambas. I haven't seen many monkeys (besides the 2 that ran 5 feet in front of me 2 weeks ago), but if you live a bit higher up where they are they can be a problem.

The white baby goat I was holding in one of the pictures I sent recently- no that wasn't for a meal or anything- just because.. why not.

How long does it take, from "kill" to "dinner is served"? Depends on the animal and how we cook it.

Elder Ellingson still in Cape Town? Yup- been serving the Lord in my companions home ward/area for 6 months as of this week.

How is your companion? How are the people you are teaching coming along? He is good, and the people we are teaching are good, just people not coming to church is the thing.
Are you back to full health? Yeaaah
Have you lost any weight? Eh, if I were to guess I would say I've about been staying the same recently.

Side note- I have got most of my mail but it seems some is slowly going by boat instead of air mail. Maybe under the stamp you put on just write small  --via airmail--  on it.

We will receive transfer news tonight and I will try to get back on and let you guys know what is happening. I have now been in the area for 3 months, and my companion has been here 4 1/2 months.

Pictures: A few of the many zebras we saw driving past, and my companion and I at zone conference- the only time I wear a suit.

Will try to send a few more.

"There are three kinds of minds:
Simple Minds- Discuss People
Ordinary Minds- Discuss Events
Great Minds- Discuss Ideas" 
Have a great week everyone!

Special shoutout to Dad and Traci for the big Wedding week coming up! Congrats!!

Love, Elder Eveson

Later . . . about the pix:

My companion and I with our shirts we bought. I figured I couldnt reveal it all at once. And shoutout to Grandma Lynn for mailing me the Church news! My companion holding a Swahili Book of Mormon.
Me splitting rocks- if you look close this was taken as the rock was shattering. And yes I am in flipflops.
Elder Eveson

Splitting Rocks to help build a kitchen
for the Branch President

My Companion and I at Zone Conference

Zebras, Zebras and more Zebras!
Unexpected Safari was pretty cool!

Matching shirts because . . . why not?!
Shout out to Grandma Lynn for sending the Church News!

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