Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 31: Teaching through the Spirit, Commitment to Salvation, Slingshots for Nuts & Rope Making

Bit of a crazy week.

Due to the political issues in Nairobi, Elder Carl B. Cook (of the quorum of the 70) had his flight cancelled for Saturday to come from South Africa to Kenya. He was going to be at our zone conference to instruct us, and tour the mission a bit. Zone Conference/Mission Tour in Nairobi was supposed to be tomorrow (Tuesday) but since he is not in Nairobi yet, it has been postponed.

Transfers are next week though- we will know the news (if any) next Monday night.

This week was a bit crazy starting with the earthquake last Monday which I can't seem to find any information on the internet about.

Tuesday we did service in the shamba in the morning (digging/weeding) then had our mission preparation class. Then headed to a few other lessons.

Wednesday we ended the day at a member's house, we showed up and she was making rope. She showed us how to do it and it was really cool. She took the leaves from an aloe vera plant, pulled it through the middle of 2 blades and all that was left was really thin strings and then she had the rope she had started, she wove it in and kept going. It was really cool to see then she let us do some. She gave us squash out of her garden while we waited for her to finish. 

The lesson was super good too, we talked with her and her son about enduring to the end and I wasn't sure what I was going to say about it since it was too dark to share verses in the scriptures, but the spirit gave it to me right at the moment I needed it. I related enduring to the end to working in the shamba. If you have a set goal of an area to accomplish digging before the day is over but half way through you go inside for lunch and then end up taking a nap, how is that going to get finished?

Yeah you started, but will you complete it? It certainly won't do
itself. How are you going to feel at the end of the day when you
haven't reached your goal? It seemed quick and easy to do as you
started, but in the end you haven't reached or accomplished it. 

You might be able to see how I related it, but to be short in writing- One
of our main goals is (or should be) to inherit the Kingdom of God and
have eternal life after this life. Our daily decisions have eternal
consequences, every minute either takes us closer or further from the
goal. We can focus on it and work hard, or take breaks and
occasionally try working at it. We only have so much time here on
earth to perform our labors, to be tested, and work out our own
salvation before the sun sets on life- so to speak. A bit tricky to
write it out, but what I do know is that the spirit definitely taught
the lesson through my voice- it wasn't me. I was learning as I was
speaking. As we remain worthy of the constant companionship of the
spirit, it can reveal, testify of, and bring things to our
rememberance at the very moment we need them.

Thursday we ended up having 6 lessons in 5 1/2 hours. That was really
cool because people were home and willing to meet with us. Even as we
passed by a place a father called us over and we got to talking and he
told us he is a member, and has been since 1999. I had never seen him
before but now it's cool we can meet with him and his family.

Friday we taught some lessons- the last one was to a teacher who is
'Born Again' and had done evangelist work for a few years himself. It
was all in english and he knows gospel things quite well and even
things about our church. He asked if we do any secret things in our
church- if we did why would I have just invited him to attend to see
for himself and it even says 'Visitors Welcome' on the sign. Anyways
we were able to resolve some rumors he had heard and even talk about
some deep stuff he knew. After, I wondered if that is what it would be
to be a missionary serving in the States . . . haha.

Saturday we attended the funeral for the man we were teaching the
gospel to before he passed. He was 62 years old, he said when his back
was better he would walk to our church and there was no doubt he would
be baptized because he knew the teachings and the Book of Mormon are
both true. We have prepared him to recieve the gospel in the spirit
world though which is a great feeling.

Sunday we went to church in Kyambeke- and my companion and I both wore
our long sleeve shirts. Haha we were looking nicee. It was the first
time he has ever worn his on mission. It was the first time I wore
mine since going to lunch with the senior couple when I served in
Tanzania for a few hours, and before that I had not worn it since
Durban. So I'll just say the pictures I will try to send through will
be some of very few of me in a long sleeve shirt while I am here on
mission. I love the looks of a long sleeve shirt, but it is just too

After church we were able to have a few lessons and even taught a
referral- a friend of one of the ones preparing to go on mission. The
referral is 15 years old and knows a bit about the gospel from school
and church- even he was telling us about Jospeh Smith. He has attended
the church since Sept when he does not have school- since here they
often have to attend 7 days a week.

As for questions- What is different about the branch compared to home?
Hmm not too much that I can think of- lots of singing though! I am
getting to know the hymns quite well though- and some members have
most of them memorized. You tell them a Hymn number and they will tell
you the title and sing all the verses from heart. Anyways- like on
Sunday during church: Opening song, Sacrament hymn, Choir sang (which
my companion and I joined last minute- because why not) Intermediate
song, and Closing song. Then also in the following 2 classes.

How close do you get to the African animals? Depends. Going from our
area to Machakos or Nairobi (uses the same road) it depends how close
they are to the road. They have been right next to the road, so only a
few feet away, but we were in the bus. I havent been to the Nairobi
zoo or the Nairobi National Park which sound amazing and I hear you
can get quite close. If I ever serve in the city, it's on the to-do

Since it is on my mind- I just have to mention, I'm really sorry you
guys are deprived of pineapple Novida. Easily the best soda in
existence. Just finished one off since it is Monday (our day to email
and prepare for the week) and we just kinda sit around until 6pm.
There are some soda flavors I wish they had home- like the previously
mentioned, along with Fanta blackcurrant, Fanta pineapple & Mirinda
Mango. All are towards the top of the list.

Macadamia nuts are in full swing and people love to give us them
straight from the shamba. Tough to crack open (best way is shooting
them at the cement wall with a slingshot or using sugar cane as a
bat..just imagine) but all in all they are pretty good.

I know this is a super long email since I have had quite a bit of time
since my companion got the laptop from the other branch president so
we are able to email at the same time (imagine that) and we have had
power all day which has been sweeet so they can stay charged. Although
the internet has been slow so I have only been able to respond to a
few emails. (I will be surprised if anyone reads to this point haha).

Anyways we'll see when I get on a bit later if I can send some
pictures. I know you guys love pictures.

Well, who knows when we will go to Nairobi, or if we will stay here
all week, but either way things will work out for the better- and
there is always a reason for everything!

A quote I found yesterday from President Joseph F. Smith-

"People die in bed. So does ambition."

Get up and do something with your day! Be ambitious; be productive.

Love Elder Eveson

About the pic with 3 members below . . . Before the first of the 3 funerals in 3 weeks.  The middle one helps us a lot and is taking the Mission Prep class, working on his Mission papers, and is hopefully heading out in August.  The other 2 are still schooling and hopefully leaving to serve the Lord next year. 

Just a kidd!

Dueling with Cattle

Me and My Bro's   :)

Long sleeves quickly turned into 3/4 rolled up sleeves.
Nice look, but tooooooooo hottttttt.

Sunday Selfie with My
Handy Slingshot

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