Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 30: Mother's Day, Missionary Cribs, Funerals, Recovery & Rabbit's Kodak Moment

Well happy late Mother's Day to all of you who qualify for that! Big day yesterday as I was blessed with the privilege and opportunity to call home to the family. One thing that was a bit weird was people calling me Brandon- when I haven't been called that since home. Doesn't seem like my first name sometimes because the lack of use.

As for the events of the week- Wednesday we were supposed to head to a funeral for a member of the Mitini branch, so we walked an hour and a half there only to find out it was postponed til Saturday. There was a family meeting, and on the spot I was asked to share some verses, so the last couple verses in 2 Nephi 31 it was- pertaining to eternal life. We weren't able to make it back because of our funeral on Saturday within the Kyambeke branch.

Thursday- background info on this little story- on Tuesday I fried an egg and put some peanut butter on before I flipped it and it turned out quite good.. so Thursday my companion and I made scrambled eggs with fried smokeys on bread for lunch. Added peanut butter to the eggs- what could taste better? Turned out we couldn't taste it too much. We headed to an appointment that was quite far and my stomach wasn't feeling too well. After 2 lessons- out of the 7 that we planned to have- we had to come back to the flat. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint it to the eggs but something made me super sick causing me to release everything in my stomach -- in a short time -- out both ends. (I am imagining the picture painted in your head right now). Friday we weren't able to go out, as I recovered.

Saturday at 10 am we left for the funeral- walked and got there at 11:20. Had some good food- they slaughtered a cow for it and needless to say there was too much meat for me to eat. That says something. Anyways- I didn't actually know the lady who passed because she was studying and working in Nairobi but the rest of her family lives here and we know them quite well. All in all it went over well. Some people traveled from Nairobi for it, so we got mail and a ride back to Kyambeke- and by that time it was too late to teach anyone.

Then Sunday we attended church in Ilima- which to get to we climb the hill behind our house, cross the valley, and go to the top of the hill on the other side. Then right after church we were supposed to have an appointment, but they weren't there. Went back to our flat, had a companionship study then went back. The mama was there so we waited for their son for a long time and after he came it was 10 minutes til I was supposed to Skype home. Ate veryyy fast, shared and ran down the super steep hill they live on back to our flat. 

Couldn't get the laptop for an hour then after I did, messed with skype/google hangouts for a looong time. Eventually ended up just calling since neither worked but it was still sweet! Although I wasnt able to give you guys a video tour of the flat- my companion and I are going to do a 'MTV Cribs- Missionary Edition' sometime soon and maybe the video will have to wait til home or maybe I'll be able to put it up online- we'll see when the time comes. 

One thing I meant to tell you guys though- Elder Moline, Elder Ellingson, Elder Beacom and Elder Anderson all say hi to you guys!

Today I was able to be on email for just a bit in the morning til the laptop died then did just about nothing til power came back around 5pm and was able to write this out.

One cool thing though- today at like 8:30 am we had an earthquake! I was sitting in my chair still on the computer and my companion was sweeping the flat (I know... haha imagine that) and the whole house shook!  

Next Monday we are traveling to Nairobi for Zone Conference which is on Tuesday with Elder Cook (of the Quorum of the 70) who is in the area presidency for the Africa Southeast Area. He was at the zone conference I attended in Durban as well so it will be cool to see him again. I will most likely email on Monday somewhere in Nairobi just for a little.

Then the following Monday we will get transfer news- if my companion or I will be transferred or not.

Shoutout to the Sunset girls lacrosse team for taking the Metro title once again. Also- it sounds like RIP to the Blazers and the season.

Pictures-  The rabbit we had right before it was entered into the Celestial Kingdom and became dinner. It was taken right outside our flat- just a sliver of the crazy view we have here.

Have a great week everyone! And family- I'll talk to you guys in 7 months on Christmas, 5 months later for Mother's day, then 5 months later I'll be home!

Love Elder Eveson

Dinner  :)  And check out
our view!

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