Sunday, November 24, 2013

Real Update via Snail Mail - because I actually have time to Write Letters!

Hey All,

Just a few things I wanted to note down that you may be wondering about that I haven't had time to share or email.

First, I love your emails, but I would also love to get handwritten letters as well.  I only have an hour to go through my full inbox and lots of times, I don't have time to respond.  And I cannot print out the emails to take with me, because we don't have paper or a printer to use.  I only have an hour to go through my full inbox and send my update.  Lots of times, I just don't have time to respond, but I want to!  Please write me and I'll respond in writing.  I promise!

The boarding:  Boarding or flat is what we could call an apartment.  4 of us stay in here, me and my companion, Elder Rajonarison, and Elder Calwell (who is a huge Utah Utes fan) and his companion who is from Zimbabwe I believe.  2 rooms.  2 baths (our shower is very unreliable) and a full kitchen - besides dishwasher.  So, it's just like the cabin.  You use a dish, you clean the dish and whatever pots/pans you used to make it.  Also, we have a washer, but no dryer, so everything is hung in here to dry.

Quite a few days so far we have had nice mornings, but thunderstorms/rain in the afternoon.  That Nike jacket is doing me nice since it's not cold when it rains.  Thanks Dad.  We have had a few HOT days.  i mean 90-100°'s.  I guess I'm slowly easing into Kenya weather.  Oh man.

There are 2 other Elders that stay in the same complex as us, Elder Weston, from Cardston, Alberta, and his companion.  And 2 more that stay across the street, Elder Sandburg who went/goes to Utah state, and Elder Moline from Alberta, whom I came from the MTC with.

We all get together at 6:30 Monday - Saturday mornings and play soccer together for half an hour on the field that is above the street from our complex.

8-9 AM is personal study, 9-10 companion study, 10-11 training since I'm new, then since we are already home and it's lunch time, we make something then go.

My companion loves to cook lunch.  He doesn't eat much dinner or breakfast, but always cooks me a nice lunch.  We have dinner appointments with members every Wednesday with the same family, Thursday with the same family, then lunch after Church on Sundays rotates.

Food here is alright, only things worth mentioning are that I have eaten beets (no, that doesn't mean I like them), but it's an eat everything on the plate because it's food, I am a missionary, and also it's respectful.

The 2nd largest concentration of Indian people in the world reside here in Durban.

The Claremont area Elders brought some extra food over (our Zone leaders) the night I arrived, and man was it hot.  They said it was pretty mild and they were just chowing down.  They said it only gets hotter.  Starting to think they may have given me a different dish than they were actually eating . . . .

As far as people go -- everyone from President Zackrison (Mission President) to Bishop to other Elders and Members have been very welcoming and nice.

As far as driving goes - I mentioned it in an email - but I love it, driving on the left is just natural and I don't even think twice about it now.  Really helps that it is an automatic and I'm not trying to learn standard and shift with my left hand, since the driver's seat is on the right.

Trying to think of what else you guys may want to know . . .

Yes, the date is written first when you write it, so today is 10th of November, 10/11, not October 11th.  (October 11th I was still home).  So it was a bit weird yesterday was 9/11/13 when you write the date.

Soccer is the biggest sport here - many people play, watch, talk about it and wear jerseys.  Rugby is talked about a little, but I personally haven't seen much or heard much about it so far.

Houses are tiny and the township of New Germany is super humbling.  You can't even comprehend.  Makes me grateful for our small boarding (apartment) and you cannot compare to the houses in America.  All I can say is be grateful with what you have.

These kids live in tiny things and play with a super old ball or toy and have tons of fun together outside -- where as in America, people are waiting for the next video game to seclude themselves from the world even more.  Crazy the things I've seen this week.

So grateful for this experience and being able t oshare the gospel with those willing to listen here in South Africa.

Love You All,

Love, Elder Eveson

ps - If you have any questions, please ASK.  Write me so you get more than a quick one line answer, like on email.  I actually have time to respond to written letters - so plese do.  Although it may not be the most convenient - it is appreciated!

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