Friday, November 15, 2013

Exciting Info About Sending Packages in South Africa

From the Editor:  Helpful website I found to avoid shipping charges to South Africa -- and quicker deliveries. . . .  This is part of the letter I sent to the South Africa MTC and Durban Mission President.

Great News!
I searched online and found an company in South Africa that delivers anywhere in South Africa for free.  They have all kinds of goods to choose from (not candy or cheesecake though - Elder Eveson's main requests).  This could be a great alternative to shipping from the States -- especially for the Holiday Season.
For the website, use the following address:

Elder Brandon Eveson / South Africa Durban Mission 
Derby Downs Office Park
2 Derby Place
The second "Westville" is because a region is required, and this was what their system realized as a correct address.
Deliveries take about 7-10 days standard. No shipping charges! They have warehouses in JoBurg and CapeTown with hubs all throughout South Africa (including Durban) and will deliver anywhere in South Africa. 
I found the prices to be extremely reasonable.  When there are lots of options for a product, sort by price lowest to highest, and use some of the helpful filters on the left hand side to make selections easier.
Note, they bill in Rands, the South African currency, so depending on your debit/credit card company, there may be foreign transaction fees.  Check with your bankcard issuer.  

Still seeking a candy and cheesecake delivery service in South Africa . . . .  

Thanks for all your love and support!


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