Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 5: Machetes, Mongeese and KFC

Hey -

So first off thank you everyone for your support of me being here on my mission. Your emails and letters have been very appreciated. Although I can't respond to every email the way or length I would like. If you mail it to me, I have time to reply.  There is no paper for me to print emails on and take with me, so I have to breeze through everything as quickly as possible and it makes it very tough to read and reply.  I am so grateful you are writing though.  Please keep it up!

Couple of interesting things- People in the township cut their grass with a sharp machete if they don't get paid enough to hire someone, There are lizards and geckos here, alone with mongeese- yes I have seen them and at first had no idea because I had never seen one in real life. 

This week our district went to the Liverpool vs Kaizer Chiefs game at Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban, so that was pretty fun. Although, we didn't know until we got there it was the 'Legends' teams playing- aka the no name guys who played for the team a long time ago kicking around the ball, not the young Liverpool current team in Europe.Great game none the less and fun day. 

Traditional Zulu weddings might be worth reading about. KFC & McDonald's are here - one McDonald's in town and 5 or 6 KFC's on the main road within a mile.

I know I haven't touched much on the missionary work - but more the culture.  One thing I have found though is Africans have a hard time when we explain the Church's headquarters are in America, and that if they ask we have to tell them there are no black apostles currently.

Teaching lots of lessons and staying busy, hope all is well in the States with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas coming up.

Thanks for the support!! 

My address is
Elder Eveson
South Africa Durban Mission
P.O. Box 1741
Wandsbeck  3631
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Take care

-Elder Eveson

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