Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 4: It's a Small, Small World . . .

Hey alright time is short but a few things--

For those who don't know, I am still here in Durban serving until the work permit gets sorted out to go to Kenya, which is where I was called to. It could be next week, next month or a year. Nobody knows.

No pictures until I get to a different place or a card reader. You'll see the super humbling places I've been soon hopefully.

A guy in the Pinetown ward which we serve in got his mission call to Kenya leaving Jan 9, so we'll see who gets there first or if he will have problems as well. He has come with us a few times and is super cool.
So of those Elders and Sisters we flew from Dallas to London with on the way over, turns out one of those was my current Zone Leader Elder Bowman's little brother.

Even crazier-- Ty Davis (Elder Davis) went to Sunset and is in our stake in Portland, now we are in the same zone in the South Africa Durban Mission. Pretty cool to see him. Picture coming whenever I can send them.

Yeah we do drive on the wrong side with the drivers seat opposite to you in America. Pretty easy to get used to for me. 

There are over 800 languages in Africa. Here they speak about 5, the main ones being English and Zulu. Yes, Zulu has a few clicks in it which I'm kinda getting down. Zulu names are hard for me to pronounce and remember, but when someone prays in Zulu.. it's awesome. I have no idea what they're saying but it's cool to hear.

The largest concentration of Indians is here in Durban- their huge holiday Dwalandi or however you spell it was a huge thing this week with fireworks a few nights. 

There are 4 of us in the apartment (here it is called a boarding) and the main differences are we have to wash dishes by hand (like the cabin) and hang our clothes to dry, but we do have a washer.

We were tracting and came to this house and the guy had a brand new Lexus IS 250 parked next to his house, and it was as long as his house. And worth waaay more. The township is crazy with small houses. Most people don't have transportation. Houses are tiny and super humbling.

Almost forgot- long story but basically I got asked to pray for a lady's possessed daughter who is at the local hospital so they can try to stop her from leaving her body and casting demons out in different worlds.

The mission has 144 missionaries, and 55 companionships have cars.

Just as I was writing this, I met Elder Wallace, from Vernal Utah.  He knows QC Testing (my uncle's company where my brother worked while he lived in Utah).

Lastly, thank you for all the emails. Sorry about the short responses, or lack thereof.  I have a lot more time to respond to written letters than email. 

I am pretty backed up on my email inbox, as these last 2 prep days have been cut short and I had to miss the one so I'm still catching up on things from the end of Oct. 

It may not be the most convenient, but please, please write me my address is: 

Elder Brandon Eveson
South Africa Durban Mission
PO BOX 1741
Wandsbeck  3631

If I am transferred to Kenya before your letter/package gets to me, don't worry they'll forward it on.

Also - feel free to check my blog whenever or read my past updates --

Take Care, and God bless America
- Elder Eveson

[Editor's Note:  Brandon's Uncle Ryan Goodspeed collects old Atlases of the World.  Here are a few pix from the 1909 and 1919 Atlases -- quite interesting to review.  Thanks to Brandon's Granddad, Keith Goodspeed, for sending these along.]

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