Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 73: Small World + Humble Sisters & Brothers Seeking Answers and Choosing to Follow Him

Hey!  Sorry not much time because power was gone all day and just came back but I read all the emails and I just have a few mins to send this one.

Tuesday we had English class that turned into an hour long Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson because we hold it in the Priesthood room and a student (maybe 40 yrs old) asked who the pictures are in the class. It is the First Presidency of the Church and the 12 Apostles that are living today. He was amazed, hopefully we will be able to teach him some more. He has come to English class for a loooong time and knows many previous missionaries but it wasn't til Tuesday he had ever asked the question he had always wondered.

Nairobi went well, our Mission Leadership Conference was powerful, had Dominos Pizza for the first time since home from their first new location in Kenya (it tasted like they baked it 5 minutes from my house in Portland then shipped it here......)

As for baptisms, yesterday we baptized Fadhili, about 20 years old. He works security at the Egypt Embassy near the Church. He has been coming to English class, and we have been teaching him for several weeks. He brought a friend for us to start teaching, when we taught Fadhili the Law of Chastity, and although it was our first time meeting Shaibu, he really felt the spirit and committed to keep the Law of Chastity. (A bit weird teaching that to someone the first time you meet them).  We later taught Shaibu and Fadhili the Law of Tithing, and they both really understood it well and committed to live it. Then on Sunday, Shaibu came to church with Fadhili and saw his baptism. We also had 6 other investigators who stayed after church to attend the baptism service, which was great.

Boarding the plane to come back to Dar es Salaam, a lady came up to Sister Isiche, Elder Muthoni and I. She asked who the 'greenie' was. Super out of the blue; caught me by surprise. We answered that we are all going home in the coming months, only to find out she is a Church Member from Madagascar, coming to Dar on business. After a little more conversation, I found out that she is the aunt to my trainer from when I served in the South Africa Durban Mission -- my first area after the Mission Training Center. Then we invited her to church and she came! I thought that was cool, small world.

More pictures and replies, all that good stuff next week.

Love y'alll!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Most Recent Zone Conference in Dar

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