Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 72: The Gospel Continues to Roll Forth

Ya weeks keep going and going. March already! What? March?

We have some really great people who we are preparing to baptize this next Sunday. We are looking forward to that. Although not sure how everything will work out now because we just got a call that my companion and I will be flying to Nairobi for Mission Leaders Conference, from Thursday - Saturday, with all the Zone Leaders of the mission. Realllly looking forward to that!

One thing- we had an investigator attend Lucy's baptism last Sunday, and when we visited her last week (the 2nd time we have visited) and we talked about the baptism she saw, and then she asked us for her own baptism date before we even got there. One of her kids is a member (11 yrs old), and she knows people who attend the church, so that was one of the highlights of the week!

We don't have much time today to email, but we went to a zoo- or something like that if that's what you call it- and I will send some pics next week.

Oh and one quote from English class someone said this week-- "Is that the tomorrow continuous tense?"


What is your favorite African meal?
Ahhh tooo many. The food here is nice! Chapaiti, pilau, kuku all goes together nice though. Or the on the go chips mayai.

Any Waterskiing or Wakeboarding there?
I doubt it, although I am not sure because we are not near any harbors / we don't see any boats.

When are transfers?
The 16th- 2 more weeks.

How is the weather there?
Hot and humid. I got sunburned today! Oh wait that's everyday :)

Til next weeeekekekk.

Mzee Eveson

Loving the KNM!

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