Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 64: Happy New Year from Dar es Salaam!

Quite a week. No power yesterday afternoon so here we are for a little.

Guess what though! I'll be home this year!

As for the week, we had a 2 day exchange with the Mbezi Elders which was nice- I was with Elder Kabwe (from Zambia, who was in Mwanza when I was there) in Mbezi and I really enjoyed it. He is becoming a great missionary. Mbezi is nice though- it has many families in it and it is in a nice area. Almost everyone there drives cars. Quite different from some of my previous areas. One of the families we visited there sells pork that they raise and kill on site. They had 76 pigs in this house thing like at a state fair all divided up into pens.

Wednesday it took 2 hours 10 minutes to get to district meeting...the thing is that was with barely any traffic. Dar can be crazy.

New Years Eve I fell asleep at like 8:30 because I was so tired..happy new years!

New Years day we visited a family that stays super far-- out by the airport so getting to and back took forever. They are not in our branch boundaries but it is where they attend. Nice food though! Haha but it was a great lesson with a great family.

Christmas came late in Dar this year as I received my packages from Nairobi on Friday from the couples who just got back from Nairobi.

Yesterday for Pday all the missionaries went to White Sands resort so that was fun- I'll send a few pictures.

Not too much else but it was a crazy week with so much happening and time is flying left and right.


Does Dar es Salaam have a lot of power blackouts like your other areas? Just small sections of the city have blackouts at random times but we live on the outskirts. Sometimes power is gone for a few hours at a time.

Is it a pretty developed place? Depends where you are. There are big nice homes next to very small very humble places.

Does Dar seem safe? Yeah, just have to use your common sense

What is your home like? Pretty nice big house in its own compound- 4 bedrooms since we need it when the other Elders come for zone conferences from Arusha and Mwanza or before Elders go to the airport being transferred.

How many Zones are in your mission? Not sure, maybe around 16?

Who is your companion? Elder Muthoni from Kenya. He finishes the end of April.

Do you use the gym or was it for the pics? Hahahaha we actually use it!

Do you travel much as a ZL? Yeah, just for exchanges or splits on top of district meeting but the thing is traveling here isn't too great

Do you still sleep in a net? No since here we have AC in our bedroom and it blows the mosquitoes away.

How are your allergies? Super good. Just a cold the last few days but all is well.

Welllllll, until next week.

Go Ducks!!!!!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM (the one day in the future-- Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Mission)

Elder Kabwe and I on exchanges with my 5 year old
best friend, Nicole, from Mbezi Branch.  Too cute.
Chips kuku with Dr. Pepper -- New Years Day Grub
Beach Volleyball!
Missing 4 Elder's names in this line-up.  Impressive group.
Yours Truly
Still got my Hops!
New Years Day Celebration with the
Dar Missionaries at the Beach

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