Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 63: A Very Merry Christmas!

Wellll now I can start singing that song that goes something like "I'll be home for Christmassssss!" Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year in a few days!

Just a rundown of the week -- Tuesday we had transfers which were relatively easy, Elder Ita was taken to the airport to go to Arusha and Elder Muthoni, my new companion, came from Mbezi Beach here in Dar.

Wednesday we had DDM in Mbezi and saw some people and peeled potatoes for a while for a recent convert family.

Christmas was sweet. We went with the Branch President at 8:00 in a bajaji and delivered Christmas to 2 families that were really in need. Really short and really powerful. Then changed and went to the couples at 10:00 and had a fun Christmas party (and yes lotsss of food) 'til 4:00.

Went back to our flat for 5 minutes and changed then the Branch President picked us up again and took us to KFC (we were already stuffed), where we could barely finish 2 pieces then that was about 7:00 pm, and he wanted to make sure we weren't hungry Christmas night so he bought us a bucket of chicken, which is quite expensive here, for us to take home. We ate it for breakfast the next morning. Love that man.

Thursday morning we left at 6:45 am to the couples to Skype the family which was sweet to talk to all of you . . . those times are always the quickest minutes of my whole mission. Definitely the highlight of the week.

Saturday we had the District Christmas party at our chapel which was sweet, had recent converts, investigators and less active members all show up.

Sunday my companion and I both gave talks during Sacrament Meeting- I think it was my first talk since Durban, over a year ago. This time I had someone translate for me because I don’t know everything (actually many things) in Swahili.

And today we went to the famous gym, then had a huuuge rain lightning thunder storm then waited for the power to come back and now we have a little time to email.

A few things -- No I do not drive a F150 truck, that was a big joke.

A super nice thing is all week there has been no traffic because everyone left Dar to go back to their villages for Christmas. If only it was like this all the time.

And everyone please send picturessss. It's cool to see what's happening at home. I know y'all love the pictures I send so shoot me some as well!

Love you all - 'til next year!

Mzee Eveson

Much Love from the KNM

Today's storm that decided to do my wash for me
 -- flooded our compound and we almost had to
use these wash basins as canoes!
Elder Mickelsen . . . and me
Christmas Selfie
Everybody on a Sunny Christmas Day
Miceklsons, Smiths, and me
Good times at Christmas
Christmas Wonderment
Branch President Sambo taking us to KFC for Christmas Dinner
Interesting point of view
Christmas Cheer!
Me, Yohanna & Justin
Elder Orenge and me riding in the Bajiji
Breakfast . . . complements of President Sambo of the Malawi Branch
Soda!! Think there is enough for our Christmas Party?!
Two of my main men - both Returned Missionaries.
The one on the left was my AP when I was in Durban.

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