Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 65: Ask and Ye Shall Receive; Seek and Ye Shall Find.

My family, quite a week. So many things have happened. It is super scattered.

Monday we got on email for a few minutes to email then got a call someone was coming to repair our flat which toook forrrever and it was too late to get back on, then yesterday we had to deal with a bunch bunch bunch bunch of zone leader stuff we were asked to do then today we had district meeting now here we are for a few minutes.

Regarding the Ducks- it was a bummer to hear they lost but I know they are waiting for me to be in attendance next year at the championship before they take the title. So everyone, don't worry- next year. For now it seems like one of the greatest coaches, Urban Meyer, is still doing his thing though.

My companion and I have spent a bit of time this week trying to find new people to teach and as we prayed for that the Lord led us right to them.

We had 5 really solid new investigators this last week and I see the person they each can become. All of them are in their 20s-30s and 4 of them speak perfect English, which makes life way easier when teaching and testifying to them. 2 of them are friends that came to church, invited by a family friend and we taught them after church and wow. It was so powerful. They have so many questions in their lives which the true Gospel of Jesus Christ answers so plainly and simply. They are 'golden investigators' as some people say. The branch is awesome and it helps having a lot of returned missionaries here that understand our work and that help compared to all my other areas.

Speaking of missionaries, Justin from the branch received his mission call this week to the Johannesburg South Africa Mission which I'm really excited for him.

Yesterday we had an appointment with a white girl from the Netherlands who is here for work (journalism) and she actually contacted us on the street about learning more about the church. Went well, hopefully she will come to church this week. She actually stays in the same place with some exchange students from Cal Berkley. Small world.

Sunday we had one adventure of a time getting to Church. Will send pics next week.

One thing I was thinking of is how cool it would be to do a week long exchange with missionaries from states missions. Hahaha or for a week just take all the cars away from all the missionaries serving in the states.


How do you travel like from Kinondoni to White Sands, or out to Mbezi? Daladalas! Which are just busses but they can pack you in there like cattle...then add a few more haha.

Does public transit go everywhere like it did for Tyler in Italy? Everywhere we have to go, yes. Sometimes we have to take 2 different daladalas to get somewhere, but yeah.

Getting off in a few mins- will send pics next week. Go Blazers!

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

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