Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 66: So Grateful for the Power of Priesthood Blessings + Fun Pix

Short week since I last emailed. Not too much new.

Saturday we had a good full day of lessons and at 4pm stopped by the Church because my comp had to use the bathroom. It was right when the Young Single Adults were getting out of Institute and it turns out Brother Prince- the head director of CES for Africa Southeast was down from Nairobi teaching it.

He left and we taught a lesson to one of our investigators who attended institute, then realized Prince left his scriptures and was already at his hotel. It was 5:15 and he said to bring them to him since he was flying out early in the morning and needed them.

Hopped in a daladala and met him at the hotel and he paid for our dinner. Super nice, super good, and super expensive. On they way back my stomach was feeling weird.

Like 10pm--yeah i'll just say it was a night to remember, and my companion gave me a faith building, testimony strengthening, Priesthood blessing at 4am and I was blessed to sleep the rest of the night and blessed to be able to make it to Church-- and it all happened.

Yes, the Priesthood is real, and yes it is an amazing gift we have been blessed with from God.

We had a great day at church, despite me feeling bad and a lack of sleep. We had many people come and some good member missionary work happening in the branch. When Prince was down here with the YSA Saturday, he hit on that point, then Sunday at Church we had 2 ysa from our branch that brought friends for us to teach. We had 10 investigators at sacrament though which was sweet.

This week is about to be busy and fast. Elder Ita and Elder Anderson are coming for MLC on Friday with the APs and President and Sister Hicken, then we have Dar es Salaam district conference Saturday and Sunday which President Hicken will preside at.

Sending some pictures of how we got to Church last week, and a couple others - check em out.

Until next week--

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the future Tanzania Dar Mission. 14 Years away.

Heading to Church
Scriptures & Church Shoes in the Bag --
Enjoying the Journey!
My Companion Wading to Church
Highest the water got was too my knees
Forging the Kinondoni River
This is supposed to be a street . . .
not the Columbia River
We made it!
100,000 TZ Shillings ($55 USD)
Aaaand, guess what I found (and had to buy) in a shop 15 minutes
from our flat . . . here in Tanzania . . . YES!  A Lamarcus Aldridge
Rip City jersey.  About $25 USD, brand new with the NBA
store tags on it.  GO BLAZERS!!!
Yeah, OREGON Boy Born and Raised! Proud of it!
And found both these gems here in Dar. :)

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