Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 59: Baptisms & Ocean Time

Well I’ll keep it simple. Crazy week.

Tuesday we had to pick up Elder Anderson at the airport and on the way home we stopped at a mall that has a small 4 lane bowling alley in it! Of course we had to play a game. Then played some pool and some arcade games.

Wednesday we had MLC- Mission Leadership Counsel- with the Assistants and President and Sister Hicken. Great meeting- definitely spirit filled. Great food after.

Thursday we went and found a super sweet public beach before Elder Anderson flew back to Mwanza because to that point we had never touched the Indian Ocean. (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Friday my companion and I were sick.

Saturday we went to the Sisters’ baptisms in Ubungo which went reallllly well (and yes, I was asked to baptize) It was cool because that was my companion’s old area and the people he found to teach so they wanted him to come and baptize. It was reallllly weird baptizing in a chapel for my first time. All my other baptisms have been in outdoor fonts.

On Sunday, a white lady came to church - turns out she is a member. I ask where she is from - says the states. I say where, she says Oregon. I say where, she says Corvallis. Then I told her I am from Portland and she was super shocked. She is like 28 and is here for a few months doing doctor stuff with hospitals.

Today we went to Kunduchi - a nice hotel and resort and went to the beach there. Suuuper fun. Almost felt like vacation. Except we can’t swim but it was super fun with the whole zone.


How long are you going to be in a three some? He left last week

How do you like being in the city? A looooot different than my last area. I love it.

Do you get to drive the F150 every day? Hahahahhaha I was totally joking about that

Do they drive on the left side of the road? Yup

How was Thanksgiving? Did you eat any turkey? Great, and no- just some chicken and chips from Eddy Babas

Well thassss it! Pretty crazy busy week. Looking forward to a normal working week! Go Ducks!

Til next weeeeek

Mzee Eveson

Much love from the KNM

Bowling Fun
Making Memories
Pool Sharks
Matching Ties & Shirts
Missionaries with Sister Hicken
Ball in Suits
Checking out the Indian Ocean
Nice to see the water!
New Converts with Elder Ita and me
Fun at the Beach
Elder Ita - such a Great guy!
Opportunities Everywhere
Hard Work

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